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October 29, 2023
    "Eregion" by Eonwe-(Valar)

June 24, 2022
    "Concerning Estel: Who Foretold What, When; or The Strange Case of Foresight's First Formulation" by Sandalf13-(T)



Dec. 4, 2022
    "The Geology of Middle-earth" by Sandalf13-(T)

Oct. 1, 2022
    "Denethor as Macbeth:The Tragedy of the Last Ruling Steward of Gondor" by Sandalf13-(T)

August 14, 2022
    "The Last Line in Tolkien" by Sandalf13-(T)

June 5, 2022

    "Foreword by Sandalf13-(T)
    "A Case of Influence: Aragorn as Sherlock Holmes by Sandalf13-(T)



April 25, 2020
    "Gundabad" by Irmo-(Valar)



Oct. 3, 2019
    "Scary" by Varda-(Valar)

July 26, 2019
    "The Valar of Time" by Varda-(Valar)

June 23, 2019
    Updates for the Events Timeline "The Great Years".

April 7, 2019
    Updated the article: "Gh�n-buri-Gh�n"

March 31, 2019

    "Gh�n-buri-Gh�n" by Varda-(Valar)



Oct. 4, 2018
    "Drink in Middle-earth" by Arien-(Valar)

July 29, 2018
    Updated "Kings and Lords of the Lands of Men" (previously called Human Kings and Lords), "Kings of Arthedain".
    New articles by Varda-(Valar):
        "Beleg, King of Arthedain"

July 2018
    New HTML editor and computer for working on this Encyclopedia after both previous ones had gone to the West. Good luck to us all! The new editor is the Composer in Sea Monkey, with side help from Notepad.
    It is possible that articles put online between this year and last did not survive the transfer onto this news page.



July 2, 2017
    "Almaren" by Varda-(Valar)

June 25, 2017
       Completed the main events for all year tables. The rest will be ongoing tweaking of adding in more events and names, links to articles current and future.

June 4, 2017
       Work has been continuing. Adding in The Great Years, more links added across the whole timeline. This is intended to be a bare bones start, with more events added later.

Feb. 19, 2017

       Work ongoing: more links to our articles added to the The First Age of Ea (Timeline Begins) and to the Second Age. More events added to the Third Age and some links.


Oct. 8, 2016
       Farmer Maggot by Lenwe-(V)

Aug. 7, 2016

    Common Speech wordlist by Ancalim�-(T)

July 17, 2016
        Khuzdul: Dwarvish to English

early and mid-summer
        Orcish to English
        English to Orcish



Aug. 9, 2015
    Updated articles with more information:
       "Names of Ungoliant" by Varda-(Valar)
       "Ungoliant's Origin" by Varda-(Valar)
    Formatting work on the Ungoliant index and articles.



Oct. 9, 2014
    "Food in the Shire"
by Arien-(Valar)

Sept. 29, 2014

    "Who Are the Elven-wise?" by Varda-(Valar)
    Update to "Description of Frodo" by Varda-(Valar)
    Some formatting work including the Glorfindel index and articles, Elves, Objects, Weapons.



July 8, 2013
    One Ring to Rule Them All: Addictions in LotR
by Lisa Smith

Jan. 16, 2013

    Thorin Oakenshield by Arien-(Valar)



Oct. 5, 2012
    Ioreth by Ioreth-(V)

Oct. 4, 2012
    Smaug by Varda-(Valar)



Oct. 4, 2011
by Irmo-(Valar)

Aug. 11, 2011
by Irmo-(Valar)

Aug. 20, 2011
by Varda-(Valar)

July 13, 2011
by Varda-(Valar)

June 6, 2011
    Firiel of N�menor
by Firiel-(T)

March 19, 2011
        I Angamando Vere Hante "The Leaguer of Angband Broken"
Quenya composition by Firiel-(T).

March 12, 2011
by Varda-(Valar)

Jan. 28, 2010
    Purpose and Fate of Man
by Varda-(Valar)

Jan. 25, 2011
    Elves part 2
Information beyond the Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings, by Eonwe-(Valar).
article updated with an additional last line by Eonwe-(Valar).

Jan. 6, 2011
part 1 Information from the Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings, by Eonwe-(Valar). New article: an overview of Elves.

Jan. 4, 2011
    Elf Types
by Varda-(Valar): more material added; reorganized.



