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Dec. 31, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Eonwe-(Valar) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (10):
    Members: Aerandir-(V)/mordacil, Ancalagon-(V)/Sarujil, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Meneldil-(V)/Bookie032785, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitors: Amarie-ex/mecoons/staind32185, Srekal86
    Be sure to contact Varda to renew your membership for 2007. If you have 2007 listed on the right column of the Members page, you're already in.
    New article coming from Barahir, not quite ready to go online yet.
    Search engine for the Encyc is doing well.
    BFME2 and expansion
    Heroes of Might and Magic
    SC: Bridges of Osgiliath map may now be downloaded from our pages. Put up during the meeting.
    WoW: our folk on the servers:
       Euro: Argent Dawn
    What might we list for Middle-earth as its Seven Structural Wonders and Seven Natural Wonders?
    Tolkien trivia going on our Forum for LotR (memory) and for Sil (books allowed)

Dec. 25, 2006
Merry Christmas!

    Eonwe's Christmas present to the guild and all Tolkien fans
is a new Search engine used while online in the Valar Guild Tolkien Encyclopedia. It is now available on the main site pages and in the frame menus. Enjoy!

Dec. 24, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Eonwe-(Valar) has a Christmas present good for the whole guild! It will be announced at the meeting tonight.
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (18):
    Members: Aerandir-(V)/mordacil, ArPharazonV, Caranthir-(V)/El Capitan Chobo, Elladan-(V)/Bior the Ythling, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, GwaihirValar, Farmer Maggot-(V)/thesirg3, Meneldil-(V)/Bookie032785 (rejoined during meeting), Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V, Thranduil-(V)/Gamatzgamatz, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitors: oladys 123, Srekal86
    Meneldil-(V) rejoined the Valar Guild! He passed his test with Varda at the meeting today. He's now 21 (22 in March), from Nevada, USA. He likes to play StarCraft and Well of Souls. His BW and WC3 CD's have left the Circles of the World unfortunately. He is usually working as a librarian during the meetings. His favorite LotR character is Gandalf, as he was the mythological factor in LotR and showed the link between past and present. Without him, Middle-earth wouldn't have stood a chance.
    All members attending today are automatically signed up for 2007.
    Eonwe built a Search engine for the Valar Guild Tolkien Encyclopedia from scratch in php. We tested it out and were thrilled. Suggestions made.
    Battle for Middle-earth 2: Rise of the Witchking review
    WoS (Well of Souls)
     We all went quiet reading Eonwe-(Valar)'s story explaining how Santa-style Christmas really came about in Middle-earth.
    AIM - older version generally preferred
    Meneldil finishes his re-join test.
Dec. 17, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (11):
    Members: ArPharazonV, Eonwe Valar (presiding), FinduilasV, Gelmir-(V)/Shaggyjoe, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Haleth V, Farmer Maggot/thesirg3, Menelvagor Valar, VardaValar1
    Visitor: Herumor-ex/Nemoeverlonely
    Haleth-(V)'s mom's birthday is today.
    Yes, we will have a meeting next Sunday for whomever would like to come.
     Nothing new, but new stuff is intended for the coming week
       WoW General: Quoth Eonwe-(Valar): "Winterveil Quests out. Do them :} Easy rep :}"
       WoW Lothar server Friday get-together: Group of Eonwe, Merry, Sauron, Eonwe's brother, Varda. After lag problems, switched to Uldaman instance.
       WoW Argent Dawn: Finduilas and Valandil plus members of Finduilas' old guild went to Zul Farrak.
    BFMe2 request for help for Eonwe in announcing patches for Gaming News
    Finduilas-(V)'s topic: Battle of the Last Alliance.
    Tangent: Endings of Ages.

Dec. 10, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    To enter the AIM room, put your name in your Buddy List, click your name, invite yourself to a chat room, and be sure to type in the name of our chat room over the random numbers in the chat room name.
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (12):
    ArathornValar, Ar-Pharazon, Arwen V1, Bombur-(V)/MrMonkey2002Blah, Eonwe Valar (presiding), FinduilasV, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, GwaihirValar, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V, Valandil Valar
    New Full Member: Feanor-(V) of WoW Argent Dawn.
    WoW branch in Europe was formed last weekend and is active.
    Finduilas' fiance was in a car accident in which he was injured, but will recover.
    Varda and Fangorn will be out of town Sunday but should be back Friday. Eonwe and Menelvagor will be handling meetings and business for you during that time. Feel free to continue emailing Varda who will read it after returning and help as she can.
    Old Forum: Question for the membership: Would you like to use the old Yahoo Forum, which can be delivered as email at your discretion, as a way to read the News sent to your email or that you can add to without having to go through an admin? It an also be a way to upload your poetry, stories, articles, gaming remarks, and comments without having to go through Varda, for things that don't go well on our current ProBoards. Please let your feelings be known either at the meeting or by emailing Varda.
    New Stories:
        New chapter up for "Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice" by Alcardilme-(TV): TA 2943 aka chapter 5.
        Mellon Chronicles Series: "Priceless Treasure" by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV) is now edited and linked in.
        Story up: Mellon Chronicles Series' "The Stars of Harad" by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV) is up.
    Eve Online: improved early game
    Battle for Middle-earth 2: new expansion for the Witch-king
    LotRO new spot shown to the general public: Green Dragon
    WoW: huge new patch getting ready for the Burning Crusades expansion and more emphasis on pvp.
    Topic 1: Languages in role-play naming and phrases
    Topic 2: What can we learn about the characters in Tolkien's works from their names? Tangent: Lobelia
    More Tolkien topic 2, then gaming chat

Dec. 9, 2006
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Feanor-(V)!
Feanor came to us on Dec. 3 from WoW Europe's Argent Dawn server. He joined the newly formed Valar branch there by testing with Menelvagor-(Valar), who is also his guildmate in The Sacred Blade. He's from the UK and has read the H, LotR, Sil, and UT.
    His favorite LotR character is Sam "because he has respect for things that are good, i.e. friendship and loyalty, he follows Frodo no questions asked. He was there to the very end. In many ways I thought he was more of a main character. As in more than Frodo. Frodo just happened to carry the Ring, but Sam carried Frodo. In the end, it is all about Sam."
    WoW Lothar:
       That giant patch had everyone re-speccing their characters and added areas.
       Fangoern and Varda started the Scholomance key quest to catch up to MerryV for the group run against Araj in Andorhal next time. While in Chillwind Camp, one of the Dranei showed up as an NPC quest-giver. We took the quest, but then a short-time patch came up and the big blue fellow had disappeared, yet left the quest in our quest log. The two Valar members also made runs in Silithus knocking off some quests and discovering a few broken ones. Arathorn appeared for a while to re-spec but did not respond when we asked him about doing the Scholo key run, probably deep in re-speccing.

Dec. 6, 2006
    Story up:
Mellon Chronicles Series' "The Stars of Harad" by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV) is up.
    "When Aragorn falls in love with Arwen, it seems that he has done the one thing that could ever divide he and his elven family. Certain that his home is his no longer, Aragorn leaves with the rangers, attempting to forget the heartache of all he has lost... What he did not count on was losing his memory and forgetting everything.
    "Now, to find him, Legolas must join the very men who have captured and enslaved his friend, he must be one of them... and he must pay the dreadful penalty when their confidence is broken.
    "But if Aragorn cannot remember, cannot trust the elf he no longer knows... will it all have been in vain?"
    Aragorn, Arwen, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Legolas.

Dec. 5, 2006
    WoW gamers:
       Major patch!

       Burning Crusade
's street date is expected to be January 15, 2007. Beta testing for it will still be continuing. Expansion features.
    Tolkien Stories:
       Mellon Chronicles Series: "Priceless Treasure" by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV) is now edited and linked in.

Dec. 4, 2006
    Tolkien Stories:
       New chapter up
for "Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice" by Alcardilme-(TV): TA 2943 aka chapter 5.

Dec. 3, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon, Gilraen, and Varda
Attending: (16):
    Members: Aerandir-(V)/mordacil, Ancalagon-(V)/Sarujil, ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, FinduilasV, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, FladrifV, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Glorfindel VG, Menelvagor Valar, Olwe-(V)/FallenGlory, Valandil Valar, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitors: Amarie-(ex)/mecoons, Herumor-(ex)/Nemoeverlonely (connection had problems keeping up with scrolling, moved to chat in side window), Srekal86
    New Tolkien-only! Alcardilme-(TV)
    2007 Member Roster now in progress. Make sure Varda knows to include you!
    WoW Europe gamers came together during this meeting and created their first full Valar Guild branch. It's on Argent Dawn server with Menelvagor-(Valar) as branch-master. Charter members mentioned are: Ar-Pharazon, Finduilas, Fladrif, Menelvagor, Valandil. Tabard description.
    Tolkien Site: new section to more simply navigate our many Tolkien projects, instead of using the Tolkien Encyclopedia as that overall name.
    New Stories, both by Alcardilme
Gaming: (Mainly covered under Membership)
    WoW: See Membership for WoW Europe as the biggest news!
    LotRO an official Valar Guild branch is definitely set for when the game comes out. Varda is currently the branch master.
    Topic 1: suggested by Ancalagon-(V) in-game: How did the dragons contribute to Tolkien's story line? besides dying?
    Topic 2: suggested by the brother of Aerandir-(V): Why didn't the eagles carry Frodo directly to Mount Doom with the One Ring?
    Note: A member feared that creating the Argent Dawn branch destroyed the meeting. In Varda's opinion at least, it met one of the major purposes of having a meeting! Thank you, all of our European WoW folk, for going to this effort especially in the wee hours of your day.
    Feanor-(V) joined the Valar Guild in WoW Europe! Reported later and on the News Dec. 9 above.

Dec. 2, 2006
    Corrections made
to the links for the story, "Letters From Faramir". My apologies and happy reading!

Dec. 1, 2006
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Alcardilme-(TV)!
We are happy to say that she has joined the Valar Guild as of Nov. 26 with two new stories:
       Letters From Faramir by Alcardilme-(TV)
        "Grief knows no boundaries, nor age, nor time. Letters from Faramir to Boromir - in hopes that he is still alive and will return. Angst."
        13 chapters
            Posted here Dec. 1, 2006. Also posted on Henneth Annûn where she is site manager.
       Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice by Alcardilme-(TV)
        "Denethor - from birth onward... How he became the Twenty-sixth Ruling Steward of Gondor and through to his untimely death (NOT movie based)."
        Third Age, includes LotR.
        Denethor II and all who came in contact with him.
        In progress. She is currently proofreading and reposting, so we are seeing her latest work. We are now at TA 2942 aka Chapter 4.
        Posted here Dec. 1, 2006. Also posting on Henneth Annûn.
Nov. 27, 2006
    Starting now,
we will be checking to see who would like to continue to be listed as a member for 2007. This confirmation will be shown on the last column of the 2006 Members page with a "2007".
        Full Members may confirm by showing up to any meeting in December, December forum post, by email or AIM with Varda, by being listed on Eonwe's Games page update (email Eonwe), by contributing a review for the Games site (email Eonwe), by contributing to the Tolkien site (email Varda), by doing anything that puts them on the News page in December (not in a bad way ;), or by pure luck if Varda sees you in-game as a guild-named gamer. Continued space and program donations count, but we'd really like to hear from you in person.
        Tolkien-only members need to send in any item for the Tolkien site or let Varda know what project they are working on (email the first, email or AIM the second). Email gives a better record in this case.

Nov. 26, 2006

Sunday Meeting  5pm EST (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending: (14)
    Members: Ancalagon-(V)/Sarujil, ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, CaranthirV, Dis-(V)/Disvandl, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, FladrifV, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Glorfindel VG, Lungorthin-(Valar)/sauronjag, Orodreth V/Oessala, VardaValar1 (presiding).
    Caranthir V came in during After-meeting, wasn't on the AIM list earlier to be invited, now corrected.
    Visitor: Russ82275 (said nothing, just popped in and lurked peacefully, no problem)
    Some people have said that they would like to send in something to become Tolkien-onlies.
    Tolkien Article this week: "Ar-Pharazôn: from Armenelos to Aman" in English by Theoden-(TV).
       WoW Argent Dawn: Fladrif's Skjold hit 60! No charter set up yet, might not happen.
       WoW Lothar: Friday run got Molten Core Attunement for all who stayed.
    1. Ancalagon's movie topic: article concerning the upcoming movies for the Hobbit and LotR prequel: http://www.theonering.net/staticnews/1163993546.html  Apparently PJ and crew were told they weren't wanted. No one knows about the cast.
    2. Sil topic: The latest of the articles submitted to us said in the first line: "Aman, the blessed kingdom, where the Valar live lazing around in Valinor, is the Tolkienan Olympus if we can say that.". So, can he say that?

Nov. 25, 2006
    Now linked into the Encyclopedia: "Ar-Pharazôn: from Armenelos to Aman" in English, "Ar-Pharazôn: da Armenelos ad Aman" in the original Italian, and "De Armenelos en Aman" in French, by Emanuele "Theoden" Scalzo-(TV). The English translation was emailed Nov. 22, 2006. Opinions expressed, as always, belong to the author and may or may not be the official position of the Valar Guild.
    The Ar-Pharazon index is now set up to take care of accumulated articles.

Nov. 24, 2006
    WoW Lothar had the Friday run for upper level players
. Considered BRD and/or Strat and or "downtown Andorhal", as the gang expected to be up quite late. Don't have a 60? Come in with your lowbies, chat with us, and work together on your lowbies! The name of the game is fun and enjoying each other, so come on in!
    Final report, info from Sauron-(Valar): Place: BRD. Gamers: Arathorn, Arwen, Eonwe, Merry (on Varda's comp for Thanksgiving), and Sauron. Elwing came in for some gaming, howdying, and cheering on the BRD group, gaining her level forty meanwhile. Arathorn had to leave part of the way through BRD, but the rest kept going. They jumped down the hole below Incendius and managed to gain Molten Core Attunement. They also gained the ability to smelt dark iron ore. Then they formed into The Raid Group of Four to go in for a look. They found 62 elites who looked larger than they did. Being the Valar They Are, the four charged valiantly at them for a final glorious end.

Nov. 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Nov. 19, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending (11):
    ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, AuSteinM-(TV)/AuSteinM, Elladan-(V)/Bior the Ythling, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Glorfindel VG, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V/Oessala, VardaValar1
    Guild-friends: we have two new ones coming into WoW Lothar. Remember that any member of the Valar Guild can invite any polite, nice gamer (non-ninja or other annoying type) to game with the guild by having them type /join Valar to enter the friend channel. Check the friend channel with /chatwho valar and talk using /valar message. The sometimes changing number of the channel may be substituted for the word Valar for ease.
    Thanksgiving and Finals will be affecting member availability for a little while.
    Menelvagor-(Valar) spent most of today demonstrating various board games on a games convention in the northern Netherlands.
    Article: "Beleg" by Theoden-(TV)
    Archlord review by Elladan-(V)
    Ventrilo may also be used by European WoW members, especially for their new Valar branch, and other branches. See Forum under WoW for set-up details.
    Eonwe's topic: the physical differences among Elves. What, if any, are they?

Nov. 14, 2006
    Tolkien Site:
in English and the original Italian, by Emanuele "Theoden" Scalzo-(TV)

Nov. 12, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending (13):
    Members: Aerandir-(V)/mordacil, ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Bombur-(V)/MrMonkey2002Blah, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, FladrifV, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Gimli-(V)/jetwest2000, Glorfindel VG, Menelvagor Valar, VardaValar1
    Visitor: oladys 123 (would like to join)
    Edrahil-(V): new Full Member
    Galadriel-(V): Full Member now coming into European WoW
    Tolkien Site:
            "How to Dim a Too-Bright Elf" by Elwing-(V)
            "To See a World" ch 44 now up. by Nightwing; mentioned in a later section.
      WoW street date announced. Discussion was in the After-meeting.
       Lothar server (Alliance). The Friday run.
       Uldaman server (Horde)
       Argent Dawn (Alliance): European members decided to go ahead and put the Valar branch on this server instead of Lightbringer.
    Topic: Did the glow of elves cause problems in warfare?
    Topic: Faramir was chosen first for the Fellowship, Boromir was his replacement. How did this change what happened?
    Topic: Gollum, insanity, Frodo, Denethor
    Topic: Elves who died could eventually be reborn in their own children.
    WoW street date announced
    Anime discussion

Nov. 9, 2006
  Tolkien site:

        "Ar-Pharazôn: da Armenelos ad Aman"
in Italian, "De Armenelos en Aman" translated from Italian to French. This is an article by Emanuele "Theoden" Scalzo-(TV). He intends to send an English translation after he finds a translator and the work is done.
      Lessons of Life Series: "How to Dim a Too-Bright Elf
" by Elwing-(V). G-PG, Humor, 1 chapter. Set in the LotR, Two Towers. The Fellowship sends Aragorn to confront a problem they are having with Legolas.
      Elwing has named her story series "Lessons of Life", and it is now chronologically listed on her Author's Page.

Nov. 5, 2006
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Edrahil-(V)!
Edrahil games in WoW and intends to game in LotRO when it comes out. He's read the H and LotR, plus about the first quarter of the Sil. His favorite two characters from LotR are Legolas and Boromir. He likes Legolas for his being very sure of himself, ability to be a serious scout yet having a light-hearted nature in the face of dire circumstance, and his gaming with the dwarf at Helm's Deep. Edrahil likes Boromir for his struggle inside himself with honor winning. The Ring augments his desire to lead his troops in glorious battle and bring on a golden age, but he fights the temptation and defends the hobbits, although he is greatly outnumbered, to the death.

    Tolkien Stories:
       Ch. 44 "A Brief Quiet". Update on the continuing story "To See a World" by Nightwing.

Sunday Meeting  5pm EST (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending ()
    New Tolkien-only member: Emanuele "Theoden" Scalzo
    Tolkien site: new articles, stories, art
    WC3: Finduilas, Haleth
       Euro:Argent Dawn and Lightbringer servers
       Americas: Lothar and Uldaman servers
            new free content patch upcoming, most of which was not expected until the Expansion.
            new WarCraft Encyclopedia by Blizzard
    Finduilas, the elf-maiden from the tale "Of Turin Turambar".

Nov. 3, 2006
    Tolkien Art:
      Cave of Turgon-(V):
        "Book of Lore" A book that may have been found in either Minas Tirith or Imladris.
        "Elwe Singollo"
        "Green Dragon" A mug from the Green Dragon.
        "Gates of Nargothrond"
        "Ring of the Nine" One of the nine rings.
        "Morgoth and Manwe" Morgoth is brought before Manwe.

