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    HethatWalksUnseen-(T). Tolkien-only member of the Valar Guild since Sept. 14, 2004, joining with four poems at once. His name refers to Bilbo's identifying himself with riddles while talking to Smaug.
    Nicaragua is the poet's home country. He joined while at Princeton University, New Jersey. He has a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Population Studies. He's going for a PhD in Population Studies.
    Most recent poem: The White Returns Jan. 27, 2011.

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The Muse and the Boy of the Blue Fountain
Oct. 16, 2004
Tribute to JRR Tolkien

The Silmarillion Inspired:

Sept. 12, 2004
Morgoth's point of view.

The Eyes of the Valley
May 1, 2007
Fingolfin versus Morgoth, with an addition to the legend.

Revenge Lives in the House of Ransom
Sept. 17, 2004
Mim the Petty Dwarf's point of view.

Sept. 12, 2004
Daeron's point of view.

The Hobbit Inspired:

Laden Trees in the Circle of Fire

Oct. 14, 2004
The Warg Riders attack Thorin's company, and what led to it

Down the Tunnel in Erebor
Sept. 15, 2004
Bilbo seeks out the dragon, Smaug.

Lord of the Rings Inspired:

Gorthaur the Cruel
Sept. 14, 2004
The nature of Sauron.

Sept. 12, 2004
The nature of Mithrandir.

The Nine Shadows
Jan. 13, 2006
"This poem speaks of the very nature of the Nazgul."
Note: "The 'dying arrow' refers to the passing of the elves from middle earth and their subsequent journey into the west. As  arrows were one of their most beloved weapons, I wanted to picture their departure by using them as a symbol. "

In the Chamber of Mazarbul
August 25, 2006
"The Fellowship of the Ring is trapped in the Chamber of Mazarbul. Mithrandir and his eight companions face the shadows and the flames once faced by Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria."

Sept. 12, 2004
The point of view of one whose mind she has been in.

In the Land of Lorien
May 27, 2005
"All the things that are felt by those who enter the land of Lorien. If they find peril, it is because they took it with them."

The White Returns
Jan. 27, 2011
Gandalf becomes the White.

The Shadows Within
Oct. 13, 2004
Frodo's thoughts in Mordor