Oct. 3, 2010
by Varda-(Valar): more material added to the article from App. A, RotK.
    Elendilmir by Varda-(Valar): more material added from non-RotK appendix.

March 21, 2010

    Raft-elves by Varda-(Valar).



Nov. 27, 2009
    The First Conflict of the Battles of Beleriand
by Varda-(Valar). This article is research in response to a question over which is truly the first battle of Beleriand, with an explanation of where confusion might be caused.

Nov. 1, 2009
    The Fa� and Fa�ry in Keats' Ode to a Nightingale, and in Tolkien's concept
by Turgon-(V)
    Superhuman Power and Corruption
by Turgon-(V)

August 20, 2009
by Eonwe-(Valar). A huge overview of JRRT's writings on Dwarves in the LotR, Sil, and the volumes of the Histories of Middle-earth series.

May 30, 2009
navigation improved.

April 30, 2009
    The Tale of Tin�viel
translation to Sindarin by Luthien-(T).

Feb. 11, 2009
    Dwarves: Information from the Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings
by Eonwe-(Valar)

Jan. 27, 2009
    The Book List and Reviews page
now has Franco Manni's review of Tom Shippey's "Roots and Branches".

Jan. 23, 2009

    "Tom Shippey, Roots and Branches, Walking Tree Publishers, Zollikofen (Switzerland), 2007, pp. 416". Article by Franco Manni-(T).
        Review of Tom Shippey's book, "Roots and Branches", translated from Italian into English.
        Received by email Jan. 13, 2009. Until Arveleg-(V) adds it to the Valar Guild's Book List and Reviews section on his server, it is available from the above link from Varda on Alatar's server.


Dec. 17, 2008
    Tolkien and the Two World Wars
by Fingolfin-(TV). Article under Tolkien, the man.

    To My Mother by Luthien-(TV). Languages: Sindarin: original poem written in Sindarin and translated to English.
Dec. 16, 2008
articles added, included in the A-Z menu.
    Minor articles were added by Varda-Valar for the Kings pages to keep up the flow and for later additions: Tarcil, Tarondor, Valandur, Elendur, Earendur.
    The Valandils and Eldacars were given separate pages to allow better flow for the Kings pages.
    Touch-ups and corrections to some of the Kings pages.
        Isildur's article now shows on the page for Mankind; the original article's been up since Nov 2007, but the link had never been updated, going only to an image page that also did not link to the article.
       The subject menu frame now has a working link to the A-Z frame.

Dec. 7, 2008
article updated with more information.

Oct. 29, 2008
    Concerning Goblins (Orcs) in The Hobbit
by Arien-(Valar).

Sept. 25, 2008
    Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Translation to Sindarin by Luthien-(TV) for the Language Section.

July 21, 2008
    The Valar Guild Book List and Reviews for Tolkien Subjects,
handled by Arveleg-(V), has moved to a new server.
       He warns that "I did encounter one technical difficulty. I noticed on some other computers that when the text size is larger than the "medium" setting in Internet Explorer, it makes the book reviews home page's text kind of distorted."

July 11, 2008
Page on how to make a bibliography: Forms for Making a Bibliography.

June 1, 2008
Discovering the Inspiration behind Tolkien's Lord of the Rings by CuChullaine O'Reilly FRGS

April 16, 2008
    Papers, Languages:
Helge Fauskanger:  Tolkien-linguist Extraordinaire by Amaranth-(V).

Feb. 22, 2008
          Death in Tolkien's Legendarium
by Amaranth-(V).

Feb. 18, 2008
    Under the Subject section for Papers:
        Real and Imaginary History in Lord of the Rings by Franco Manni-(TV)
        Translation by Jimmy Bishop for Franco Manni.
        Received by email Feb. 17, 2008, written much earlier.


Dec. 31, 2007
    Battles of Beleriand project by Fingolfin-(TV)
       Nirnaeth Arnoediad: Battle of Unnumbered Tears by Varda-(Valar) as an addition to the above project.

Dec. 2, 2007
    Articles under B: added title and author meta tags to the head.  
        <meta name="title" content="nameofpage">
        <meta name="author" content="nameofauthor">

Nov. 27, 2007
    Isildur by Varda-(Valar).

    Kings of Rohan now has dates for the kings, and the successors may be followed from page to page.
    Search engine aid by adding <meta name="title" content="nameofpage"> into the articles under A.

Oct. 10, 2007
        Tolkien and Beowulf by Ancalagon-(V)
. Sent in for the Tenth Anniversary of the Valar Guild.