Nov. 2, 2006
  Tolkien articles:
The Mirror of Galadriel" by Varda-(Valar)
The Phial of Galadriel" by Varda-(Valar)
    The Objects page now has an alphabetical listing

Nov. 1, 2006
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Emanuele "Theoden" Scalzo-(TV)!
Theoden-(TV) of Italy joined us officially as a Tolkien-only member on Oct. 29, 2006 by emailing his article "Sharp Glance" in both the original Italian and the English version, translated by one of his kind friends. He writes for the Italian Tolkien site: la voce di Edoras "The Voice of Edoras", which is now on our Links page.
    In the Valar Guild's Tolkien Encyclopedia, read his article, "Sharp Glance", about Maeglin! This is the direct, unframed link, or take a look under "Maeglin" the next time you're in the framed version.
       If you enjoy seeing people and settings in fantasy and medieval garb, Merry-(V) took a set of photos you'll enjoy while we were together at the Texas Renaissance Festival Sunday. He's a professional photographer, so you're in for a treat. Click on the link to the RenFaire from his page: With a Wing and a Lens. No, he's not in any of the pictures. Mostly it's of some of the sights at the Fair. Elwing-(V) is present and even labeled in one of the photos. The rarely photographed Fangorn-(Valar) is caught a couple of times, tall and wearing green and brown with a green cowl and a sword. Varda-(Valar) is present a few times in Scot garb, also not labeled and unwilling to give more hint than that.
Oct. 30, 2006
 Tolkien Site news:
    Elves/ Elf Types: updated this article with a new and separate section on Moriquendi, and rearranged the types.
    Separated the article on Maeglin by Alatar-(Valar)-ex onto it's own page, moved the Maeglin Index into a folder.
"Betrayal" by Cassia and Siobhan. R for graphic violence. 8 chapters. Editing completed.
    After a long absence, Legolas is finally returning home to Mirkwood, with his friend, Aragorn. But they walk straight into a treacherous power struggle, one which the two's earlier actions have precipitated unknowingly.

Oct. 29, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, and Varda
Attending (8.5):
    Members: ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, Eonwe Valar (presiding), Glorfindel VG, Lungorthin-(Valar)/sauronjag,  Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V.
    Members way way after-meeting: Arwen V1, Orodreth V, VardaValar1
    Guests: PokerStar1971 (found us, had a question), Submersed1990 (for about as long as it took to leave again)
    Finduilas is on vacation
    Varda, Fangorn, Elwing, and Merry are at the Texas Renaisance Festival today.
    Varda and family's major gaming computer is supposed to go into the shop Monday after dying Friday when it was called on for the WoW Lothar Friday run.
    Updates made to the Lothar and Uldaman pages
        Expansion moved to January
        Patch coming up with many additions not expected until the Expansion
        Beta underway
        Lothar Friday
    Lord of the Rings Online:
       LotRO was featured in ImagineFX magazine
       New information on some places of interest
       Beta Journals from LotRO are posted every Wednesday, other info every Tuesday and Thursday.
    Eve Online:
        A review/debate by Orodreth and Menelvagor
     Eonwe Valar: Origins of Morgoth's servants. Created, twisted? If created, from what? How does this mesh with the idea espoused in the Sil and LotR that evil cannot create anything of its own? Anything we know from beyond these two books?

Oct. 24, 2006
    WoW Lothar:
        Congratulations to Arwen! Her warrior, Undomiel, reached level 60!

Oct. 22, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending (15):
    Members: Ancalagon-(V)/Sarujil, ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, AuSteinM-(TV)/AuSteinM, Eonwe Valar, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Lungorthin-(Valar)/sauronjag, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V/Oessala, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitor: crasyboy45, Srekal86
    New Full Member: Dis-(V)
    Names for using in games
    The Hobbit

Oct. 17, 2006
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Dis-(V)!
Dis is from Colorodo in the USA, on MDT. She's one year younger than Varda, getting around mentioning the age of ladies.  ;) Dis enjoys art and may do some for the guild. She is a very active gamer and a delightful chatter. She plays DAoC in Gaheris and intends to play LotRO when it comes out. She's read H and LotR. Her favorite character is Bilbo for "his imperfections and resilience". She plans to download AIM in the future.

Oct. 16, 2006
    Watch your email!

    If you aren't signed up for the beta yet, get thee to http://lwww.lotro.com and mention in your application that you are in the Valar Guild.

Oct. 15, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending (11):
    Members: Ancalagon-(V)/Sarujil, ArPharazonV, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, FladrifV, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Glorfindel VG, Menelvagor Valar, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitor: Srekal86
    Finduilas will be on vacation Oct 22 - Nov 3, back about the first Sunday of Nov., so missing the next two Sundays but back after.
    Tolkien site: links (Oct 8), art (Oct 12)
    WoS: Finduilas
        Americas: WoW Lothar (Alliance, Normal), WoW Uldaman (Horde, Normal)
        Euro: WoW Argent Dawn (Alliance, RP), WoW Lightbringer (Alliance, Normal)
    Menelvagor Valar: We all know that Elves have a different rhythm than mortals do, but how exactly, and when do they sleep?

Oct. 12, 2006
Cave of Turgon-(V): original sent in Sept. 3, 2006, re-done and  posted Oct. 12.
       "Beleriand" An elf of Beleriand looks out at the dawn.

Oct. 8, 2006
    World of WarCraft South Park show
watchable from this link, suggested by Ar-Pharazon. Tested, no virus hit from it. The rating is for Mature, although it is on public television.
    Children of Hurin - Tolkien Estate tells about it. Link suggested by Arwen-(V).

Sunday Ninth Anniversary Meeting 
    5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00

    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending (19):
    Members: ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Bombur-(V)/MrMonkey2002Blah, Caranthir-(V)/El Capitan Chobo, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, FladrifV, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Glorfindel VG, GwaihirValar, Farmer Maggot-(V)/thesirg3, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V/Oessala, Scatha-(V)/STEvilaim, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitor: crasyboy45, Srekal86, StlFan2k4
    Anniversary discussion, including about how the group held open the chat room all week.
    Anniversary webwork:
       Book List and Reviews: 5 new books with comments by Lungorthin-(Valar)
       Articles: Thorin's Company project
    Uldaman WoW: folk created new characters on the Anniversary so they could start playing together at level 1, which they did happily.
    Lothar WoW: characters shot fireworks and called out "Happy Ninth Anniversary to the Valar Guild!" at the temple steps of each major city. And quested. : )
    Lightbringer WoW: Finduilas is trying to start a new Euro guild on Lightbringer as a Normal, non-rp, non-gank server. She had received complaints when trying to start a Tolkien guild on the currently used rp server for Euro of Argent Dawn.
    Argent Dawn WoW: Raiding as usual, nothing done for anniversary.
    Eve Online: the great snowballs in space throwing for the anniversary
       WC3 by Ar-Pharazon. Others had problems needing to re-install and update, taking up their entire gaming time.
       D2X by Varda
    Trivia game, lively and well-attended

October 7, 2006
    The one week marathon continues
, of holding the chat room open for the entire Anniversary week. Guild-friend crasyboy45 added his aid during the week as well.
    Tolkien site:
      Thorin's Company project for the Anniversary continued:
       "Bifur of Thorin's Company", "Bofur of Thorin's Company".
       Filled in links for the earlier part of the project.

October 4, 2006
    Happy Ninth Anniversary to the Valar Guild!
    The AIM chat room is available: Valar Guild Meetingplace. If the current holder has crashed, please re-make the room. Say hi and you can try to buddy up for the game of your choice. Participants so far this morning (morning for EST folk):
    ArwenV1, ArPharazonV, Caranthir-(V)/ElCapitanChobo, Dior-(V)/MyCantalopeH8tsU, Elladan-(V)/Bior the Ythling, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, FladrifV, Gelmir-(V)/Shaggyjoe, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Glorfindel-(V)/GlorfindelVG/VegetableMann, GwaihirValar, Lokiey1054 (guild-friend), Lungorthin-(Valar)/sauronjag, OrodrethV/Oessala, VardaValar1
    Five new Tolkien books posted by Lungorthin-(Valar), most with comments! See them here! They are at the top of the Book List labeled New. Lungorthin says to look for the ones that have been recommended as they're likely to be fun to read. He asks for members to please send in info about new books and/or your comments on ones you've read.
    Battle.net. We've always used East Realm as a way to get together, in channel Valar. Drop in if even for a minute if you can, as a salute to where the guild began.
        Menelvagor is planning to play in WarCraft 3.
       Ar-Pharazon dropped by in WC3, but will be unavailable the rest of the day.
       Varda's been on most of the morning so far in D2X as Varda-Valar.
    Also try StarCraft/BroodWar or Diablo or WarCraft 2.
    We also have members who will want to play WoW (servers have been down), Well of Souls, and Eve Online.
    WoW Uldaman had a starter party of Gilraen, Sauron and Varda. Merry came in and we played Tolkien trivia, where the one who answers correctly first asks the next question.
    Lungorthin suggests DAoC. :) He plays on Lamorak as Gwyraan. Irmo plays on Percival as Yrma and Maigan
    Feel free to send an email to say happy anniversary to add to the News page.
    The Forum is available for posting.
    Fangorn-(Valar) says "Hoom-hom" from where he's working the rest of this week, for a service company drilling for oil.

Oct. 3
    Third day of
Orodreth-(V)'s marathon of holding the Valar AIM chat room open for the week of our 9th Anniversary.
    Thorin's Company project continued: "Gloin", "Ori in Thorin's Company", "Oin in Thorin's Company", "Bombur of Thorin's Company". Additions to the previous members.
    WoW Lothar: Arwen, Sauron, and Varda tackled Stratholme together, with various pick-up gamers to fill the other two slots.

Oct. 2
    Second day of Orodreth-(V)'s marathon
of holding the Valar AIM chat room open for the week of our 9th Anniversary. Help with this is welcome!
    Also in honor of the 9th, is the beginning of the Tolkien site article project: "Thorin's Company". Help with articles for these characters and the related places and objects is welcome. More details are on the "What's New" page for the articles.

Oct. 1, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, and Varda
Discuss what you would like to do with the guild for the Valar Guild's 9th Anniversary! Some possibilities could be:
    Gaming get-togethers (discuss which games and times and days).
    Keeping the meeting chat room open the whole day
    Send in game reviews to Eonwe for the Games page
    Send in goodies for the Tolkien site (the one you've been meaning to get to, or a fresh one) to Varda, and label it that it's part of the 9th Anniversary celebration. These might be humor, art, poetry, fiction, articles, book review (cc Lungorthin), or a memoir telling how you got into the guild and what happened to you there, and what plans or hopes you have for your guild.
Attending (10):
    ArPharazonV, Eonwe Valar (presiding), FinduilasV, FladrifV, Glorfindel-(V)/Glorfindel VG, Haleth V, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V, Scatha-(V)/STEvilaim, VardaValar1 (after-meeting)
    New Tolkien-Only member, Fingolfin-(TV)
    Help requested for school by Menelvagor: please check his site at http://www.geocities.com/turgon_nhl/files/school_system.doc
    Guild Anniversary Number Nine plans:
       Members will hold the AIM chat room open all day for Oct. 4. Orodreth is trying to keep it open all week, and started during this meeting!
       Meet in our AIM chat on that day and move to the game of your choice, and maybe find more people to drag into the gaming.
           WarCraft 3 (not TFT, as quite a few didn't get the expansion) gaming. Time uncertain, but the regular meeting time is one possibility.
           Show up in Valar channel in East Realm, the place where it all began, in any Blizzard game that allows it: StarCraft/Broodwar, Diablo series (except, sadly the one we originated in, Diablo 1), WarCraft 2, and/or WarCraft 3. If you're there for even one minute, you're celebrating our history!
       World of WarCraft: fireworks and gaming. If your character (including alt) doesn't have a tabard, WoWmail the guildmaster for your anniversary tabard. For Lothar, WoWmail (or email) Auros (Eonwe-Valar). For Uldaman, same to Gilbrennil (Varda-Valar). Gilbrennil is not terribly rich, so several of us are working the AH and gaming to raise tabard money. You might also help us with this clothing project. Let no one be without a tabard!
       Well of Souls: Orodreth plans to be there for you.
       Eve Online: snowball throwing
       According to Scatha-(V): "game until we run out of caffienated beverages!"
       Gaming page: Email your gaming review, and tag it that you did it for the 9th anniversary.
       Tolkien site: Email anything for the Tolkien site, tagging it that it's for the 9th anniversary. You can also type up your own anniversary comment and ask that it be included.
       Members pages: Send in your memoir or update it, telling how you joined and what happened and why you're still here.
       News page: Send in an email to be included on the Anniversary date. If there are a lot of them, they will be on an auxiliary page linked to the News.
       Forum: Weigh in on the Forum to say Happy Anniversary and/or add to any of the Tolkien topics.
    Tolkien site:
        New article: "Finwe" by Fingolfin-(TV)
        Story: "Setting Forth" by Jay of Lasgalen
Gaming done this last week
     Eve Online
     WarCraft 3
    Language in Middle-Earth. Tolkien created the languages then built the world around them. So, what can we glean about the races from their languages?
Sept. 29, 2006 Fri.
party gaming with your highest levels and/or a group of lowbies, and howdys. May continue in BRD if we have enough players.

Sept. 28, 2006 Thurs.
    Member news:
        Varda and Fangorn
will be out of town from today until late Sunday, to visit his parents and a terminally ill family friend.
        Eonwe will be available to help you and will be chairing this Sunday's meeting.

Sept. 27, 2006 Wed.
    Member news:

        Sauron-(V)'s 26th birthday.

Sept. 26, 2006
Tolkien Site:
          "Finwe" by Fingolfin-(TV)
of Greece. This is the article with which he gained his Tolkien-only Honor, using a Greek version of the Silmarillion. Quite a feat!
       Welcome to the Valar Guild, to Fingolfin-(TV)! After a long email correspondence since April 24 of this year, we are very happy to see you attain your Tolkien-only Honor and join us. May you have a long and happy time in the guild.

Sept. 24, 2006
    Tolkien Site:
        "Setting Forth"
by Jay of Lasgalen. Drabble, exactly 100 words long! "Legolas makes his final preparations before the Fellowship leaves Imladris." Posted on Stories of Arda before us, Sept. 13, 2006.
        Webwork: Elwing and Finduilas' new story files and links should all be in good shape.
Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (18):
    Members: Arathorn-(Valar), Arwen-(V), Ancalagon-(V)/Sarujil, ArPharazonV, CaranthirV, Elladan-(V)Bior the Ythling, Eonwe Valar (presiding), FinduilasV, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Glorfindel-(V)/Glorfindel VG, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth-(V)/Oessala, Scatha-(V)/STEvilaim, VardaValar1
    Guests: Lokiey1054 (wants to join), Srekal86
(We may not have all the members as some came before the transcripters and did not speak. Lurking about.)
    Bilbo - birthday. Book Bilbo's birthday (and Frodo's) was Sept 22 Shire Reckoning, Sept 23 Gregorian calendar. Member Bilbo-(V)'s birthday is today, Sept 24, and he's 24 years old..
    Finduilas - completed move and back in WoW
    Scatha - ordered a new notebook computer, hopes to be gaming again. Dial-up
    Gwaihr - still not well, playing WoW
    Makar-ex - says hi through Scatha-(V)
    Lokiey will be sent for more military training for 9 days starting during this week and will not be near a comp.
    Games page news updated weekly.
    New book by Christopher Tolkien coming out "Children of Hurin"
    Tolkien site:
       Stories page:
          "Shadow Search" by Finduilas-(V)
          "Setting Forth" by Jay of Lasgalen
          Webwork revamping files
       Art page:
          Cave of Turgon-(V): 4 new drawings, with more in the email.
    BZFlag: Ar-Pharazon
    Civ 3: Finduilas
    BfMe: Finduilas
    BfMe2 Expansion is in the programming stage.
    WoW: reports from branches in Lothar, Uldaman. Reports from Argent Dawn gamers.
    Makar and Measse
    Valar siblings and spouses in general
    The Vala of Time
    More on the upcoming "Children of Hurin"
    The upcoming film "The Hobbit"

Sept. 22, 2006
        Lothar Friday night run.
Bring your high level or a character to chat with us!
            Last time we ran Black Rock Depths and we continued on from there. Arathorn, Eonwe, Merry, Turin, and Varda were on the run. Elwing's 34 gamed at the same time and chatted.
        Uldaman Valar Guild branch:
Ancalagon did not leave the Uldaman server Valar Guild branch for the Lothar run as he had no high character on Lothar. Turin made a new character for the Uldaman server branch. Small discussion of a special Uldaman run day or night, no decision. Ancalagon says he can play with the Uldaman branch any night.

    Tolkien Site:
Cave of Turgon-(V): new art sent in and copyrighted Sept. 20, 2006, posted Sept 22
            "Winged Beast"  Fell beast, the mount of a Nazgul
            "Gorthaur the Abhorred" Sauron on the Battlefield
            "Sauron" Inspired by the Silmarillion's line: "Sauron stood in his upmost tower, wrapped in his dark thoughts."
        "Shadow Search" by Finduilas-(V) is up, one chapter long. We thank her for answering the meeting request for a story with Gimli, and enjoyed seeing her rp character make an appearance as well! Tolkien characters involved are Gimli and Halbarad. The time is fifteen years before the Council of Elrond.
          Webwork warning for the stories page: Started on a rebuild to organize the files better. Elwing and Finduilas have been affected so far.

Sept. 19, 2006
    New book
coming out by Christopher Tolkien? An article on the"The Children of Hurin", located by guild-friend Bradox, may be read here.

Sept. 17, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (14):
    Members: Ancalagon-(V)/Sarujil, ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Bombur-(V)/MrMonkey2002Blah, Eonwe Valar, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Glorfindel-(V)/Glorfindel VG, Menelvagor Valar, VardaValar1 (presiding).
    Visitors: Bradox guild-friend/Lokiey1054, oladys 123, Srekal86
    Glorfindel (after-meeting): Back. "About 2 months ago, someone got a virus into my computer and hijacked our server to send his spam all over the world. Millions a day. and my isp shut us down. thats why i havnt been on in quite a while."
    Nothing new this week. Send in your articles, stories, humor, poetry, and game reviews!
    Eve Online: free trials available. Ask Orodreth
    Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO): Please post to our Valar Guild thread on the LotRO forum to let them know we are still active. No one's posted there since July. We are not supposed to discuss beta publicly.
    Well of Souls (WoS): Orodreth requests help from story-tellers for his Elvondel mod.
       Euro: Finduilas is not online, apparently still involved in the move to the new house. Good luck with that!
       Lothar: Guild-questing report in BRD
    Orodreth-(V)'s topic: Dwarves in the fourth age: do we have any more info on how Khazad-Dum went? Was it successful in the long term? Also, what do we know about the eastern dwarven settlements? Quote found by Ar-Pharazon covering Moria's future.
    Tangented into fun silliness role-playing for those who know the Silmarillion too well.

Sept. 11, 2006
       Check your email for a Beta invitation. They seem to be coming out over several days' time. We are not allowed to say if we are in the Beta in a public forum, making it more difficult to get together, but you can privately email Varda, general contact person for the guild, and remember the Valar channel.

Sept. 10, 2006
    LotRO Beta emails are going out!

