by Emanuele "Theoden"  Scalzo-(TV)
Received November 14, 2006

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    One of the most capable of the archers among elves, Beleg Cúthalion, whose name means Strongbow, showed his battle attitude in the undergrowth of Doriath where he was one of the most able border guardians. He was the chief of the marchwardens of King Thingol of Doriath. Working with the armies of Halmir, lord of the Haladin, Beleg used the tactic of ambushes successfully against an orc battalion that marauded in the Brethil, discouraging their incursions into that place for a long time.
    Appreciated by Thingol for many deeds and not the least for finding and going to aid his foster-son, Turin, Beleg had the honor of choosing a sword from the private collection of the King. He chose Anglachel, the noble blade forged by Eöl that, reforged for Turin, then took the name of Gurthang, "Iron of Death".
    Beleg became a friend of Turin Turambar and wandered with him and his company of outlaws. He was wounded after the treason of Mîm in Amon-Rûdh , but he recovered his strength and went looking for Turin. He freed Turin with great bravery from the Orc camp killing them furtively while they were asleep, then used the sword to undo the shackles. Turin had been unconscious, but when he felt a blade slip and prick his foot he woke up and in a state of panic stole the sword from Beleg’s hands and struck him dead. Only after a while he became conscious of the unpardonable error, that he had pierced Beleg the Elf.

Reference: Silmarillion "Of the Ruin of  Beleriand", "Of Turin Turambar"