Oct. 7, 2007
        The Corruption of the Lord of the Rings by Ancalagon-(V).
Sent in for the Tenth Anniversary of the Valar Guild.

Oct. 6, 2007
    The Complete Chronology of the First Age of Ea by Arveleg-(V) is now online! This is an enormous resource in progress, intended to show the timeline from the creation of the Ainur to after the end of Arda. It was written to come out for the Tenth Anniversary of the Valar Guild.

Aug. 5, 2007
is now handling the Tolkien Encyclopedia section: Book List and Reviews. He has made a new site on a new server, building on previous pages by Lungorthin-(Valar) who built on Varda-(Valar)'s.

July 24, 2007
Articles by Arveleg-(V): 
Animals: Arroch
       Men: Gethron, Grithnir, �marth, Titles and Names of Turin
       Objects: The Helm of Hador
       Places: Haudh-en-Nirnaeth

July 15, 2007
    Articles by Arveleg-(V) posted:
       Places: Bar-en-Nibin-noeg, Cabed-en-Aras, Celebros, and Crossings of Teiglin.

July 14, 2007
    Article by Arveleg-(V) posted:
       Dwarves: Gamil Zirak

July 13, 2007
    Article by Arveleg-(V) posted:
Objects: Aranr�th

July 10, 2007
    Articles by Arveleg-(V) posted:
       Men: Algund, Andr�g, Forweg, Orleg, Ulrad, "Gaurwaith: Outlaws of Turin", Larnach, "Urwen or Lalaith", Sador

July 9, 2007
    New articles by Arveleg-(V):
       Thought piece, put under Objects, cross-reference to Eru: "Flame Imperishable or the Secret Fire"
       These next articles use only the Children of Hurin as a reference and should go up this week:
       Objects/Weapons: Belthronding, and Aranr�th.
       Dwarves: Gamil Zirak
       Men: Algund, Andr�g, Forweg, Gaurwaith, Lalaith or Urwen, Larnach, Sador, Orleg, and Ulrad.
       Places: Bar-en-Nibin-noeg, Cabed-en-Aras, Celebros, and the Crossings of Teiglin.

July 5, 2007
    New articles
by Arveleg-(V).
        Dwarves: "Azagh�l", "DainI"
    Updated article on "Origin of Orcs" by Varda-(Valar). First orcs coming against Beleriand, against Thingol's kingdom.
    Updated article on "Thorin's Company" by Varda-(Valar). Small addition on which ones were of Durin's line.
    Link repaired under the major subject heading of "Dwarves", going to General articles.

June 27, 2007
    New articles by Arveleg-(V) fka Arveleg I-(TV). Many are from the new Children of Hurin:
        Dwarves: "Ibun", "Kh�m"
        Elves: "Nellas"
        Men: "Asgon", "Indor"
        Objects: "Danwedh"
        Non-human Intelligences: "Spiders of Mirkwood"
        Plants: "Aeglos", "Seregon"   

May 30, 2007
    The Silmarillion: Book Review by Arveleg I-(TV)
. This is Arveleg's entry article for joining the guild. He hopes to be writing an article helping us with the Kings project as well.

April 15, 2007
    Arien-(Valar), promoted from Finduilas-(V),
has had a file name change for her articles and Author's Page, and her work is now credited as Arien-(Valar).
    New Article: "Borin" by Borin-(V) and Finduilas-(V). This husband and wife team not only do well together in gaming, but brought us this article.
    New Article: "Finduilas, Daughter of Adrahil" by Finduilas-(V). The vacant Finduilas name was quickly filled by this able lady!

 Feb. 27, 2007
    Book review by Franco Manni-(TV)
, seven pages:
"Christopher Garbowski, Recovery and Transcendence for the Contemporary Mythmaker. The Spiritual Dimension in the Works of J. R. R. Tolkien,
Maria Curie-Sklodowska University Press, Lublin (Poland), 2000, 232 pages.

Feb. 6, 2007
    Update to "Orom�" by Varda.

Jan. 30, 2007
    Slight update to "Elf Types" by Varda.

Jan. 21, 2007
Finduilas, Daughter of Orodreth" by Finduilas-(V), giving the two versions of the story of the elf maid as they are given in the Silmarillion and Book of Lost Tales 2. This is Finduilas' first article for us, but she has also given us short stories and humor.
    Added the rest of the Dwarves from Thorin's Company to the A-Z menu.
    Corrected the Tolkien Site index for non-framed to non-framed links.