        Yes, we have members making it in, but aren't allowed to tell who or anything about the game on a public forum.

Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V), Eonwe-(Valar), and Varda-(Valar)
    Announcement by Gwaihir and Gilraen for the whole guild! :)
    Stories "To See a World" has 43 chapters up. In progress.
    Art:  "Ancalagon" by Turgon-(V)
    LotRO Beta: Thranduil has been accepted! Check your email!
     Fall of Gondolin and Balrogs

Sept. 7, 2006
"To See a World" by Nightwing. Chs. 32 - 43 are up.

Sept. 6, 2006

        Grimbold, welcome back after the move to college! Grimbold is back in WoW not only in our Lothar server branch but also in Uldaman!
"To See a World" by Nightwing. Chs. 16 - 31 are up.

Sept. 5, 2006
Cave of Turgon-(V): new drawing of the dragon "Ancalagon".
        "To See a World" by Nightwing. Chs. 9 - 15 are up.

Sept. 4, 2006
        "To See a World" by Nightwing. Chs. 7 and 8 are up.

Sept. 3, 2006

Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V), Eonwe-(Valar), and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (8):
    ArPharazonV, Bombur-(V)/MrMonkey2002Blah, Eonwe Valar (presiding), FinduilasV, GilraenV, GwaihirValar, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V
    Fladrif sends hi.
    Varda's away for the day
    Ar-Pharazon's back from vacation. Article considered.
    Eonwe's back in college
    Menelvagor's back in school (as are many members)
    Gilraen and Gwaihir are married and had a two-week honeymoon!
    Finduilas is moving. Article planned.
    Ancalagon from D1 days rejoined the guild
    Encyc linked straight in from all the main guild pages
    Members Page numbers corrected
    Novel "To See a World" by Nightwing is going up on the guild's Stories: 6 of 43 chapters now up, another year probably before she finishes, has been 3 years so far.
    Humor link found by Pharazon, a short version of the LotR: http://www.reallifecomics.com/archive/060830.html
       Argent Dawn: Valar Guild branch in Europe has a charter and five signatures. Tabard design still under discussion.
       General: new information on the expansion's new talents and spells
    LotRO: new area
    WarCraft3: The Frozen Throne: Ar-Pharazon is gaming again
    BZ Flag
    Kult Heretic Kingdoms: review by Menelvagor. Single player
    Eve Online: played by Orodreth and by Finduilas' fiancee
    Finduilas-(V)'s topic: Grima Wormtongue: what inclined him to come under the spell of Saruman?
Aug. 31, 2006
    WoW Argent Dawn:
       Finduilas has started the Valar Guild branch charter signing on Argent Dawn. Any of you in Europe who would like to help her collect the necessary ten signatures, please contact her. You can start an alternate with your guild name using your favorite type of character. She is Failivrin on WoW, Finduilasv on AIM, and her email is calmacinnes(AT)gmail.com, plus she can be messaged on the Forum. She is already collecting guild-friends and potential Full and Tolkien-only Members.
    The tabard, chosen by the team of Finduilas and Menelvagor, with funds from Menelvagor, is "a dead tree on a dark green background with a stark white slightly fluffy border." It cannot be finalized until the charter members have all signed up.
    Finduilas says:
    "I intend the guild to be light rp, Tolkien or azeroth what people prefer, with chances for raids later on, but not as a main aim of the guild. The guild in my eyes should be there for supporting each other in quests, helping out with skills, gear and information as well as fun with rping."

    Member News:
    "My fiance came out with the little tidbit that he actually owns the Sil, which absolutely chuffs me - and .. jhehe ye never believe this. The place we are going to move into is an old church - built 1829. Its absolutely fantastic .. giant, stone building so looks great. I ll take some pictures and put them on the web once everythings done."

Aug. 29, 2006
    Guild pages:
       Tolkien link:
As per promise at last Sunday's meeting, all guild pages were checked to make sure the Tolkien link goes to our Tolkien site rather than a list of what we have on the Tolkien site.  All unframed pages that mention the Tolkien site already appear to be pointed to the unframed version of the Tolkien site. The framed page, however, needed the change and it has been done. If you see any pages that are not corrected even after Reload/Refresh, please email Varda with the specific page.

Aug. 28, 2006
    Members page:
        Corrected numbers of members on the Members page. Thanks for catching the problem, Eonwe. Reload/Refresh to see the correction.
    Tolkien site:
            Nightwing's novel: "To See a World".
Nightwing gave the Valar Guild permission to publish her novel, which is still in progress and will probably be finished in about a year, started in August 2003. She has written forty-three chapters. The first six are now online here. It deals with blindness, coping with both the physical and mental type. Nightwing has been around the blind and has done a great deal of research, as you can tell when you read. She summarizes the novel:
            "Injured and alone, Legolas and Aragorn are forced to seek refuge in a wintry foreign land. But when darkness encroaches from within and without, they learn that refuge can become a deadly trap."

Aug. 27, 2006
    Wecome back to the Valar Guild, Ancalagon-(V)!
He was in the guild previously in Diablo 1 days. Since then he has entered a university and attended a Tolkien seminar, and is 24 years old. He may be sending some of his college Tolkien-related papers for the Valar Guild Encyclopedia.
    Ancalagon is from Michigan, USA, EST. He is in Mist guild with his brother in WoW Lothar, where he stumbled across Merry and Varda with their Valar Guild nametags, and greeted them. He attended a complete meeting in AIM as Sarujil, where he finished the test he started in Lothar on Friday. He allowed his test to be used to help train a Maia and Maia candidate, much appreciated, and passed his test with bragging rights of 5/5! The testers and observers present were Earendil-(Valar), Eonwe-(Valar), Finduilas-(V), and Varda-(Valar).  His favorite LotR character is Sam, because he's a simple guy, humble. Being a servant allowed him to be of greater help to Frodo than the rest of the Fellowship's folk of authority, who had obligations to other people as well.

Aug. 27, 2006 Sunday (continued)
Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Varda
Attending (11):
    Members: Bombur-(V)/MrMonkey2002Blah, Caranthir-(V)/ MoriFinwe, Earendil-(Valar)gelondil2, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, Gil-galad-(V)/ Xseanzee disco, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V/ Oessala, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitors: Sarujil (rejoined in the After-meeting as Ancalagon-(V), Srekal86. Oladys123 dropped by after the meeting, friend of Finduilas, read LotR several times.
    Many members are now back in college registering and buying books. Good luck!
    Ancalagon/Sarujil found and rejoined us.
    Earendil is now available on Sundays due to shift in work schedule.
    Tolkien site:
            Project: Numenorean Kings. A reader may now go straight through the Numenorean kings, starting with Elros, and watch history unfold. More articles to improve the history are requested. The rest of the human kings are in line for the same treatment and could also use your article help.
            "What's New in the Articles" page is now visible on the menus.
            New: "In the Chamber of Mazarbul" by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
            Poetry project started by He that Walks Unseen-(TV). Poets requested.
            New author: Nightwing
       "Scouting Ahead" rp in the Forum for the Valar Guild. New posts made this week.
    Finduilas' new Middle-earth forum of her own, but to which we are welcome to come, and the forum that she's dropped.
    Vanguard game report by Earendil
        Lothar report by Eonwe
        Uldaman report by Varda
    Battle for Middle-earth 2 (BFMe2) report by Eonwe
    Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) report by Eonwe
    Well of Souls (WoS) report by Orodreth
    Sam's role. Topic from Sarujil
    Ancalagon-(V) rejoined with a 5/5 test!
    Orodreth-(V) made his WoS report
    Ancalagon and Caranthir's new characters were invited into the guild branches on Lothar and Uldaman.

Aug. 26, 2006
In the Chamber of Mazarbul by He That Walks Unseen-(TV). "The Fellowship of the Ring is trapped in the Chamber of Mazarbul. Mithrandir and his eight companions face the shadows and the flames once faced by Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria."

Aug. 25, 2006
    WoW Lothar Friday questing:
       A group of five high levels did a large part of the Fallen Hero quest in the Blasted Lands.  Gamers were Dracxil/Beline, Eonwe/Auros 60, Merryv 60, Sauronv 60, and Varda 58. During the mayhem, priest Varda leveled to 59.
    Meanwhile, a party of two low levels worked against the Frostmane trolls. Gamers were Thror/Throrv aided by paladin Elwing/Starspray.
    Ancalagon from Diablo 1 days spotted us just before those games started, while Merry and Varda were doing a Felwood quest, and said hi. His name was Tuesday, and his character was in Mist guild of Lothar. He's interested in rejoining the overall guild and did part of the test already, which we hope to complete this Sunday. Ancalagon's recently participated in a Tolkien seminar and has done some papers that may be turning up in the Encyclopedia later.

Aug. 21, 2006
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          Numenorean Kings:
The line of Numenorean kings may now be run through from article to article in chronological order starting with the first king, Elros. This allows the history of Numenor to unfold. New articles added to allow this were:  Tar-Calmacil, Tar-Ciryatan, Tar-Elendil, Tar-Meneldur, Tar-Minastir, Tar-Telemmaite, Tar-Surion, Tar-Telperion, Tar-Vanimelde, Vardamir. An additional article has also been made for Ar-Adunakhor.
    If you find a problem first try Refresh or Reload, then let Varda know for repair. The articles have not yet been added to the A-Z menu.

Aug. 20, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, and Varda
Attending (7):
    Members: Bombur-(V)/MrMonkey2002Blah, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, FladrifV, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V
    Visitors: Srekal86
    Varda, Fangorn, and Eowyn went to see Elwing for her birthday and missed the meeting.
    Ar-Pharazon is on vacation for two weeks and missed the meeting.
    Finduilas will probably be moving again around the beginning of September..
    Encyc: Articles:
Numenorean Kings section is updating to be able to jump from one king to the next, work still in progress but the start is visible.
    Games Page: lots of fun dynamic new stuff is going on with the php.
       The Games page may be toggled between the plain version and the pretty version by clicking on the title.
       WoW Members pages for Lothar and Uldaman are now sortable by any column.
       Also, the WoW members pages are now being kept more up to date there by Eonwe's efforts. The old WoW page still can't be reached by Menelvagor, and the table updating by Varda is not as high a priority as Tolkien and Members pages, since others are handling Games work
    "Well of Souls": Orodreth is trying to revive the Elvondel world he was creating. For more news, check out our Forum's Well of Souls section.
    "World of WarCraft":
        Expansion news:
         Lots of write-ups on the WoW expansion linked from the WoW community site, including:
             Expansion area raids may be limited to 25 people.
             Paladins may be getting a taunt.
        Thror-(V) has a new laptop computer and has joined us in both WoW Lothar and WoW Uldaman with three characters in each server. Go Thror!
        Lothar (Alliance): Guild questing worked on the BlackRock Depth quest for Love Potion parts and finished it for all present. Priest Kalasul (Eonwe) got a quick Flight Path Tour during this, as he is good at locating and picking the Gromsblood needed. Afterwards, Varda was escorted to the Master Enchanter in Uldaman and now has all offerered, thanking the helpers by making Enchanted Leather and doing weapons enchants.
       Uldaman (Horde): We're picking up guild-friends, some of whom may become Full Members in the future. A group of members finished off the RageFire Chasm instanced dungeon quests.
       Argent Dawn (Alliance): A new Valar Guild branch is starting up, not just the cross-guilded members in raid groups. This is an all-level group. Valar can come in with alts or mains, but should try to use some version of their guild names. For more news, email or AIM chat with Finduilas and Fladrif.
Tolkien: topic suggested for another meeting
    We've been through themes in LotR. What themes are prevalent in the Silmarillion?
    Since everyone had gone afk by this time, the topic may be picked up again next week.

Aug. 18, 2006
    WoW Lothar's Friday:
Grab your high level characters and let's jump in an instance! If your highest is low, maybe we can get together enough to do some low instances or questing for them.

Aug. 13, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon, Menelvagor, and Varda
Attending (12):
    Members: ArPharazonV, AuSteinM-(TV)/AuSteinM, Bombur-(V)/MrMonkey2002Blah, Eonwe Valar (presiding), FinduilasV, GilraenV, Gwaihir-(Valar), FarmerMaggot-(V)/thesirg3, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V, VardaValar1
    Visitor: Srekal86
    Ar-Pharazon will be on vacation for the next two weeks.
    WoW Lothar players updated
    Games page now has a sortable WoW Lothar players table made by Eonwe in php and tested during the meeting. More updates were made after the meeting.
    Forum: rp addition
    WoW Lothar
    LotRO news
    WoW Europe
    New Valar branch? see After-meeting
Tolkien: lively discussion
    What happened with the Fellowship in Rivendell during the wait for the return of the scouts?
    Relationship of the One Ring with the other rings and the Nazgul.
    New Valar branch?: Discussion of starting an actual Valar branch in Europe on Argent Dawn, and certainly as a friend channel by typing /join Valar . We have nearly enough people to start it right now and have potential recruits, at least as alternates. Please contact Menelvagor-(Valar) by email, AIM, or on Argent Dawn, and use the friend channel for contact with everyone.
    New name version for Finduilas
    Beren and Luthien screenplay online unfinished but good as far as it went. Link included. Located by Orodreth-(V). Varda highly recommends this one.
    Gaming in WoW Lothar and WoW Uldaman afterwards.

Aug. 11, 2006 Friday
    Varda, Fangorn, Eowyn, and Sauron along with buddy Elwing
are back from canoeing, Sea World, the River Walk and visiting Merry. To our pleased surprise, Arwen arrived in town ahead of us in the afternoon and is staying only three blocks from Varda's family. We dropped in to see what was happening on WoW Lothar a bit later than our usual time, but we made it for the Friday gaming. What's your excuse?  ;)  We expect the rest of our vacation to be closer to home or at least to computers.

Aug. 6, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Varda will be away on vacation until next week. See the What's New on the Stories Page for more of Cassia and Siobhan's Mellon Chronicles stories that are readable now, although the editing is not yet finished. Also check Eonwe's Games page for Gaming news and game reviews.
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda 
Attending (12):
    Members: ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, AuSteinM-(TV), Elros-(V)/LouieKisKowsKi, Eonwe Valar (presiding), FinduilasV, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Orodreth V/Oessala, VardaValar1
    Visitor: Srekal86
    Forum RP discussion
    Varda and family and Elwing will be out of town this week for vacation. Bilbo is house-sitting.
    Thror is now playing WoW.
    Art by Cassia
    News page for each Tolkien site section
    World of WarCraft
    Lord of the Rings Online
    Well of Souls
    Eve Online
    Battle for Middle-earth 2
    Finduilas would like to know as much as she can about her namesake (Finduilas the Elf) so that she can better roleplay the part.

Aug. 5, 2006
          Thror-(V) is now playing WoW! His dwarf paladin hit level 8 before he could manage to email the good news.  ;)  Thror says hi to everyone, and that he can't make meetings since he works during that time.

    Cave of Cassia-(TV): not yet thumb-nailed but still fun art for the Mellon Chronicles stories series added today:
        "Betrayal", "Priceless Treasure", "The Stars of Harad", "Dark Visions", "Traitor", "Escape from Mordor", "Curse of Angmar", "Siege of Dread", "Between Darkness & Dawn", "Never Cold in Your Shadow", "Trouble Follows", "Cave Story 1: It Had to Be Caves", "Cave Story 2" It Had to Be Stairs", "Cave Story 3: Down and Up Again: The Elves and Ranger's Holiday" story by Katie, "Cell Number Eight", "And So the End", "Remember How to Smile".

Aug. 4, 2006
       WoW Lothar:
Friday gaming was in Blackrock Depths, knocking off four quests. Lower level members or alternates who couldn't fit in right away, came to play and say aiya. Elwing mowed down quests in the 30 levels. When one person had to leave the BRD instance (guild-friend Keeferjann), MerryV stepped in with his level 60 mage to fireball the enemy. Auros (Eonwe's level 60 paladin) tanked and did a few rezzes. Arathorn did the first part of the instance with a mage and the last part with a warlock.  Treabeard (Fangorn's level 60 hunter) leveled his Winterspring owl to 60 as a side joy. Varda's 58 Holy priest came within two bubbles of the next level.

Aug. 3, 2006
     WoW Lothar:
Treabeard aka Fangorn-(V) hit level 60 with his hunter in the Lothar guild branch. That makes his third 60.
     Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar goes Alpha! Over 125,000 people have signed up for the upcoming beta. For those Valar Guild members who haven't yet signed up for the free beta play, here's the sign-up link. We will have a branch in LotRO and Varda aka Fainan is the one to check with as the branch leader. Content is licensed from the books instead of the movies, allowing a more in-depth storyline.
    Here's the quote from the LotRO site for Aug. 3, 2006:

TRO Alpha Officially Begins!

We're pleased to announce that The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ (LOTRO) has entered Alpha! This means for the first time, a limited number of people outside of Turbine are invited to play the game -- creating characters, fighting Orcs, meeting famous characters, and exploring the vast lands of Middle-earth™.

Over 100,000 fans have signed up for the Beta Program, which includes the Alpha and Beta phases of development. We'll be inviting tens of thousands of additional people into the Beta Program over the coming months.

If you haven't signed up for the Beta Program yet, you can apply at http://www.lotro.com/betasignup for your chance to play LOTRO before it launches!

Aug. 1, 2006
    Happy Birthday, Orome!
    Guild pages:
made an attempt to simplify the navigation menu and top bars to suit each page. Now I have a sudden urge to play on Uldaman as Horde!
July 31, 2006
    Cave of Ulmo-(Valar): Must see!
Photos of the ship that Ulmo refit in about eight-hundred hours, named the Hirilondë. Take a look not only at the beauty of this sailing ship so fitting for the Lord of the Sea, but at the Tengwar runes that spell Hirilondë. He had the joy of taking her out sailing this last weekend.
    Cave of Cassia-(TV): "To the Ends of Middle-earth". Art by Cassia for the story of that name by Jay of Lasgalen.

  Stories by Jay of Lasgalen (finishes the backlog for now):
    Burying the Hatchet G. 1 chapter. T.A. 3019, Jan. "A short interlude on the road between Moria and Lórien. Frodo plays peacemaker."
    A Few Leaves In The Forest G. 4 chapters. T.A. 3019 March. "This is mostly movie-based (unusually for me), but there are elements of the books. It covers the time between the warg attack and the aftermath of the battle of Helm's Deep." Mainly Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Haldir. Includes Eowyn, Eomer, Gandalf, Theoden.
    Letter From Elladan. G. 2 chapters. T.A. 3019, post-LotR. "Letter mailed to Elrond in error, written just before the Battle of the Morannon, the Black Gate of Mordor." Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Faramir
    Till Death Us Do Part (AU) PG-13. 2 ch. Post-LotR. "After the One Ring was destroyed, there was no more evil and death ... was there?" Aragorn, Arwen, Elladan and Elrohir (as Lords of Rivendell), Glorfindel, Legolas. Mainly twins.
    To the Ends of Middle-earth  Illustrated by Cassia-(TV). Post-LotR, Aragorn already has children. Two endings, one canon and one AU (alternate universe) for the Appendices. "When sudden tragedy strikes one of the Fellowship in Minas Tirith, how do those left behind remember?" What would be a proper burial for one of his kind?

July 30, 2006
       By Jay of Lasgalen:
Going on a Bear Hunt G 1 ch. "Elrohir, Aragorn and Legolas go on a hunting expedition in the mountains - but things do not go to plan."
        "Written for the Teitho challenge 'Friends In Small Places'." Aragorn, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Glorfindel, Legolas
        A Lesser Treason 3 chs. Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Frodo, Sam. When Frodo brought the One Ring into Rivendell, it did not stay quiescent.
T.A. Dec. 3018  'The last temptation is the greatest treason: to do the right deed for the wrong reason' December, 3018. Elrohir, restless and uneasy, wanders the hills above Imladris."

Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    To enter: Take the invitation sent out at the beginning of meetings if we spot you. Or invite yourself to chat, then replace the automatic chat room name with our room name. Otherwise, instant message VardaValar1 or Eonwe Valar or others for an invitation into the chat room.
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending (11):
    ArPharazonV, Arwen (AIM connection problems, so she mostly side window-talked to group), Elwing V, Eonwe Valar (presiding), FinduilasV, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, LuthienV, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V (AIM connection problems), VardaValar1
    Varda, Fangorn, Elwing, maybe Sauron will be on vacation during the week of Aug. 7-13, and may not be available much during that time (although they might get to drop by Merry's wired hobbit hole!). The following week, Fangorn's vacation continues but probably in much shorter jaunts.
    Membership pages are now all combined. We hope the new one is more convenient.
    Games page font colors have changed to improve visibility.
    Tolkien Stories: catching up on the backlog for Jay of Lasgalen's stories.
    WoW Lothar had a good Friday run in Dire Maul East and West.
    WoW Argent Dawn: Pharazon got his epic mount!
    WoW Uldaman: lowbie funness in questing
    D2X: Varda is still there
    Varda's topic: What might tempt the characters in LotR to use the One Ring? Long discussion.
    WoW: Pharazon tells the biography backstory for one of his WoW characters.
    RP: Our forum Tolkien role-play "Scouting Ahead" discussion is a bit scattered at first as we catch up on the most recent posts, then solid discussion a long time as we post a record number of times.

July 29, 2006
A Crown of Woodland Flowers  G 1 ch.. The origin of Thranduil's crown. "Thranduil faces a bleak round of council meetings and diplomacy on his begetting day - but someone has other ideas. Set in the first year of the Third Age.

July 28, 2006
    WoW Lothar: Friday gaming.
Come on in and say hi! Let's kill some orc... or whatever evil raises its ugly head. We did the Dire Maul West part of the Paladin mount quest, then the Dire Maul East quest for the Dire Maul key for those who did not yet have it, with a final trip to do the Dire Maul East Lathendris quest. All quests were successful, and a good time was had by all. Participants for the first quest were Arathorn, Arwen, Eonwe, Ulmo, and Varda. Ulmo then had to leave for much-needed sleep before his weekend sailing trip on the ship he rebuilt, named Hirilonde. More about that in later news! The second run was with Arathorn, Arwen, Eonwe, and Varda. Arwen's finger did get stuck in a root beer bottle, for she managed to remove the bottle with a bit of help and carry on. The last was completed by Arathorn, Eonwe, and Varda. Much fun was had by all.

    Cassia and Siobhan's Mellon Chronicles:
"Legolas' No Good Rotten Day" by Siobhan with inspiration from Cassia. G. (Not illustrated.) "Humorous vignette. Legolas has a very bad morning and drags his friend Aragorn into it."

    Jay of Lasgalen's stories:
new stories (non-drabbles) uploaded are:
"Flet Building". 1 chapter. Elladan and Elrohir want to make a Lorien-style flet and Celebrian helps. Uploaded July 27.
    "Star Gazing". 1 chapter. Elrohir and young Estel spend an evening star gazing and discussing legends.
    "A Short Rest". 1 chapter. "When Bilbo and the dwarves arrived in Imladris in The Hobbit, Estel was ten years old. They must have met. This short story is about that meeting. The title is taken from the relevant chapter of The Hobbit. Set in June, 2941."
    "High Flight". 1 chapter.
"An eagle remembers the Battle of Five Armies."
    "Shadows Over Lasgalen". 9 chapters. PG-13: Author's warnings for grief, torture, death.
Aragorn and Legolas first meet, briefly. "Sauron sends three of the Nazgul to reoccupy Dol Guldur. A darkness begins to grow again in Lasgalen and Legolas takes a patrol to investigate." Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, Thranduil.
    "Interlude in Imladris". 10 chapters, sequel to "Shadows Over Lasgalen". "Trolls reappear to disturb the peace of Imladris. Legolas, on a visit there, is invited to assist in the hunt." Aragorn, Arwen, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Glorfindel, Legolas, Thranduil.

July 27, 2006
       All seventy of Jay of Lasgalen's drabbles are now uploaded and incorporated into her story series list. This may most easily be found in chronological order on Jay's Quick List . All of these stories with more information for picking and choosing for your taste are available on Jay's Author's Page. The main stories not currently uploaded will be in black type, one is still in progress but the rest are complete. "Nine Lives" is the most recently added regular story, uploaded to our site July 26 along with many drabbles. Progress may be tracked on our "What's New on the Stories Page?"

July 25, 2006
   Stories page:
    "Thranduil's Heir": Version 1, Version 2 by Jay of Lasgalen. Drabble.
        The second was made to add a more elven feel.
    "The Dead Marshes" by Jay of Lasgalen. Drabble.
        Legolas sees the corpse of his grandfather, Oropher.
    "Jay's Quick List" for Jay of Lasgalen's series added, according to the order in which they happened rather than the date written.

July 24, 2006
    The combined Membership page is now completed (I hope). Please check your information to make sure it wasn't confused.

    "In the Pits of Utumno" by Jay of Lasgalen. G. 1 chapter.
        "An elven warrior faces his most deadly quest - to steal into the realm of Melkor to rescue a captured companion.
For the 50 Passages challenge, Prompt #46: 'He was naked, lying as if in a swoon on a heap of filthy rags.'"
Based on a story of Elatan and Elendur.
    "Strange Tales, Or Myths and Misconceptions" by Jay of Lasgalen. G. 1 chapter.
"For a young ranger, dreams and legends spring to life out of the grass when he meets two who are the subjects of much mystery. A light-hearted ficlet written for the '50 Passages' challenge, from prompt 37, 'I see strange tales are woven about you.'"
Elladan and Elrohir.
    "A Midsummer Night's Dream"  by Jay of Lasgalen. G. 6 chapters.
    "When Elladan has a horrific vision of death and disaster, he struggles to learn more, and prevent the tragedy he foresees."
Elladan, Elrohir

July 23, 2006

Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (15):
    Members: ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Bombur-(V)/MrMonkey2002Blah, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Menelvagor Valar, Olwe-(V)/FallenGlory, Orodreth V/Oessala, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitors: crasyboy45, mecoons, Srekal86
    Elatan-(Valar) of the Council is changing his membership to Tolkien-only. This is due to the inability of his European times to mesh with the W. Hemisphere gaming times. His Annals of Arda will continue unaffected, but he will be gaming with European guilds due to time-zone problems. He has already worked out the change-over of the pages that he has been handling for the guild: Members and LotRO Online. May all go well for you out there, Elatan!
Web News:
    Membership pages
       The various membership pages have been combined into one although still in progress This includes Full Members, Tolkien-onlies, AIM pages. Some pages have been deleted as no longer needed: Web Team, Virus Alerts.
    Games pages: htm or php versions
       Eonwe has rebuilt the Games page with php and uploaded it during the meeting for all to see! It can be seen either as the old link or the php link. Other Games pages are being pulled under this site instead of scattered around such as LotRO and WoW. New reviews for many games are now up.
    CSS tutorial page suggestions:
        Eonwe suggested:
          http://www.htmlgoodies.com/ for numerous types of programming including CSS
       Srekal86 suggested:
          http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/livedesign/  for beginners
          http://www.csszengarden.com/ shows the power of CSS but the coding is not so great
       Finduilas suggested:
          http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS official site for CSS intended for professionals
          http://www.w3schools.com recommended by a teacher
    WoW some were gaming there during the Before-meeting and a bit during the meeting
    D2X Varda was playing it just before the Before-meeting
    Eve Online Tourney played on live Web TV during the meeting, part of us watching.
Tolkien Discussion:
    Finduilas' topic: Guardians. Guardians are a great topic with senior Tolkien. Who was guarding what, when, where?
    Menelvagor told a story in role-play style of his WoW hunter's collecting a fighting pet.

July 20, 2006
    Certain guild pages are going to be dropped as either not needed anymore, such as the Virus Alerts and perhaps the Web Team page, or combined, such as the Members Page, Full Member Activity, Tolkien-Valar Members, and AIM page. Games pages are also being considered at this time, possibly to be all combined. The new arrangement should make it easier to locate information and to keep it updated for our smaller web team plus help cut down space requirements.

July 17, 2006
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Finished separating the articles for the page of Man. Updated the A-Z menu and Author's pages for each article. Added Author list at the bottom.
        Elves page: corrected some authors' credits so that they go to the author's pages and show just the current name on the article. Added author list and desired articles at the bottom.

July 16, 2006
Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (8):
    ArPharazonV, Arwen-(V), Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, Menelvagor Valar, Olwe-(V)/FallenGlory, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Tolkien site: new article "Denethor's Depression"
    Links: Tolkien fan survey for a book
    WoW Euro: Menevagor is starting another raiding group on Argent Dawn server as Blazing Phoenix.
    WoW Lothar: need a group to help with Dire Maul West and then Scholomance for Auro's Paladin epic mount quest.
    WoW Uldaman: need to do RFC and WC before our guys get too big for those instances.
    Destiny vs Free Will in Middle-earth
    Click the Tolkien heading link to go to the Tolkien discussion part of the Meeting Transcipt. This feature is now available for all Sunday Meeting summaries for July. Enjoy!
    WoW: Techniques to gain Argent Dawn reputation.

July 14, 2006
       Denethor's Depression by Varda-(Valar). Second article under the Denethor II Index.

    WoW Lothar:
       Friday gaming

July 13, 2006
Surveying Middle-earth: blog survey of Tolkien fans for an upcoming book, requesting input. Put up at request of the blog's author.

July 9, 2006
Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (13):
    Members: ArPharazonV, Dior-(V)/MyCantalopeH8tsU, Ecthelion-(V)/suilenroc01, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, LuthienV, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V/Oessala, Scatha-(V)/STEvilaim, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitor: crasyboy45, LaurealasseHelka, Srekal86
Membership News
    Arwen: AIM problems. She should return to Texas in August.
    Finarfin is still with us, looking for fellow Guild War players in Valar.
Web Reports
    Games Page Mass Update
    Encyclopedia: A-Z in progress, now into the Men section additions.
    Stories: "Legolas' No Good Rotten Day" by Siobhan to cheer up Cassia. Even an elf can have a bad day.
    WoW page: new section for Uldaman server Horde players
Gaming Reports
    Guild Wars
    Well of Souls
    World of WarCraft:
          Argent Dawn server: upper levels, lower levels.
          Lothar server: Alliance Friday get-together
          Uldaman server: Horde now has a branch and tabard
    Lord of the Rings Vol. 1 for the Super Nintendo System
Tolkien Discussions:
     What types of messaging can you think of used in Middle-earth?
     Turin's talking sword: odd properties and how it got them..

July 2, 2006
       WoW Uldaman: The Valar Guild is now official and has a tabard on its Horde branch on the Uldaman server!
            Thank you for signing up: Arwen, Elwing, Eonwe, Eowyn, Fundin, Gimli, Meriadoc, Orome, Sauron, and Varda (had the guild charter).
            Thank you, Gimli, for the ten gold for the guild tabard (same as the one on Lothar). Anyone who manages to scrape up gold on Uldaman, please pass one to Gimli, as that was a big hit for our very low level guys.
             We use the usual guild channel for alternates and guild friends. Type /join Valar to enter it.
             Uldaman is especially good for those with poor connections as it is a new server with low lag. It is a way to try out Horde with friends, and so we can have room to try out Blood Elves when they turn up. This also helps those who used up their Lothar account space for Alliance.
Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
    Varda could not attend, although she came nearly four hours late after being out with family and friend for movie and dinner that went off later than intended. Thank you to Eonwe and Ar-Pharazon for the transcripts!
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, and Varda
Attending (10):
    Members: ArPharazonV, Eonwe Valar (presiding), FinduilasV, FladrifV, Haleth V, LuthienV, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V, ThorondorV
    Visitor: Srekal86
   Gwaihir and Gilraen: Yesterday Gwaihir flew to England to be with Gilraen and her family before the wedding. Luthien located the wedding date: August 19!
    Varda, family, Elwing are out together for movie and dinner
    Games Page update in progress
    WoW Lothar report by Eonwe
       End game for the Scourge Invasion. We were in all the last battles so that Lothar reached the 150th win and ran off the Scourge.
    WoW Argent Dawn report by Ar-Pharazon, Finduilas, Menelvagor
       Finduilas is gaming there too
       Menelvagor has returned as Gondoline
    Well of Souls report by Orodreth
    Eve Online  report by Orodreth
    Eonwe-(Valar)'s topic: Last week we talked about the qualities that made one a hero. What about the qualities that make one a villian?

July 1, 2006
       Gwaihir-(Valar) flew to England to be with Gilraen-(V) and her family before the wedding.
June 30, 2006
    WoW Lothar:

        Let's all grab our 60's this evening and take on the Scourge Invasion! This event won't last forever, guys.
        The Azshara area seems to have the least lag problem, but we can do others also.
       We did three of the Scourge Invasion areas: Barrens, Azshara, and Tanaris. The 150'th battle was won and the event has ended. We were part of it!
    Tolkien Art:
       Tim Hildebrandt has passed away, but his work with his brother, Greg, lives forever.

June 26, 2006
        Lord of the Rings Online Beta news.
This letter just went out to those who signed up. Be sure to sign up too!

Dear Fainan,

Thank you for being a part of The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ community! This summer is going to be a very busy one for LOTRO, so we'd like to take a moment to share some of the things that we are working on with you.

We noticed in your Beta application that you are part of a large guild. Don't forget to get other members of your online gaming guild to register. If someone in your guild gets into the Beta Program, it automatically increases your chance of getting in! The top 10 largest guilds will automatically receive up to 100 Beta invites and the remaining top 90 will get up to 20 invites. The best way to encourage guildmates to sign up is to post the LOTRO Beta URL (http://lotro.turbine.com/betasignup) on your guild forum or email it to your guildmates directly.

We'd also like to mention that we've published a new What is LOTRO? feature on our website. We've combed over all of our previous interviews, articles, and dev diaries to compile a definitive summary of what LOTRO is all about. If you're new to the community, you'll most likely find this information very useful.

Development on the game is proceeding rapidly. Beta invites won't be far behind!

Thanks again for being a part of the community, and we hope to see you in Middle-earth sometime soon!

The LOTRO Community Team

June 25, 2006
Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V), Menelvagor-(Valar), and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (8):
    Members: ArPharazonV, Eonwe Valar, FinduilasV, GilraenV, LuthienV, Menelvagor Valar (presiding), VardaValar1
    Visitors: Srekal86
    Ar-Pharazon has a new flatscreen monitor
    Gilraen and Gwaihir: correction: Gwaihir is flying to England to be with Gilraen. The marriage date is set on August 19, 2006.
    Story page: new postings this week with two from Cassia and Siobhan, one from Jay of Lasgalen.
    World of Warcraft:
       General: New patch 1.11 reports and comments
       WoW Euro: Argent Dawn server. Finduilas joined the server as a human paladin, and has a night elf hunter. Fladrif, Valandil, Ar-Pharazon play there. High Guard is a raiding guild, so it won't let in the low new guys, so we are trying to come in through a guild allied to theirs, Twilight Order.
       WoW Americas:
            Lothar server's Friday run:
                Eonwe, Fundin, and Orome went to the Winterspring crystal for Scourge fighting. Very crowded and laggy there, but made it through the Shadow and got the Breastplate of Undead Slaying, allowing Eonwe's Auros to complete his Undead gear.
                Bilbo, Fundin, and Orome went to the Gnomeregan instance after that.
                Eonwe and Merry (60's) went to the Scourge Crystal in Eastern Plaguelands. Checked out the crystal in Tanaris (rare Abomination spawns there). As that became too crowded, the two cleared Scourge around Stormwind and suggest that if you see the Pallid Horror, be sure to slay him! He's tough, but a crystal appears for a short quest. The pair then found a nearly empty crystal in Azshara (now has a flight path with quick access to Ratchet's bank and inn, etc), where they had Horde help now and then. The pair did most of the damage to the crystal, then a group of three Alliance guys showed up and they made a five-man party and finished it off.
        Uldaman server group (no report given), mostly a lot of lowbie playing. Elwing is highest with 33.
    Games Page Update ongoing
    Battle for Middle-earth 2: Menelvagor, Eonwe, Ar-Pharazon
    Eve Online: Menelvagor, Finduilas
    Dungeon Siege: Menelvagor, Finduilas, Ar-Pharazon
    DnD Middle-earth variant: Menelvagor is currently making it. Ar-Pharazon volunteered to join in.
    FinduilasV: Heroes: who is a hero in what sense and why?

June 22, 2006
    "Starlight on Leaves" by Jay of Lasgalen. R. 1 chapter.  "Thranduil, now King, returns home after the war of the Last Alliance and is reunited with his wife."
    "Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon" by Jay of Lasgalen. G. 1 chapter. "Celebrían plans a quiet afternoon alone, but her plans are thwarted. Elfling fluff with Celebrían, Elladan and Elrohir."

June 21, 2006
    The Seventh Stone by Cassia and Siobhan. PG-13. Illustration by Cassia, also in the Cave of Cassia-(TV). 12 chapters. "When Aragorn and Legolas come into the possession of an ancient map that tell where one of the lost Palantiri is hidden they end up in more trouble than they bargained for, as it seems that everyone wants to get their hands on the stone, no matter the cost. But a more sinister force is at work than even the elf and the ranger realize."
    Aragorn, Legolas, Balin, Ori, Gandalf, Gwaihir, Saruman.

June 18, 2006

Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V), Eonwe-(Valar), and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (10):
    Members: Aerandir-(V)/mordacil, ArPharazonV, Eonwe Valar, FanduilasV, GilraenV, LuthienV, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V/Oessala, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitor: crasyboy45 (would like to join)
    Finduilas - passed her test and changed from Tolkien-only to Full Member
    Cassia - learned photomanips for illustrating Tolkien stories and now creates images for a TV station as a job.
    Ar-Pharazon - monitor going out
    Games Page: removing old info as re-making the page with php programming. Took new info at  the AIM meeting, and will take it by email.
    Links page - Silmarillion rp forum
    Humor page - new frames to make it bookmarkable and linkable
    Art - by Turgon and by Cassia
    Stories - "Sickness" by Siobhan with touches by Cassia. An elf learns about human sickness, when Aragorn becomes ill during a visit by Legolas.
    RP board by Finduilas-(V) now up for playing, for any time in Tolkien's books. Valar welcome, as well as other Tolkien fans.
    Eve Online  http://www.eve-online.com/
    Well of Souls
       After-meeting gaming if the meeting doesn't run too late.
       Finduilas times: Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays are the best
       Irregular times: Luthien, Pharazon, Varda.
          Pharazon raids in WoW about 4 evenings a week.
    Ultima Online
       crasyboy45 plays
       Menelvagor has the CD for the first version
    Lord of the Rings Online
    World of WarCraft:
       In general:
          Trolls' complete history
          Quest rewards and new patterns for Argent Dawn and Naxxramas
          Blizzard Update Downloader fixable to prevent crashes and lag, especially on dial-up and older computers.
       WoW Europe: Argent Dawn server. Valandil and Pharazon played
       WoW Americas:
          Lothar server for Alliance - full guild branch
          Uldaman server for Horde, using /join Valar and buddy lists to get together
    Father's Day topic: Who are some of the fathers in the books and what were they like?
After-meeting: (Tolkien and WoS gaming)
    Galadriel's relation to Feanor.
    Luthien: how Tindomeral can mean nightingale.
    Translating "Orelinde" (bits dug out during other conversation for quite a while.)
    Silmarillion: what it is.
    Quenya: what it is.
    WoS (Well of Souls) questions

June 15, 2006
    Gaming: WoW:
       A lag problem that has been crashing slower computers and those with dial-up connections, and lagging others, can be stopped. It is the Blizzard Update Downloader. It downloads bits of upcoming patches to your computer at odd times, and uploads bits of the patch that you have to other computers, making a giant computer out of all of us. This is fine with a powerful broadband computer, but unholy to others. You can disable it:
    Go to your WoW folder (often under Programs)
    Inside the WoW folder is an icon for the Blizzard Update Downloader. Open it. It will check your WoW patch to see if it needs repairs.
    As it does so, an icon will show up on the taskbar at the bottom of your computer. Open that.
    Go to Preferences.
    Under Preferences are two checkboxes checked by default. You may uncheck them until the time you want to download a patch. The first might be left alone, and allows Peer to Peer transfer, meaning patch transfer between players' WoW computers. The other you need to uncheck for sure allows the transfer at odd times.

June 14, 2006
    Gaming: WoW Uldaman server:
A number of us wanted to try out Horde characters and play together, but not abandon our main Alliance characters on Lothar. With Eonwe's agreement, we are using Uldaman server and typing /join Valar to make a buddy channel to contact each other.
        Uldaman is a New server and had a Low population when we first entered, although it is already increasing. It is handy when Lothar becomes unbearably laggy.
        We are mostly using versions of our guild names, some with interesting Sindarin research by Eowyn and some in a lighter version, such as Elwing's using the English version of Elwing "Star Spray" if said with her character's tusks as "Thtarthpray".
        Anyone else in the guild  interested in trying out Horde is welcome to pop in. We could start a casual Valar Guild there if desired, or just stick to the current set-up. We already noticed that having a guild makes it much easier to keep track of names! Eonwe, our WoW branch leader, will not be handling it.
        This could also be a way to try out Blood Elves once that comes available, for those of us who have used up our ten Lothar slots. Being in other guilds is perfectly acceptable, but please don't forget about using the Valar channel for contact with your old buddies too. :)

June 13, 2006:
       Cave of Cassia-(TV): "Sickness"
       Cave of Turgon-(V): New art: "Ancalagon the Black", "Dol Guldur".
       Sickness by Siobhan with tiny touches of Cassia. G. Illustration and poem by Cassia. One chapter. "Aragorn gets sick and Legolas, coming from a race that does not know illness, tries to understand what that must be like."
Silmarillion - forum dedicated to this Silmarillion rp. The "Valar Guild" section is not us, but still interesting. Link found by Eonwe-(Valar). This link is filed on our Links page under Tolkien/Online Gaming.
       Humor menus are all now up and operating, allowing separate links or bookmarks for the humor pages straight to the menu, linked directly into the Encyclopedia.

June 12, 2006
      Excerpt from a letter by Siobhan-(TV) concerning Cassia-(TV):
        Isn't photomanip hard!  I leave that all to Cassia, she is the expert in that area.  She's even been taking classes to get better at it and now has a paying job creating images for a tv station!  I thought that was really cool. Who knew you could actually get a job doing something like that that you enjoyed.

June 11, 2006
    Welcome to Valar Guild Full Membership, Finduilas-(V)! Finduilas-(TV) has passed not only the Tolkien-only membership requirement, but now the Full Membership requirements. She has bragging rights for a 5/5 test with Eonwe and Varda on AIM. She's played Diablo 2 and Runescape. She currently plays Well of Souls with us and plays Eve Online. She plans on Lord of the Rings Online. She's from Scotland with a time zone of GMT-5 or MEZ (Mittel Europaeiische Zeit). A favorite character of hers is Legolas for crossing racial boundaries for close friendships, and not just with dwarves although that had the highest hurdle.

Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (13):
    Members: ArPharazonV, ArwenV1 (invisible except exiting), Elros-(V)/ LouieKisKowsKi, Eonwe Valar, Finduilas-(V)(was Finduilas-TV)/BhonTuath, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL,  Mablung-(V)/DemonicHorde69,  Menelvagor Valar, Scatha-(V)/STEvilaim, Orodreth V, Thranduil-(V)/Gamatzgamatz, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitor: Amarie-V-ex/mecoons
    Orome-(Valar) in Brasil for nine days.
    Barahir-(V) did very well on his exams, wrote it up in tabloid form.
    Menelvagor-(Valar) possibly moving
    Finduilas-(TV) became Finduilas-(V) during the Tolkien part of the meeting.
    Webworking computer now with new hardwire and location, operational again.
        "Errand of Fate",
        "Black Breath", by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV)
        "The Last to Dance", by Merewen-(TV)
        "An End", by Merewen-(TV)
       "Manwe's Hall", by Turgon-(TV)
       "Earendil's Ship", by Turgon-(TV)
       "Black Breath", illustration by Cassia-(TV)
    Personal Page:
       Elros-(V) non-Tolkien or gaming
    Eve Online:
       Players at the meeting: Finduilas-(V)
    Well of Souls (also in the After-meeting)
       World: Aerianell
       Private guild chat channel type /im 4892
       Valar Private Server: available whenever Orodreth-(V)'s computer is online. Regular guild password.
       Some Valar Guild player names: Calion, Elbereth, Fainan, Finduilas, Orodreth, Tindomeral.
       Player: Scatha-(V). Limited to dial-up and laptop.
    Frozen Throne
       Player: Thranduil-(V). Quitting WoW since it was consuming all his time.
    Lord of the Rings Online
       Thranduil-(V) signed up for the beta.
       LotRO Forum:
            Valar Guild thread found by typing it into the Search or http://lotro.turbine.com/forums/showthread. php?t=657&highlight=Valar+Guild
            LotRO Forum allows images for avatars but not sigs (signatures at the end of the post). Sigs are usually made with <img src=""> and type the URL between the quote marks.
       Blizzard Background Downloader causing lag and/or crashes. Under Preferences, disable background patch piece loading.
       Talent calculators on the WoW site now improved for Internet Explorer.
       WoW Europe report by Ar-Pharazon-(V)
       WoW Lothar report by Eonwe-(Valar)
          New Horde server for guild: Uldaman. Type /join Valar and add members to buddy list. Mainly for when Lothar is laggy/down or to try out Horde.
    Crysis: report by Scatha-(V)
        By Crytek. Sequel to Farcry, looks good. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=102498
    Battlenet: report by Orodreth-(V)
        Our bot (done by Orodreth-V) in the Valar channel is down until further notice as it is having peculiar problems.
Tolkien Chat:
    Faramir's ways of interrogation
    Movie oddities

June 9, 2006
       An End by Merewen-(TV).  Frodo on Mt. Orodruin.
      Black Breath by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV). PG-13 for violence and tense situations. "When tragedy strikes, the last thing Legolas wants to do is leave Rivendell and his friends... but when he does, what will he encounter? And will Aragorn be able to save him from it before the elf prince loses more than just his life?" 11 chapters.
       Cave of Cassia-(TV):
"Black Breath" illustration for Siobhan-(TV) and her story of the same name.
       Cave of Turgon-(V): New art: "Manwe's Halls", "Earendil's Ship".

June 7, 2006
wrote up an amusing tabloid piece to describe his recent accomplishments that he would like to share with you all. See it here!
       The main webworking computer is back online. Huzzah! Updates to the news have been added retroactively for June.

June 6, 2006
        Welcome to the Valar Guild's Tolkien-onlies, Merewen-(TV)! She joined us with the poem below, which she says is being published for the first time. She's from the USA.
    Tolkien site:
          The Last to Dance
by Merewen-(TV). Eowyn is given hope by Aragorn that she will not be "the last to dance".
          Errand of Fate by Finduilas-(TV). One chapter. Isildur orders his squire, Ohtar, to take the shards of Narsil to Rivendell. Fortunately young Ohtar has help. Tolkien characters used are Elrond, Isildur, and Ohtar.

June 4, 2006
        Welcome to the Valar Guild's Tolkien-onlies, Finduilas-(TV)! She's playing the elven Finduilas, not the human mother of Boromir and Faramir. She joined us not only with this humor piece, but a story that should be online this week. She has played some Diablo 2 and Runescape. She also gamed with us a little today in Well of Souls, and hopes to join us in LotRO when it comes out. She hopes to take her Full Member test next meeting, time permitting. She's from Scotland. The time zone is GMT-5 or MEZ (Mittel Europaeiische Zeit). She's very much into the Darkover novels as you can see from her forum, "Under the Red Sun". Of Tolkien's books, she's read H, LotR, Sil, UT, and Farmer Giles of Ham.
is in Natal, Brazil for nine days, for work. That puts him in the same country as artist Dwalin-(TV)! See his Forum post.
    Tolkien Trivia Contest:
         Results posted on the Forum June 4 with all twenty questions and answers. If you didn't get to participate this time, don't worry, as we will have more. Here are the results quoted from Eonwe-(Valar):
Now that the trivia has ended, here are the winners:
First Place: Varda
Second Place: Oromë
Third Place: Arwen
First Place: Finrod
Second Place: Menelvagor
First Place: Varda
Second Place: Oromë
Third Place: Finrod
I did give partial credit for answers that had some parts correct, which made for some interesting math. Winners in the WoW Lothar branch may claim their prizes at their earliest convenience. Winners outside the WoW Lothar branch may begin bragging at their earliest convenience :}
    Tolkien site:
       Middle-earth Vacation Spots:
new place "Belfalas" text by Finduilas-(TV).

Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by ArPharazon and Varda
Attending: (12):
    ArPharazonV, AuSteinM-(TV)/AuSteinM, Eonwe Valar (presided over Tolkien), Finduilas-(TV)/BhonTuath, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Haleth V, Luthien-(V), Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V/Oessala, Ugluk of Old, VardaValar1 (presided over Business)
    Finduilas-(TV) joined as a Tolkien-only member with her poem and story, came to the meeting today as Bhon Tuath, and joined us in the game "Well of Souls". She plans to join as a Full Member after re-reading the books a bit more.
    Menelvagor-(Valar) taught his first and second classes.
    Humor: "Belfalas" by Finduilas-(TV) under "Middle-earth Vacations"
    Art: Luthien has the sketch completed for the burning of the Teleri ships, but another painting has priority before she can really concentrate on this one.
    Webwork computer not currently hooked to the main router, should be this week. Sneaker.net (carrying a floppy disk) now in effect. Wishing for USB ports on all computers, but not currently the case.
          Scourge Invasion next patch: let's get together as a guild group on it.
    Well of Souls:
       World: Aerienell (see After-meeting for details on 5-man guild group get-together)
    Eve Online:
       Orodreth plays
    Tolkien Trivia Contest results. Some answers and then the rest of the answers were posted to the Forum.
    Well of Souls: One group downloaded and played Well of Souls in World Aenienell together (1st name is primary, second is game name): (Orodreth/Orodreth, Pharazon/Calion, Luthien/Tindomerel, FinduilasTV/Finduilas, Varda/Fainan). For group's chat, on the main chat bar we typed /im 4892 as a random number. Orodreth is considering details on setting up an actual guild branch here.
    WoW Lothar: Another group went to WoW Stratholme (including Eonwe/Auros, Merry/Merryv, Bilbo/Valtocolindo).

June 2, 2006 
is back and playing DAoC again. See his post on the Valar Guild Forum.
    Tolkien-inspired Poetry:
       New poem: "
Queen Berúthiel" by Alasse Merenrel-(TV).
May 29, 2006
Memorial Day

May 28, 2006
Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon, and Varda  
Attending (7): (low number due to Memorial Day weekend)
    Members: ArPharazonV (presiding over Tolkien), Arwen V1, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Olwe-(V)/FallenGlory, VardaValar1 (presiding over business)
    Visitor: BhonTuath
    Fundin-(V) is now a Full Member! He's been a Member of Honor sponsored by Orome-(Valar)
    Gil-galad-(V) no longer has the WoW-capable computer or account available. Ereinion will be missed in Lothar, but we hope he will be able to return.
    Valandil-(V) still plays a little WoW in Europe
    BhonTuath, visiting today, is interested in joining the Valar Guild, and has sent in material for the Tolkien site. Computer problems on Varda's end prevented it from being up yet. She is also interested in gaming in LotRO and signed up for the beta.
    Menelvagor emailed that he will be at a friend's house during this meeting.
Web Report
        Cave of Elwing-(V): "Halbarad"
        Cave of Turgon-(V): "Faramir", "Minas Tirith", "Silmaril"
Gaming Report
       Lothar branch: aided enchanting member to reach the artisan in Uldaman, then went to Lower Black Rock Spires.
    Hobbits: How do hobbits differ from other races in Middle-earth?
       Cousins: page explaining how cousins are related, found by Arwen-(V) for the Hobbit discussion.

May 25, 2006
    Glittering Caves of Aglarond:
       New art: "Halbarad" in the Cave of Elwing-(V). This picture is the current header picture when entering the Valar Guild site.
       New art: "Faramir", "Minas Tirith", "Silmaril" (silmari.jpg) in the Cave of Turgon-(V). The Cave is now separated into more rooms (tables).

May 22, 2006
Greetings one and all!

I am announcing a Trivia contest available to all Members of the Valar Guild,
with special rewards for those with a character in the official Guild branch on Lothar!

The winners of this trivia will be able to choose which of the characters he
or she has in the Valar Guild Lothar branch will receive the prize. Prizes
will be awarded from the Guild Bank and will be as appropriate for the
character as possible.

Rewards to choose from may include:
An Item
Materials for your profession
Profession patterns

In addition, I will offer my services as either a Blacksmith or an Alchemist
to the first place winner to make any 1 item I am capable of making.

Any member of the Valar Guild may send in answers to the Tolkien trivia;
however, only those with a character in the Guild branch will be able to
collect a prize as described above. I will keep track of those who do and
record winners of that group for bragging rights :} Members of any honor may
participate in this test of Tolkien knowledge for the chance to win prizes.

All answers must of course be off the top of your head, as this is a test of

The due date for all submissions is Two Weeks from today (Sunday May 21st),
so June 4th, 2006. All submissions must be received by e-mail to me.

Take care.
Eonwë  (erase NOSPAM to send your email)

(Note from Varda: Feel free to send in goodies that you think could make nice prizes to Kalasul by WoW mail, but don't send in something that would have upgraded you.)

May 21, 2006
Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon, and Varda  
Attending (12):
    Members: ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Eonwe Valar, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Menelvagor Valar, Olwe-(V)/FallenGlory, Orodreth V/Oessala, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitor: Srekal86
Membership Report:
    Tuor-(V): New Full Member
    Gilraen-(V): Birthday!
    Eonwe-(Valar): Birthday!
    Fangorn-(Valar): Birthday coming up on May 25.
Web Report: report by Varda
    Art Page:
       Arwen-(V) speeded up the very slow Cave of Turgon-(V) with thumbnails and cropping.
       New art: Cave of Cassia-(TV): "Black Breath"
       New art: Must see! Cave of Elatan-(Valar): photos of the longbows that he made in use, photo of the mosaic he and his brother made of a Tolkien-style tree on the side of his brother's house.
Gaming Reports:
    WoW Lothar: report by Eonwe
       Dire Maul West
       Trivia game on Forum for bank loot on Lothar server starting now and running for two weeks. No book look-ups. Non-Lothar people can answer too, but can win Bragging Rights and recognition on the pages.
    WoW Europe: report by Ar-Pharazon
    Guild Wars: Tuor-(V) is looking for Valar Full Members to help start a branch. Joined by Ar-Pharazon-(Valar), perhaps Fladrif-(V) who is considering getting the game.
    LotRO: appears to have the same problem for us as WoW did, not letting us game with half our members.
Tolkien Chat:
    Favorite places in Middle-earth and favorite events
    Tolkien kept going a little after an afk break
    WoW Lothar Dire Maul West with 5 Full Members after the meeting, organized partly at the meeting and partly on WoW with double presence: Eonwe, Eowyn, Merry, Sauron, Turin. Turin had to go and Gelmir stepped into his place. Other members were gaming in Lothar at the same time.

May 18, 2006
    Art news:
Cave of Cassia-(TV): "Black Breath". Illustration for the linked story of the same name by Cassia and Siobhan.

May 17, 2006
    Art news:
Cave of Elatan-(Valar) - New photos from Elatan-(Valar) of the bows, which he made, in use. He also has a new photo of the mosaic of a tree done by his brother and himself on the side of Elatan's brother's house.
    The Valar Guild site is now framed. The framed version can be reached from the opening page at http://valarguild.org by clicking the Valar Guild logo, or by going to the main index and clicking "Framed Valar Guild Site". To escape the frames, go to the top of the menu and click "No frames".

May 15, 2006
    Art news:
Arwen-(V) redid the Cave of Turgon-(V) so that it now uploads much faster. Thank you, Arwen!

May 14, 2006
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Tuor-(V)!
Tuor joined during today's After-meeting, in a test with Eonwe, Menelvagor, and Varda. He is a 20-year old college student from California in the USA, PST. Contact him on AIM as Tuor Dramborleg or by email: xtuorx(AT)gmail.com . He plays Guild Wars as Tuor Dramborleg and as Mordeth Strongbow. He intends to enter LotRO in the Valar Guild. He is an addicted mudder, playing the LP MUD known as The Two Towers. URL's for that are : http://www.t2tmud.org/ and .He's read The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Book of Lost Tales I & II, The Silmarillion, and the Tolkien Reader. A favorite character of his from LotR is Gimli:
I have always felt pulled towards dwarves. Their steadfast resilence and conservative attitudes, and their bravery and courage in battle. His everlasting support for the fellowship and Merry and Pippin in general always struck me fantastic. His openess to new things, something most dwarves lack. This can be seen in his strong friendship with Legolas and their travels after the war of the ring. And of course, at Helm's Deep. There little contest and the fact they always seemed to be watching out for one another. A true elf-friend. After being down trodden upon losing the two hobbits, Merry and Pippin, his eagerness to go after them and not abandon them to the shadow."
Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon, Menelvagor, and Varda  
Attending (17):
    Members: ArPharazonV (presiding over Tolkien), Bombur-(V)/MrMonkey2002Blah, Elladan-(V)/Bior the Ythling, Eonwe Valar, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, FladrifV, Gilraen/Star of Phaet, GwaihirValar, Huan-(Valar)/LiberalHound, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V, Scatha-(V)/STEvilaim, Tuor-(V)/Tuor Dramborleg, Ugluk of Old, VardaValar1 (presiding over Business)
    Visitor: Herumor-(V)-ex/Nemoeverlonely, Srekal86
Membership News:
    New Full Member: Tuor-(V) joins during the After-meeting
    Menelvagor: report from London
    Ar-Pharazon: dance
Webwork Reports:
    Art: New "Elleth Muse" by Elwing-(V)
    WoW Members page for Europe, by Menelvagor, now up here, click Europe Members.
Gaming Reports:
       New Alliance class: Draenei
       Europe report by Ar-Pharazon
       Lothar report by Eonwe
    Lord of the Rings Online beta sign-up now going. Be sure to include Valar Guild on your application. Please use some version of your guild name so we can tell who you are. Drop in on the thread there for the Valar Guild (go to Search, type Valar Guild), say hi, and let us know your name for our buddy list.
    Guild Wars
       (Gaming section)Ar-Pharazon plays, Fladrif considering getting it
       (After-meeting). Tuor plays. Character names for Tuor and Phar.
    Battle for Middle-earth 2 Tom Bombadil confirmed!
Tolkien Chat
    Who here knows why Tuor was important in the books?

May 11, 2006
    New art:
Cave of Elwing-(V) "Elleth Muse"

May 10, 2006
    Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO, aka MeO) is now taking Beta sign-ups! Be sure to write in Valar Guild as your guild name, using our domain name for the website at http://valarguild.org  They seem to give preference to guilded folk. For sign-up and more info including prizes:
    Happy Birthday to Barahir-(V)! He turned 15 today.

May 8, 2006
    WoW: Children's Week quest starts this week on Tuesday.
Escort a Stormwind war orphan around, show him/her a good time, such as buying ice cream. This quest is supposed to run one week out of a year. It has high reputation for Stormwind, 50 rep for just one of the quests, and the amount increases!

May 7, 2006
Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda  
Attending (13)
    Members: ArPharazonV, Elladan-(V)/Bior the Ythling, Eonwe Valar, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, GwaihirValar, Malbeth-(V)/Basketballmatt2, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V/Oessala, Ugluk of Old, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitors: Amarie-(V)-ex/staind32185/mecoons, Srekal86
    Guild Wars game
    Battle for Middle-earth 2 game
    New Full Member Malbeth-(V). His "few words".
    Menelvagor leaves tomorrow for London, should be back Friday.
    Ar-Pharazon's birthday was yesterday, so he is now 21.
    Page for WoW Europe
    Art: Cave of Turgon-(V), Cave of Cassia-(TV)
    Stories: by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV)
    Articles: Working on Mankind page still, then will be working on the A-Z menu for the whole Encyc.
        WoW Lothar
        WoW Europe
        WoW Children's Week quest
    Eve Online: free invitations offered by Orodreth-(V). Email or AIM message him or in-game.
    Animal lords. Topic by Eonwe.
    Knights of Dol Amroth, what is their relationship to Elves? Topic by Menelvagor
    Babylon 5, LotR in space? More during after-meeting
    LotR movie errors
After-meeting declared but Tolkien continued:
    LotR videos
    More on LotR movie errors
    Was the Stone of Elostirion taken to the West with the Ringbearers? Topic by Ar-Pharazon  

May 5, 2006
New story: Vilya by Cassia and Siobhan. PG-13. 10 chapters. This story comes after "Mistaken Identity" in the Mellon Chronicles series.
    New art: Cave of Cassia-(TV) : "Vilya", illustration for the above story.

May 3, 2006
    Art: The Bohemian Weasel
site owner and artist, Soni Alcorn-Hender, who sells her work, has most graciously offered our Encyclopedia the use of her Tolkien artwork. Since she sells these pictures and prints of them, and pays for her own bandwidth, she does not normally allow direct linking into her site (see her FAQ), as she is doing for us. We thank her. Of our site, she said, "You have a great site, vast and comprehensive, well done!" Everyone who has contributed to our site, stand up and take a bow!
    Articles: Mankind section still under re-work, not yet visible from the main subject page. Boromir and Eomer articles were separated out today. New Author page for Eomer-(V). New pictures in numerous articles added thanks to Bohemian Weasel, not yet completed. Numerous king indices have been created and related articles separated out since the last mentioned articles update.

May 2, 2006
    New story: "Mistaken Identity"
by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV), next part of the Mellon Chronicles series. PG-13.
    New art:  Cave of Cassia-(TV), "Mistaken Identity", illustration for the above story.

May 1, 2006
    New art: Cave of Turgon-(V) "Ringil", Fingolfin's sword.
April 30, 2006
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Malbeth-(V)!
Malbeth attended today's meeting and was active in the Tolkien chat. He tested with Eonwe and Varda. He is from Texas, USA; CST. His AIM is Basketballmatt2 . Please use AIM to contact him as he will not be giving out his email for the web page.

Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon, Menelvagor, and Varda 
Attending (11)
    Members: ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Eonwe Valar, FladrifV, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Menelvagor Valar (presided over Tolkien), Orodreth V/Oessala, Ugluk of Old, VardaValar1 (presided over Business)
    Visitors: LaurealasseHelka, Malbeth-(V)/Basketballmatt2 (joined during the meeting)
    New Full Member: Malbeth the Seer-(V) (After-meeting)
    Menelvagor will miss the next meeting, in London for a week, would like to meet up with any Valar members in the area. More details on the Meeting Transcript.
    Ar-Pharazon's birthday is next Saturday, and he'll be 21.
    New art this week: Cave of Turgon-(V): "The Silmaril of Maedhros", "A Silmaril".
    New stories this week: Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV): "Return"
    The Hobbit: review by Eonwe
    Empire Earth: review by Ar-Pharazon
    Age of Empires, Age of Wonders
    Eve Online: 14-day free trial offered by Orodreth-(V), email him. [After-meeting]
    WoW Europe
       Fladrif is back with his newly located gamecard
       Menelvagor still has no WoW
Tolkien (Menelvagor presiding while Eonwe and Varda were in an entry test)
    JRR Tolkien's life
    What were the Rangers doing while the High Kings were Chieftains?
    Gilraen, where did she go when she left Rivendell?
    Article requests: Dis/Female dwarves; Gilraen

April 28, 2006
    Friday WoW Lothar get-togethers. Scarlet Monastery: a guild group went all the way through this morning. Main time 6pm EST: guild group went to Zul Farrak and killed Gahz'rilla, with a few side quests on the way. Greater detail is in the Forum report. Next Friday: Stratholme in the Eastern Plaguelands.
New art: Cave of Turgon-(V) "A Silmaril" colored, ivy-wrapped.

April 25, 2006
    Tolkien Site: Stories:
by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV). Part of their Mellon Chronicles series. Formatting completed, online. Illustration by Cassia-(TV), also in her Cave in the art section by the same name.
      PG-13, 12 chapters.
         "Sequel to Exile. Legolas and Aragorn venture into the Mines of Moria to help Balin, only to get more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, Mirkwood is falling into darkness. Her only hope ends up resting in the hands of the two people she has scorned, and Legolas & Aragorn will risk more than their lives to save her."
        "Part of this story is slightly un-canon because we place the events of the dwarves’ attempted return to Moria some years prior to when I think it would actually have happened if one tries to follow a strict Tolkien time-line. For the sake of the story it could not be helped. Please consider this a use of artistic license and do not feel inclined to roast, boil or squash us into jelly over this inaccuracy. :o) Thanks!"
        Aragorn, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Legolas, Thranduil

April 24, 2006
    Tolkien Site:
          Cave of Turgon-(V): New art: "The Silmaril of Maedhros" under Objects.

April 23, 2006
Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
    QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda 
Attending (14)
    Members: ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Bombur-(V)/MrMonkey2002Blah, Eonwe Valar, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, FladrifV, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, GwaihirValar, HalethV/Druidfalconwolf, Menelvagor Valar, Olwe-(V)/FallenGlory, VardaValar1
    Guests: LaurealasseHelka, Srekal86
Webwork Reports
Gaming Reports
    Haleth's topic: Would it have been for the better if Faramir hadn't followed his father's orders?
    Did the raiders bring any sieging equipment?
    rp group meeting
    More Tolkien: Pharazon located a quote he was looking for during an earlier discussion about another union of men and elf, during the saga of Turin

April 16, 2006
    Happy Easter!
Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace (worked this time)
    See QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, and Varda
Attending (12)
    ArPharazonV, ArwenV1, Eonwe Valar, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, GwaihirValar, Haleth V, FarmerMaggot-(V)/thesirg3, OrodrethV/Oessala, VardaValar1
Membership - greetings
    Encyc, programming, search script
    LotRO - report by Eonwe
    New open source game - report by Fladrif. The game is at http://www.nexuiz.com/
    WoW - reports by Eonwe, Varda, Ar-Pharazon. Congrats to Orome for reaching 60 with Orognome!
    Rayman 2 - report by Ar-Pharazon
    Supertux - mention by Fladrif
    The Hero's Reward. Lively discussion with Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Finrod, and Varda participating. See the Meeting Transcript under "Tolkien", as always.

April 10, 2006
    WoW Lothar:
Congrats to warlock Sauronv who has been level 60 for over a week now. This is his 3rd level 60.

April 9, 2006
Sunday Meeting 5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace (worked this time)
    See QuickAIM for a list of member's AIM names
Meeting Transcript  by Ar-Pharazon, Varda
Attending: (9)
    ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Eonwe Valar, Finrod-(V)/TH0R0NGIL, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, FarmerMaggot-(V)/thesirg3, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V/Oessala, VardaValar1
    Fladrif on MSN trying to communicate through Ar-Pharazon.
    Fladrif is having problems with his wireless network and couldn't enter AIM. Was on MSN communicating with Ar-Pharazon, sent greetings through him. Fladrif is still in Sweden, probably a few more months.
    Valandil is unable to make it to meetings due to the time zone and his schedule, says hi. 
Web News:
    Blue Goof: Arwen-(V)'s personal page with her copyrighted art and poetry
    WoW Lothar Player's page updated.
    Tolkien site:
       Article: World of Tolkien by Menelvagor-(Valar). The author is present in the chat and tells us about his article
       Story: Exile by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV) 9 chapters, illustration by Cassia, also in her art Cave.
       Art: New Cave: Cave of TJ-(TV) . Cassia's Cave has her illustration for the "Exile" story.
    Wiki talk
Gaming News:
    D2:LoD: Finrod-(V) is looking for fellow players.
    DoD: Source
    Age of Wonders: Finrod-V is looking for fellow players
    Rayman 2
    WC2 Expansion
       Europe: report by Ar-Pharazon.
       Lothar: report by Eonwe. Successful Dire Maul East 5-man on the Friday get-together, going through the entire area.
       Gilraen's Raenna crashes trying to enter Lothar, but can go with Gwaihir to Ysera pvp server without that problem.
Tolkien Chat:
    Fear: used to keep the evil side operating, fought against to keep the good side operating.
    Tom and Goldberry's nature and relationship. Might Goldberry have been Tom's daughter?
    How old is Legolas? Not said, so go by inference. Research not completed at this meeting.
    Requested topic for next time, by Finrod-(V): Legolas' age. This will take research, people, so we have been given fair warning. :) It will also be a possible range, not exact. Try to figure out the oldest and youngest possible dates, then see if it can be narrowed down.
Two good articles concerning the age question are mentioned:
Legolas of Mirkwood: Prince Among Equals (see section "What is His Age")
Speaking of Legolas (age discussion starts on the second page)
Yes, there are some questionable "facts" in some parts, but these two articles give an excellent start to researching age.

April 8, 2006
by Cassia and Siobhan. Formatting completed.
    PG-13, 9 chapters.
    "When Aragorn is accused of murder, he and Legolas risk everything, including their lives, to discover the truth. But just how much will justice end up costing?"
    Aragorn, Legolas, Thranduil

April 7, 2006
    WoW Lothar Friday get-together group had a successful 5-man on Dire Maul East, picking up the Crescent Key for those who didn't have it yet, and taking on every boss. Auros (Eonwe), Beline (long-time guild-friend Dracxil, Auros' brother), Billboh, and Sauronv for the whole run. Ereinion Gil-galad was disconnected and unable to return, but Orognome (Orome) took Ereinion's vacated place.

April 4, 2006
    Blue Goof -
Arwen-(V)'s personal page is now in our members' pages links. Here's a look at her copyrighted poetry and art.
    World of Tolkien
- Menelvagor-(Valar)'s paper on Tolkien

April 2, 2006
    EST is now EDT!
    New Cave in the art page, Glittering Caves of Aglarond: Cave of TJ-(TV).
His LotR map and an archetype table-top game are here. TJ is asking for a programmer from the Valar to help him with a simple LotR game for the PC. His native language is French, but he can email in English.

Sunday Meeting  5pm EDT (GMT-5), GMT 22:00 April 2, 2006
    AIM room: Valar Guild Meetingplace2. Valar Guild Meetingplace refused to come up.
    See QuickAIM for a list of fellow Member's names. Page by Arathorn (programmer for all the cool features, updated for quite a while) and Varda (original and current) lists member AIM names for both Full and Tolkien-only. Please email updates to Varda if yours is not there.
Meeting Transcript  by Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Varda
Attending: (12)
    Members: ArPharazonV, ArwenV1,
Bombur/MrMonkey2002Blah, Eonwe Valar, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)/StarofPhaet, Gwaihir-Valar, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V/Oessala, VardaValar1
    Guest: Srekal86
    Finrod-(V) is our new member this week (He said he never saw us enter AIM this day. Also the regular meeting room would not come up for anyone.)
    Bombur-(V) rejoined
    Valandil-(V)'s birthday is today!
Web News: 
    QuickAIM. Arathorn requested that Varda take this page back for updating, as he no longer plans to do it. He no longer comes to meetings.
Gaming News: 
What does Tolkien consider a Hero? Who were some of them? Can there be different kinds? Should he have added other types as well?
    Link to some Tolkien articles by Hargrove (we also had this on the Links page): http://www.phil.unt.edu/~hargrove/  Mention was made because of the dragon article.
Tolkien Wiki discussion, with later updates from during the week:
    Here are some current ones:
    Arwen quickly put up the Wiki program on her personal site, but later decided independently that it would not work for our Encyclopedia because we do copyrights.
    Varda put up the Wiki program with much patient coaching from Srekal. Varda, Eonwe, and some others feel that it would be more interference than help. A lot of our permissions are allowed because the work will not be modified in any way that the author/artist/programmer/etc disapproves.
    Eonwe is working on a php coding that might cover the problems we have that would have been covered by a Wiki, while Varda continues to separate the Encyc into indices we can use for a Search engine and other programming uses.

March 31, 2006
    WoW Lothar Friday get-together:
       This week's instance questing took Merry, Varda, Sauron, Eonwe, and Draxcil into Razorfen Kraul, and then Merry, Varda, Draxcil and Eonwe into Razorfen Downs.

March 30, 2006
    Welcome back to Bombur-(V),
who rejoined the Valar Guild as a Full Member. He tested 4/5 with Varda on AIM. Bombur is 17, in his third year of high school in Florida, EST. He has a new email: Ben.Gowar(AT)gmail.com. His usual AIM name is MrMonkey2002Blah, but he also came on today as Bomburv. He plays WoW on Shadowmoon pvp server. He plays some TFT and sometimes BW. He has Ventrilo and jumped right into our Ventrilo with no problem. He's read the H, LotR, and started into the Sil. His favorite LotR character is Gimli, "due to his brashness and unconditional loyalty to the forces of good and whatever he thought was right".

March 28, 2006
New story: Never Alone by Cassia with tiny touches by Siobhan.
    PG-13, three chapters.
    "When 13-year-old Estel is injured, the twins and Elrond remember some other difficult times in their own respective youths and a special gift is given across generations, reminding us that none of us are ever truly alone."
    Aragorn, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Elros, Elwing, Maedrhos, Maglor
    New story: You Make Me Home by Siobhan-(TV) with touches by Cassia-(TV).
    G, one chapter.
    "Vignette. A young Aragorn is injured while out with the rangers. With the more seriously wounded demanding all the immediate attention, Elladan and Elrohir make sure their little brother is not forgotten."
    New art:
Cave of Cassia-(TV)  "Father's Love", "Never Alone", "You Make Me Home".

March 27, 2006
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Finrod-(V)!
Finrod is an officer at Ft. Benning in Georgia, from Kentucky, in EST. He plays Age of Wonders, D2:LoD, and BW. He is in the SCA, enjoys using the rapier. He's joined the Forum. He's read the H, LotR, Sil, UT, and part of BoLT 2.  He tested 5/5 with Varda on AIM. His favorite character in LotR is Imrahil of Dol Amroth, in his castle by the sea. Imrahil was observant, as when he was the only one who realized Eowyn was not dead. He was a good warrior of fine lineage to be lord of such a strong, major outpost.
    New Link:
       Lord of the Rings on tbs:
            Videos: made from clips of Lord of the Rings. Warning on one, but the rest are general audience.
             Webmaster resources with a small number of fine quality photos from the movies.

March 26, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST (GMT-5), GMT 23:00
Meetings are held on AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
QuickAIM page by Arathorn and Varda lists member AIM names for Full and Tolkien-only. Please email updates to Varda if yours is not there.
Meeting Transcript  by Ar-Pharazon, Menelvagor, and Varda
Attending (12)
    Members: ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Ecthelion-(V)/
suilenroc01, Eonwe Valar, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Glorfindel VG, Farmer Maggot-(V)/thesirg3, Orodreth V, VardaValar1
    Guest: Srekal86
    Gazarok-TV: new Tolkien-only member.
    Orodreth-(V) now starting Spring Break
    Daylight Savings Time coming to EST April 2
    Sweep completed
       Turgon-(V), Cassia-(TV)
       by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV)
          "Change of Heart, Change of Mind"
       by Eonwe-(Valar):
       by Gazarok-(TV):
    Gaming pages: WoW Lothar Players
    Forum: LotRO RP
       Lothar: Gulma (Ulmo's dwarven hunter) reached 60!
       Argent Dawn (Europe)
    LotRO: new calendar
    Mortality (Ar-Pharazon-V in Before-meeting)
    "Heimskringla" (Fladrif-V has been reading this source material for Tolkien and is taking the chance to see the only surviving page left.)
    Death as the gift of Eru to Mankind. (Eonwe-(Valar))
    Immortality: Natural state of Arda?
    Fea: Decider of mortality?
    Effects of Tolkien's literature (Menelvagor's topic):
        On literature
        On gaming
        Themes in Tolkien's works affecting current thoughts:
          (Tolkienesque phrases)
          Inter-cultural, inter-racial
          Stealth (not theme, but tool) (guerrilla fighting, sneaking, diplomacy)
          List of more themes to consider:
                A Higher Power
                Angelic Powers
                Evil and Good's natures
               What gave actual pleasure
    Name for a ship, Wolf class. Suggestions were Draug and Carcharoth.

March 24, 2006
    Welcome to the Valar Guild's Tolkien-onlies, Gazarok-(TV)!
Gazarok lives in Australia, although he comes from New Zealand. He says New Zealand is beautiful but the temperature is cold. Gazarok has read the H, LotR, and part of BoLT 2. As with most of us, he's seen the movies. He collects WarHammer and LotR table-top gaming miniatures, and goes by his dwarf name of Gazarok. Thanks to the LotR game, he wanted to look more deeply into the literature and is kindly sharing his interest with us. He downloaded AIM and is now known as Gazarok. He joined with his article on Gimli last night after an exchange of emails, and the article is published today. He has another article in the works already!
    New article: Gimli
by Gazarok-(TV)  
    New story: Homecoming by Eonwe-(Valar) . Short story: a Dwarf goes home.
    New article: Mumakil by Gazarok-(TV)

March 23, 2006
    New art: 
Cave of Turgon-(V): "Makar"

March 22, 2006
    Change of Heart, Change of Mind
by Cassia and Siobhan, Mellon Chronicles Series. PG-13. 4 chapters. Illustrated by Cassia and added to her Cave.
    "Aragorn and Legolas are beginning to become friends, but not everyone in Mirkwood looks kindly on this, or upon they young human ranger. When Legolas' life is threatened, Aragorn is the one person available who knows how to save him, but will the others listen to him before it is too late? "
    Aragorn, Elladan, Elrohir, Legolas, Thranduil.
     Cave of Cassia-(TV): "Change of Heart, Change of Mind", "Exile", "Return"

March 21, 2006
    New art:
Cave of Turgon-(V) : "Iron Crown"

March 20, 2006
    New art:
Cave of Turgon-(V) : "Silmarilli", "Mandos" 

March 19, 2006
made a personal page to collect all his own art, much of it related to Lord of the Rings. See it here.

    12 Full Members dropped for lack of contact: 
(Varda remaining on AIM since morning to midnight CST as VardaValar1 for contact convenience.)
Beregond-(V)  AIM: VBeregond
Bombur-(V)  AIM: Bomburv, MrMonkey2002Blah (rejoined March 30, 2006)
Draugluin-(Valar)  no AIM
Elendil-(V)  AIM: AragornLAN
Elrond-(V)  AIM: mirkwood hunter
Faramir-(V)  no AIM
Fili-(V)  AIM: FiliValar, patente666gosse
Finrod-(V)  AIM: sidviscious01858
Galadriel-(Valar)  no AIM name
Gothmog-(Valar)  no AIM name
Halbarad-(V)  AIM: micopsor
Paladin Took-(V)  AIM: MyLifeforAuir72 , ThainPaladinTook
    7 Tolkien-only Members dropped for lack of contact. Can rejoin in the usual way.:

Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5.
Meetings are held on AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
QuickAIM page by Arathorn and Varda lists member AIM names for Full and Tolkien-only. Please email updates to Varda if yours is not there.
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (20)
    Members: Arwen V1, ArPharazonV, Dior-(V)/MyCantalopeH8tsU, Earendil-(V)/gelondil2, Ecthelion-(V)/suilenroc01, Eonwe Valar, FladrifV, Gilraen-(V)/Star of Phaet, Glorfindel VG, Haldir V, Haleth-(V)/HalethV/Druidfalconwolf, Idril-(V)/Narthais, Lungorthin-(Valar)/sauronjag, Menelvagor Valar, Olwe-(V)/FallenGlory, Orodreth V, Scatha-(V)/STEvilaim, Thranduil-(V)/Gamatzgamatz, VardaValar1
    Visitor: Srekal86
    Inactive/disintrested member drop hits at midnight tonight.
    New Full Member this week: Gimli-(V)!
    Arwen has been accepted for an internship in Louisiana studying a river for environmental hazard after the hurricanes.
    Srekal starts his new job with a web hosting company today.
    Ar-Pharazon now only has college classes 1-2 days a week.
    Menelvagor's 25th birthday is this coming Wednesday!
Web: lots, all on the News already
    Supertux  report by Fladrif in the transcript
    Murloc Online
    LotRO Dev Diary: "Making of a First-Class Burglar"
    http://www.slayradio.org/mastering_swedish.php for some fun Swedish lessons!
    WoW Europe and Lothar
    Varda's topic: Comparison of northern and southern rangers.
    Earendil: What does it mean to be Dunedain?
How can one "choose" his genetics when he's a Half-Elf? This got into genetics and how the body is affected by the fea and Valar tweaking.
    Haldir V: What happened to the dwarves and hobbits after the fourth age, current time?
    Haldir V: What about the after-life of the dwarves, and the mansions of Aule?
    Haldir V: Where can I read more on the destruction of Arda? (Two meaty articles in our Encyc under Events: The Last Battle, The End of All Things)
    Haldir V: The fate of Earendil
    Haldir V: How Arwen and Aragorn were related through Earendil's twin sons.
    For next time, we've been requested to figure out how JRRT might have reacted to various things for a school role-playing project.

March 17, 2006
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Gimli-(V)!
Gimli is from Texas, USA, a long-time guild-friend and friend of Sauron-(Valar)'s family. Gimli just had his 25th birthday this March 4th. He passed his test 5/5 with Varda, a perfect score and the first-time ever test by telephone. He plays WoW on Lothar mostly (with two characters in the guild, Hardy Explorers), plays a little Guild Wars as Jetwest and Fieryjetwest (with the guild, Legion of Exile), and still has his SC/BW and all three Diablo games. No, Eonwe, he did not play WC3 or TFT. He's read the LotR and is starting the Hobbit. Gimli-(V)'s favorite character is Gimli, and he was very lucky that the name was free. He likes Gimli for his manner, that he's stout and proud, his love of the Glittering Cave, and his friendship with Legolas. Runner's-up were Faramir for being elegant and strong-willed at the same time, and Pippin who was, in the books, much more active in Gondor and in the Shire.
    WoW Lothar Friday: Dire Maul East
to complete quests. 6pm EST.
    New Story:
Along Came a Spider by Jay of Lasgalen. PG-13.
    "This is the back story to my drabble 'A Brother's Prayer'. Elladan and Elrohir arrive in Lasgalen for what should be an uneventful visit, but Elrohir is bitten by a deadly spider. The story is set around the year 2000 Third Age."
Arwen, Celebrian, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Erestor, Glorfindel, Legolas, Namo, Thranduil
10 chapters.

March 16, 2006
    New Story:
Conversion by Pentangle
    What of the reaction to Aragorn of the people, who hardly knew anything of their latest ruler? One man's viewpoint.
    After Aragorn becomes king, before the departure of the funeral escort for Theoden.
    1 chapter

March 14, 2006
    New links under Fan Fiction:
Teitho - monthly fan fiction contest for Aragorn and/or Legolas stories, the twins, Elrond, Glorfindel, Thranduil, ... site made and run by Aragornwriter
       Borderland - fanfiction archive for Lord of the Rings crossover and modern day fiction. Includes Hobbit and Silmarillion. All genres and ratings. Started Oct 2005.
       Elf Castle In the Sky - LotR fan fiction. Site by TrinitytheSheDevil
       Haven of Dreams - archive and submissions. Includes LotR fan fiction section, plus videos, icons, and others. site by Rhonda and TrinitytheSheDevil
       LotR Family Time -  fan fiction by Washow: Aragorn, the family love of Imladris, and friendship. MC. March 2006. site by Washow
       Naice a Nilme - "Pain and Friendship": archive that harbours Aragorn and/or Legolas centered angst, drama and torture stories. No slash. site by Michelle

March 12, 2006
    New art:
Cave of Turgon-(V) second version of the Necromancer: "Necromancer_II".

Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5.
Meetings are held on AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace (Bridge coding appears irretrievable. Anyone else want to try?)
QuickAIM page by Arathorn lists member AIM names for Full and Tolkien-only. Please email Varda an update if yours is not there.
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending (6)
     ArPharazonV, Eonwe Valar, LuthienV, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V, VardaValar1
    Aragorn's kingdom was not peaceful.

March 10, 2006
    WoW Lothar guild day/night.
        Dire Maul East at 6pm EST planned.
        Bilbo and Sauron have been on much of the morning and into the afternoon already, partying and dragging along those who want to come along, guild or not.
    New art:
       Cave of Turgon-(V): "Gimli"
    New link:
Battlelore - band with song related to the Lord of the Rings. Sample MP3's. Costumed band: photos including warriors and elf girl, with settings in caves, against clouds, and in the woods. Link suggested by Turgon-(V) of Hungary.

March 9, 2006
    New art!
Cave of Turgon-(V):
          "Feanor", "Elrond with Thror's Map", "Eonwe_II"
    New story!
        Along Came a Spider
by Jay of Lasgalen. PG-13.
        "This is the back story to my drabble 'A Brother's Prayer'. Elladan and Elrohir arrive in Lasgalen for what should be an uneventful visit, but Elrohir is bitten by a deadly spider. The story is set around the year 2000 Third Age."

March 8, 2006
    New art!
       Cave of Turgon-(V): See the "Musical Ringwraith".
       Cave of Cassia-(TV): See story illustrations for "Father's Love", "First Meetings", "Change of Heart, Change of Mind"

    New stories!
       Father's Love by Siobhan-(TV) with tiny touches of Cassia-(TV). Illustrated by Cassia. G/PG. Story 4 of the Mellon Chronicles series.
           "Hurt by the taunts of his young friends, little Aragorn runs away and hides in the forest after breaking his arm, convinced that being adopted means his elven father doesn't really want him. Elrond and his sons must find the youngest member of their family and set things straight."
       Aragorn, Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir. One chapter.
       First Meetings by Siobhan, in collaboration with Cassia.  PG-13 for some violence. Story 5 of the Mellon Chronicles.
           "Aragorn and Legolas meet for the first time. Aragorn is in his early twenties and nearly gets killed when he ignores his adopted father's good advice. Legolas finds him, but must fight the demons of his past in order to help the young human."
    Aragorn, Legolas. 4 chapters.

    New links!
        Minas Tirith Forum, includes Tolkien info.
Art of the Ainur - on Artistic Entropy. Mostly Mellon Chronicle-related art of all mediums.

March 7, 2006
    Stories and Art sections:
       Illustrated story
, third in the Mellon Chronicles series, "Hope", written by Siobhan-(TV), artwork by Cassia-(TV) included with the story and in her Cave. "Young Aragorn has a nightmare and Elrond comforts him. Aragorn discovers that elves sleep with their eyes open." Aragorn receives his Elvish name, tying in to what Elrond told Legolas last story.

March 5, 2006
    Glittering Caves of Aglarond art page:
        New art! See "Gorthaur" in the Cave of Turgon-(V).
        New section! See the Cave of Cassia-(TV), with two illustrations for and linked to the story series, "The Mellon Chronicles", by Cassia-(TV) and Siobhan-(TV).
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5.
Meetings are held on AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace (Bridge coding appears irretrievable. Anyone else want to try?)
QuickAIM page by Arathorn and Varda lists member AIM names for Full and Tolkien-only. Please email updates to Varda if yours is not there.
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending: (11)
    ArPharazonV, Elladan-(V)/Bior the Ythling, Eonwe Valar, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, GilraenV, GwaihirValar, Lungorthin-(Valar)/sauronjag, LuthienV, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V, VardaValar1
    Sweep is winding down, about to remove disinterested people from the web pages and put their names up for new people. They will have to re-test to rejoin.
    Gwaihir: Happy birthday to Gwaihir's father!
    Ar-Pharazon's good PC under repair
    Tindomeral-(V) was seen on Battlenet Valar channel
          New section: Cave of Cassia-(TV)
          New art by Cassia and by Turgon.
          "Captive of Darkness" by Cassia now complete
       WoW Lothar players
       Games page rumor
       WoW Lothar
          Ventrilo 50-slot from Alatar-(Valar)
       WoW Europe
    Warlords 2
    Seven Kingdoms 2
    Battlenet Bot report by Orodreth
    Luthien-(V) is planning a painting of Feanor taking the ships from the Teleri. She needs an idea on what historical ships to base them off of. As a society which would you say the High Elves are most like?
After-meeting (continued Luthien's discussion, no actual after-meeting)

March 4, 2006
        Captive of Darkness
by Cassia, complete. Rated R. Second in the Mellon Chronicles series.

March 2, 2006

    New art! See the Cave of Elatan-(Valar). It's been redone into multiple tables linked from a menu at the top. The new art is in photos of bows and arrows he made, the sculpted skeletal heads of two Orcs who may have been victims of his archery, the process of his making a bust of Aragorn, busts he made of Arwen, adn two castles which don't look as if they were made of paper but were.

    More new art! See the Cave of Turgon-(V). It's been re-done into tables for the Side of the Valar and the Side of Morgoth, with Silmarillion subjects on the top, and LotR on the bottom, for a semblance of chronology. Seven new pictures!

Feb. 26, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5.
Meetings are held on AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace (Bridge coding appears irretrievable. Anyone else want to try?)
QuickAIM page by Arathorn lists member AIM names for Full and Tolkien-only. Please email update if yours is not there.
Meeting Transcript work by Ar-Pharazon, Menelvagor, and Varda. In progress.
Attending: (14)
    Members: Aerandir V, ArPharazonV, Eonwe Valar, Finwe-(V)/aranfinwe, FladrifV, GilraenV, GwaihirValar, LuthienV, FarmerMaggot-(V)/thesirg3, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V/Oessala, Ugluk of Old, VardaValar1
    Guest: Srekal86
    Valandil actively gaming with Ar-Pharazon in WoW Europe
    Fladrif taking a few months off of WoW Europe due to school, still with us.
       Ardanole: Pronunciations on MP3's 
       New section for Tolkien
           New Article by Franco Manni-(TV): "The Complexity of Tolkien's Attitude Towards the Second World War"
           Rare pics of Christopher Tolkien
       Art: new drawings by Turgon-(V)
       WoW Europe gaming
       WoW Lothar
          Ventrilo 50-slot talk program set up for us by Alatar-(Valar)!
          Explored Dire Maul West last Friday, plan to go back to Dire Maul East next Friday to complete the quests there.
    Morrowind: mod for Elder Scrolls, need Beta Testers!
    BfMe II
    LotRO: Loremaster announced
    Scouting Ahead (our Forum rp)
    White Council rumor
    Conversation was a mix of LotRO and how it related to Tolkien lore.
    ArPharazonV: ...whatever happened to the Sindar in the second and third ages? just lords and ladies over the Silvans, or did they have their own territory like the remaining Noldor at Imladris?
    Menelvagor-(Valar) found out that "nertelepta" is the translation of "nine-fingered".

Feb. 25, 2006
    Morrowind: Elder Scrolls III
players. Turgon-(V) is working on a mod for this game and is looking for fellow Morrowind folk.

Feb. 24, 2006

    WoW Lothar: Dire Maul, about 6pm EST. Probably East if some show up still needing the key. We want all our active players to have keys for gaming during the rest of the week, when just one or two key-holders might not be available.

Feb. 23, 2006
    WESTWOOD, Mass., FEBRUARY 23, 2006 -- Turbine, Inc. announced today that Midway Home Entertainment Inc. (a subsidiary of Midway Games Inc. NYSE: MWY) will co-publish (along with Turbine) and distribute The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ in North America.

Feb. 22, 2006

    New art! The Cave of Turgon-(V) now exhibits "Illuin", "Ranger", and "Mouth of Sauron".
    New paper! The Complexity of Tolkien's Attitude Towards the Second World War by Franco Manni-(TV) and Simone Bonechi. Much food for thought.
    New Tolkien section for JRRT and Christopher Tolkien.

Feb. 19, 2006
    Links page:
Ardanole: The Study of Arda - articles, pronounced words. Link recommended by Hyarion/Srekal: by Ardamire.
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5.
Meetings are held on AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace (Bridge coding appears irretrievable. Anyone else want to try?)
QuickAIM page by Arathorn lists member AIM names for Full and Tolkien-only. Please email update if yours is not there.
Meeting Transcript by Varda
Attending: (12)
    Members: AlatarValar2, Arwen V1, Earendil-(V)/gelondil2, Elladan-(V)/Bior the Ythling, Eonwe Valar, Gil-galad-(V)/ Xseanzee disco, GilraenV, Glorfindel VG, GwaihirValar, FarmerMaggot-(V)/ thesirg3, VardaValar1
    Guest: Srekal86
    Eowyn's birthday
    Articles: Mankind, A-Z
    Pronunciations (link now on our Links page)
    Alatar has just moved valarguild.org server up from 35 MB of space to 75!
    WoW Lothar: Dire Maul
    Ventrilo: Alatar set up the WoW Lothar gamers and his DAoC group with a 50-slot Ventrilo account, on the Divo server. Grab your mike and speaker and talk! We do intend to be using it on our instance runs. He is currently set up on Divo Networks. Ventrilo use is free to Valar Guild users:
AlatarValar2 said:
    The server is at alatar.ventrilo.org port number is 3796
    There is a server password
    It is alatarvent
    You will see two channels, clearly marked
    No other passwords are needed.
    In Tolkien, different ones or groups had jurisdiction over different areas. Can you think of any areas of jurisdiction and who had the say?
    For next time, Earendil-(V) suggests: Does reincarnation exist in Tolkien's world?

Feb. 17, 2006
    WoW Lothar 6pm EST Dire Maul in Feralas.
Bring your 60 or near-60 and come join the fun!

Feb. 12, 2006
"Tears Like Rain" by Cassia and Siobhan (both are Tolkien-only Members) now complete. Rated R for violence and child abuse. "Mirkwood has suffered tragic losses in the Last Great Alliance, including her King. With the very survival of the kingdom at stake, Thranduil finds himself at deadly odds with his older brother Doriflen. When young Legolas becomes a pawn in his uncle's ruthless power games, the lies, deception and betrayal risk destroying more than just the young prince's life." Legolas, Thranduil. 21 chapters. First in the Mellon Chronicles series.
    "Captive of Darkness" by Cassia, first chapter up. Rated R for violence and implied rape. "When young prince Legolas is sent as an envoy to a neighboring kingdom, things quickly go from bad to worse when treachery rears its ugly head. There are dangerous and deadly things going on in the seemingly innocent realm of Dorolyn and it is up to Legolas and a mysterious stranger to sort things out before an evil more dark than they could begin to imagine is unleashed upon an unsuspecting land." Legolas, Thranduil, surprise Tolkien character. Second in the Mellon Chronicles series.
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5.
Meetings are held on AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace (Bridge coding appears irretrievable. Anyone else want to try?)
QuickAIM page by Arathorn lists member AIM names for Full and Tolkien-only. Please email update if yours is not there.
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending: (11)
    ArPharazonV, Earendil-(V)/gelondil2, Eonwe Valar, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, GilraenV, Glorfindel-(V)/Glorfindel VG, GwaihirValar, FarmerMaggot-(V)/TheSirG3, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V, VardaValar1
    New Stories: Tears Like Rain by Cassia and Siobhan-(TV), rated R
    Objects section separated
    Requested Projects:
       Thorin's Company
       Requested articles listed on the front of the Encyc
    Friday Lothar: did the entire set of Gnomeregan quests
    Everyone can play Day of Defeat: Source this weekend for free!
    Silmarillion: too dense or just right?
    Maglor's Silmaril, after it was cast into the water, what became of it?

Feb. 8, 2006
    Finrod index of articles now with picture and quote, as well as index. Set up section on Finrod's names.

Feb. 7, 2006

    Objects section completely separated.
        Added new part for Sculpture.
    Looking at Joomla as a potential Contents Management System. Current experiment by Farmer Maggot-(V) on his server.

Feb. 5, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5.
Meetings are held on AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace (Bridge coding appears irretrievable. Anyone else want to try?)
QuickAIM page by Arathorn lists member AIM names for Full and Tolkien-only. Please email update if yours is not there.
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon-(V), Menelvagor-(Valar), and Varda-(Valar)  
Attending: (13)
    Members: Aerandir-(V)/mordacil, ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Eonwe Valar, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Glorfindel VG, FarmerMaggot-(V)/TheSirG3, Menelvagor Valar, Scatha-(V)/STEvilaim, Thror/Chugin Chub, VardaValar1
    Guests: Curufinwion, Srekal86
    Hearing from members thanks to the inactivity letters, and Manwe for finding us by a browser search.
    Stories: two this last week:
       "Maitimo" by Liek
       "Iluvatar's Gift" by Alasse-(TV)
    Joomla: New content management system to bring together all our pages? Now trying it out, no content yet. Comments requested from users and web workers. Farmer Maggot-(V) downloaded it to his server, and he and some of us on the web team are experimenting with it, to see if it's a help.
  Games played by those at the meetings:
    WarCraft 3
    Dungeon Siege 2
    Blizzard rumor: Diablo 4 coming? Blizzard is asking for art people for an upcoming Diablo project.
    WoW Europe
    WoW Lothar
Tolkien Chat:
    Curufinwion's topic: Without the Feanorians, would Middle-earth have been destroyed?

Feb. 1, 2006
    Emails have been sent to those whose membership is in danger. Not all were able to go through. If your name has a question mark on the 2006 Activity page, it may be deleted soon. Please contact Varda.

    Tom Bombadil-(Valar)
answered his letter in the finest style.  Enjoy the below:

"Aye!" I must say,
Even though other things keep me away,
All I can hope is that one day,
I'll be back and there to stay.

Even if I've not been around of late,
It doesn't mean I don't keep up to date,
Because my thirst for Tolkien I'll never sate,
The moment I read those books I sealed my fate.

Alas, now I must go,
To conquer yet another foe,
But these seeds of destruction I cannot sew,
In Cyber-land, as we all know.

Jan. 31, 2006
Ilúvatar’s Gift by Alasse-(TV). By being in Valinor, Elrond is separated from all of his children, his brother, and others. Post-LotR. One chapter.

    The Meeting Bridge program has been discontinued. The code is deemed unrecoverable.

Jan. 29, 2006
    Story Page:
by Liek completed today. Double Drabble winner. To kill or not to kill the sons of Earendil? Elrond, Elros, Maedhros, Maglor. Mentions of Amras, Amrod. Silmarillion fiction.

Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5
Meeting Transcript by Ar-Pharazon and Varda 
    Inactive member sweep still going
    Story page highly active right now. This week actually up are:
A Brother's Prayer by Jay of Lasgalen
       The Search by Jay of Lasgalen
       The Best Medicine by Elwing-(V)
       Maitimo by Liek
    Role-play on Forum:
        Time almost up if you want to join as one of the Noldo scouts. Can still join as human or dwarf.
    Battlenet bot: saw Dior, Alatar, Varda. Bot down Thursday, should be up Monday. Use ` on the left top of American keyboards to activate a command to it.
    Moments that changed the history of Middle-earth

Jan. 28, 2006
    Story Page:
        The Best Medicine by Elwing-(V) completed tonight. One chapter. "A wounded Strider convalesces in Mirkwood with the help (?) of Legolas."
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Thranduil. Mentions of Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond. Pre-LotR during Aragorn’s 'Ranger period'. Humor, friendship. PG for humor.

Jan. 22, 2006
    Story Page:
        The Search by Jay of Lasgalen complete! 19 chapters. "Elrohir leaves Imladris on what should be a simple errand - but he does not return. Elladan and Legolas set out to search for him. Set Third Age 1636, when plague devastated Eriador."
        A Brother's Prayer
by Jay of Lasgalen. Perfect Double Drabble at 200 words! Prequel to her upcoming "Along Came a Spider". Elladan and Elrohir.

Jan. 22, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5
Meeting Transcript:  transcript work by Ar-Pharazon-(V), Menelvagor-(Valar), and Varda-(Valar)
Attending: (16)
    Members: ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Elros-(V)/LouieKisKowsKi, FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, GilraenV, GwaihirValar, Haleth-(V)/Haleth V/Druidfalconwolf, FarmerMaggot-(V)/TheSirG3, Menelvagor-(Valar)/TurgonjustTurgon, Olwe-(V)/FallenGlory, Orodreth V/Oessala, Scatha-(V)/STEvilaim, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Guest: Srekal86
    Eonwe went with his family to see the movie: Underworld Evolution.
    Arwen cannot currently afford WoW, hopes to be back on later.
    Story Page:
       "Unrest: What Evil Fears" by Eonwe-(Valar)
    Links Page:
       Rivendell Archives Tolkien fan-fiction
    Freelancer played by Scatha
    D2:LoD played by Varda
Multi-Theft Auto for GTA:SA  a mod, came out during the meeting. Scatha tried it and reported as he went.
    WoW Europe: Argent Dawn group allied with others and raided.
    WoW Lothar: grouped and chatted all week. 2 instances for the Friday get-together for Sauronv (warlock), with Arathornv, Kalasul, and Varda: Black Fathom Deeps, and the one in SilverPine, both for the Warlock quest.
    Our Story page may have a great number of stories from outside Valar. Comment: the more the merrier. What kind of rating system would we want to use, and which stories should we quietly drop as if non-existent? American movie rating plus comments for the reason for the rating on some such as character death. Mention if it's AU (alternate universe, not canon.) Defining canon with H, LotR, and Sil at the top, but anything by Tolkien has some canon claim excuse and can be mentioned in the Author's Note, preventing an accidental AU classification as Alternate Universe.
    Included talking about the evil of Melkor and Sauron.

Jan. 20, 2006
    Tolkien Encyclopedia: Links:
       Tolkien fan fiction:
Rivendell Archives - fan fiction in three categories: pre-Fellowship of the Ring, during Lord of the Rings, post-Return of the King.

    WoW Lothar: weekly get-together around 6pm EST. Some goes on all day, and sometimes we start early, around 5pm EST.

Jan. 16, 2006
    Tolkien Encyclopedia - Stories:
    Unrest: What Evil Fears by Eonwe-(Valar). What does Morgoth fear? One chapter long.

Jan. 15, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5
Meeting Transcript:  transcript work by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending: (14)
    Members: ArPharazonV, Arwen V1, Ecthlion-(V)/suilenroc01, Elladan-(V)/Bior the Ythling, Eonwe Valar (presiding), FladrifV, GilraenV, Glorfindel-(V)/Glorfindel VG, FarmerMaggot-(V)/TheSirG3, Orodreth-(V)/Oessala, Ugluk of Old, VardaValar1
    Guests: Hyarion/Srekal86, Herumor-(V)-ex/Nemoeverlonely
    Classes for college and schools in general starting for more members. People coming off holidays.
    Sweep in progress, removing disinterested members. Help out if you know someone wants to stay in and is about to be removed. All they need is to email Varda they want to stay. Question marked members are endangered: 2006 roster
    Battlenet Bot Report. Members gaming in Valar:
        Thror is on often with three non-guild friends. He runs D2: LoD and SC: BW under ThrorL_V and Thror_V. His friends are CaptCharisma007, lordofcrow, and warhawk47.
       eomer-(v) on D2: LoD
Web News
    Links page: new link
       A Tolkien Dictionary -  Etymologies of names of people and places. by Robert Ireland.
    Poetry page: new poetry
       The Nine Shadows by He that Walks Unseen-(TV). Poet's description: "This poem speaks of the very nature of the Nazgul"
    WoW Lothar
    WoW Europe: Ar-Pharazon's back! Fladrif helped him with the re-install.
    LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online): new player classes
    Eve Online
    WarCraft 3
    V&K Middle-earth mod
Tolkien Chat:
    Questions sent by readers to our Tolkien Encyclopedia, continued:
       Where did Aragorn spend his youth, and what do we know of his mother?
       Painter of high elf models needs to know the name of a high elf captain, preferably starting with "T", and what color to paint the cloak.

    Experiment. You can try this anytime, not waiting for a meeting.
    Some of us went into Srekal/Hyarion's channel set-up that is used by LotRO devs and kinships, and has Tolkien goodies in it. We most enjoyed the Tolkien Trivia bot, which can be set for book, movie, or general which is both. For the trivia, Pharazon showed great skill at high-speed typing and noticiing the number and length of spaces on the bot's hint, along with impressive knowledge, and did the best. Eonwe is also a high-speed typist with impressive knowledge and did extremely well. Varda needs to speed up typing, but otherwise did well. Tip, don't capitalize!
    We rigged a Valar room, which allows kick and kick+ban among other things. This is a feature we've been wanting. We'll probably give it another shot next meeting. Yes, it's free. Directions below by Varda:

    Open the browser of your choice. Then you can choose mIRC, xchat, or java, or even Trillian. Since java was the fastest and didn't require downloading, we used that, but discovered it's missing some features the others have.
    Copy/paste your choice in the browser URL window:
       for mIRC: 
/server -m irc.tolkiengateway.net
       for xchat: 
/newserver irc.tolkiengateway.net
       for java:  http://tolkiengateway.net/java/
    You are now in the general channel for fellow Tolkien fans and LotRO hopefuls. You are called "Guest" with a number after that.
    Change your name from Guest by making a "nick". That is a nickname, your alias. Please use your Valar Guild name. To do this, find the corner box marked Nick (may be bottom right or top left, depending on what you used to come in). Type in your guild name (grab it while you can!). Now when you speak, the new name should show. This is not a permanent name. For that, register the name.
    Register your name. Type this command, modified with your information:
/msg nickserv register password email
    For your command, substitute the password of your choice for "password", and your email for the word "email". Don't put quotes "",  parentheses (), brackets [] or other dividing symbols, as it will confuse the registering program and give an error message. The email is kept private.
    Help: If you got lost, try typing:

/msg NickServ Help

    Now you have an account!

    Using your new account:
    Join a room. Make a room or go to one already present (just like Battlenet) by typing:
/join #Valar
    You can join many rooms at once. For enjoyment, we recommend playing with the Tolkien Trivia bot here:
/join #trivia
    Mouse-over a name in the list on the right of the room. You can right-click names for program commands, such as whisper.
    Whisper a friend, and it will open what looks like a room:
/msg friendsname
    We have asked the webmaster if he can rig a signal for java-users, such as blinking orange, to show if someone is speaking in any of our rooms/channels/whispers. This is the single real problem we had with the set-up, which would prevent our adopting it for anything more than entertainment.

Jan. 13, 2006
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          The Nine Shadows by He that Walks Unseen-(TV).
Poet's description: "This poem speaks of the very nature of the Nazgul"

Jan. 10, 2006
    Links page:
       Languages, Names, Runes, and Dictionaries:
A Tolkien Dictionary -  Etymologies of names of people and places. by Robert Ireland.

Jan. 8, 2006
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5
Meeting Transcript:  transcript work by Ar-Pharazon-(V) and Varda-(Valar)
Attending: (15)
    ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, Barahir-(V)/sauron432000, Elwing V, Eonwe Valar (presiding), FladrifV, Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, GwaihirValar, Haldir V (after-meeting), Idril-(V)/Narthais, FarmerMaggot-(V)/TheSirG3, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V, VardaValar1
    Guest: Hyarion/Srekal86
    Sweep in progress through January. You still have time to email Varda and keep your name without a re-test.
    The January after-holiday is now hitting the guild:
        Arathorn's job is heading back into night shift, so this will be his last meeting for a while. He has a prolonged holiday, so check for him on Battle.net.
        Ar-Pharazon's WoW is refusing to return after the patch, so he may be unable to play for a while.
        Barahir may have difficulty with internet access for a while.
        Eonwe's school upcoming school schedule is even heavier than last semester, but he will show up in WoW and meetings when he can.
        Eowyn will be going back in the university, but will continue WoWing when she can.
        Menelvagor is having monetary problems for WoW account, and may be unable to play.
    Tolkien pages:
          New ones up by Jay of Lasgalen. Links to the stories: Winter Wonder, The Picnic
          Story Challenges now up. See if you can meet one or more!
          Arathorn found a page saying Micro fiction is a story in 250 words or less, and nanofiction is a story with a maximum of 55 words.
    Gaming pages:
       WoW charter update being sent by Eonwe to Menelvagor for the guild's WoW page.
       New Tolkien trivia added.
       LotRO rp continues in our Forum. It will probably keep going even after the online PC game begins.
       WoW patch 1.9 came out Tuesday. Paladin patch. Realms trying to open the Ahn Qiraq gaming area, and to be the first.
        WoW Europe will be losing Ar-Pharazon and Menelvagor, at least for a while.
        WoW Lothar still has Friday get-together, but groups get together more and more all during the week as well. Don't forget to include inviting guild-friends from the Valar channel.
       Orodreth is operating the ValarBuddy bot. Commands may be reached from the guild index page.
       Ar-Pharazon is playing more WarCraft 3. His WoW game refused to work after the patch, and his Dungeon Siege CD appears to be scratched.
       Diablo 2: LoD doesn't have enough of us playing regularly to run another ladder. Thorondor wins Ladder 3 at the level of 74.
    Barahir's topic: What about Dagor Dagorath? What do we know about it? What will happen? What will change?
    Topic: The black swords.
    Question emailed to the Encyclopedia editor:
       What do we know about Aragorn's ring?
       (We had more of these questions to the editor, but too many people had to leave.)

Jan. 4, 2006
    Story Writing Challenge!
        Drabble challenges:
        Double Drabble
        Two Tolkien character challenges: (any length)
        Two Characters from The Hobbit
        Two Characters from the War of the Ring
        Two Valar
Use this phrase

    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          The Picnic by Jay of Lasgalen. Arwen, Legolas, Elladan, Elrohir. Pre-LotR, before Aragorn's birth. One chapter long.

Jan. 1, 2006
Happy New Year's to all!
Fireworks art by
Mariet Theune, Rolozo Tolkien site

     A midnight mail from Barahir-(V) of India, who may not have home computer access for quite some time.

Hi! and a Happy new year to you. May it be blessed or something like that. Its sad to see 2005 pass away it had been a wonderful year,for me at least, a really blighter and wonderful year for me to go through. It has been a wonderful evey days for me (the 30th and 31),one Friday I went to an amusement park called queen'sland and it was really fun and on sunday I watched three movies of Inu Yasha movies 1: Affections touching across time,2: The castle beyond the looking glass ,3: Swords of an Honourable Ruler (isn't the title sooo cool!) on Animax. I also made significant advances in writing my homework (mountain-load at that) and not forget started on building a new mystery story and a tolkien story. I think I won't be talking to the guild for a long time ( I can send mail in a cybercafe). So ta ta to one all reading this and wish all the fellow Tolkien fans of the valarguild a happy and eventful 2006.
See ya,
Barahir -(V)

    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          Winter Wonders by Jay of Lasgalen. Written Dec. 23, 2005.
How elves may celebrate Mid Winter. One chapter. Aragorn, Legolas, Thranduil.

Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, GMT-5
Meeting Transcript saved and sent in by Ar-Pharazon-(V), Menelvagor-(Valar), and Varda-(Valar)
Attending: (16)
    Members: ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, Arwen-(V)/ArwenV1, CaranthirV (after-meeting), Elros-(V)/LouieKisKowsKi, Eonwe Valar, Finarfin-(V)/FINARFIN010 (after-meeting), FladrifV, Ereinion Gil-galad-(V)/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-(V)(messaged), GwaihirValar, FarmerMaggot-(V)/thesirg3, Menelvagor Valar, Orodreth V, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Guest: Hyarion/Srekal86
    Arathorn-(Valar)'s dad's birthday, 83
    Barahir-(V) losing home internet connection starting in January, internet cafe for email
    Caranthir-(V) got a new laptop for Christmas, still some trouble finding internet access
    Dwalin-(TV) - about to be a father
    Gilraen-(V) - mother's birthday party today
    Gwaihir-(Valar) - ear infection
    Farmer Maggot-(V) - showing signs of carpal tunnel
    Menelvagor-(Valar) - finally has new glasses after dropping the old ones in a canal
    Valandil-(V) - still gaming on WoW Europe
    Varda-(Valar)'s family got a new computer for Christmas, so two of five can play WoW together now
    Story page
       New stories by Jay of Lasgalen
       Discussion of additional methods on how to sort. (3 responses)
            Do we want all stories listed chronologically? Impractical except under an author, where it is a good idea.
            Sort by Author, Title, Date?
            Currently have pages for looking up by Author, Character, Title, with new ones listed on the general News and on the What's New on the Stories Page.
       How do you folks feel about having guest writers like Jay added to our pages? Good, unhappy, indifferent? (Only one response.)
    Humor Page new link from Haleth. Request for humor bits from our own members who can give better quality than many of these outside sources.
    AIMfire program makes AIM usable inside games. Tested in-Guild on some games already: Day of Defeat: Source and Counter Strike: Source and Flatout
    BZ Flag
    WoW Europe
    WoW Lothar
    Eve (another older MMORPG)
    Guild Wars
    Lord of the Rings Online
    Differences between books and movies, especially ones good for entry testing. Quite a list!
    Shifted into other movies and books
    Caranthir and Finarfin dropped by.
    Caranthir and Elladan are still on Thunderlord server