Jan. 2, 2007
    "The Seven Structural Wonders of Middle-earth"
by Barahir-(V). Emailed Dec. 27, 2006, posting completed Jan. 2, 2007.


Dec. 24, 2006
    Search Engine!
Eonwe-(Valar) programmed this search engine from scratch for the Valar Guild's Tolkien Encyclopedia as his Christmas present. Enjoy this brilliant piece of work now on the home pages for both the framed and unframed versions of the Encyclopedia:

Nov. 26, 2006
    Now linked into the Encyclopedia: "Ar-Pharaz�n: from Armenelos to Aman" in English, "Ar-Pharaz�n: da Armenelos ad Aman" in the original Italian, and "De Armenelos en Aman" in French, by Emanuele "Theoden" Scalzo-(TV). The English translation was emailed Nov. 22, 2006. Opinions expressed, as always, belong to the author and may or may not be the official position of the Valar Guild.

Nov. 25, 2006

    The Ar-Pharazon index is now set up to take care of accumulated articles.

Nov. 14, 2006
in English and the original Italian, by Emanuele "Theoden" Scalzo-(TV)

Nov. 9, 2006
Ar-Pharaz�n: da Armenelos ad Aman" in Italian, "De Armenelos en Aman" translated from Italian to French. This is an article by Emanuele "Theoden" Scalzo-(TV). He intends to send an English translation.

Nov. 2, 2006
    "The Mirror of Galadriel"
by Varda-(Valar)
    "The Phial of Galadriel"
by Varda-(Valar)
    Objects page now has an alphabetical listing

Nov. 1, 2006
    "Sharp Glance"
by Emanuele "Theoden" Scalzo-(TV) is now up. The original article in Italian is also up.

Oct. 30, 2006
    Elves/ Elf Types
: updated this article with a new and separate section on Moriquendi, and rearranged the types.
    Separated the article on Maeglin by Alatar-(Valar)-ex onto it's own page, moved the Maeglin Index into a folder.

Oct. 7, 2006
    Thorin's Company project continued:
       "Bifur of Thorin's Company", "Bofur of Thorin's Company".
       Filled in links for the earlier part of the project.

Oct. 3, 2006
    Thorin's Company project continued:
       "Gloin", "Ori in Thorin's Company", "Oin in Thorin's Company", "Bombur of Thorin's Company". Additions to the previous members.

Oct. 2, 2006
    New project:
"Thorin's Company", for the 9th anniversary of the Valar Guild. It has started with the incomplete articles "Thorin's Company" which is also an index, "Balin of Thorin's Company", "Dwalin", "Fili", "Kili", "Dori", "Nori". At this point the author gave out for the night.

Sept. 26, 2006
    New article: "Finwe".
This article is by Fingolfin-(TV) of Greece, and is the article with which he gained his Tolkien-only Honor, using a Greek version of the Silmarillion. Quite a feat!

Aug. 24, 2006
    Updated links on the Man page. (Click Reload or Refresh.)
    Started work on Man articles under A to make the format more the same and add links.
    Added this What's New page to the no-frames index and left frame menu. Added spaces to the no-frames index for area separation.
    All 10 A-Z additions done.
    Added more to the article on Tar-Minastir.

Aug. 21, 2006
    Finished Numenorean Kings links so as to run right down the line inside the articles through Ar-Pharazon.
    For this continuity, Varda made articles for: Tar-Calmacil, Tar-Ciryatan, Tar-Minastir, Tar-Telemmaite,  Tar-Vanimelde.
    Added another article on Ar-Adunakhor.
    King articles need added to the Man page and A-Z.

Aug. 19, 2006
    Updated Numenorean Kings with more links to each other.
    Made articles, allowing smoother navigation along the line of the first ten kings, for Elros (additional), Tar-Elendil, Tar-Meneldur, Tar-Surion, Tar-Telperien, Vardamir. Not on A-Z menu yet. Work in progress.

July 18, 2006
    Worked on pages for the Kings of men, Man page, Malbeth.

July 17, 2006
    Finished separating the articles for the page of Man. Updated the A-Z menu and Author's pages for each article.
    Elves page: corrected Author's credits so they go to the author's pages and show just the current name on the article. Added author list and desired articles at the bottom.
    Updated this page.
Horizontal line dividers are now being used on this page: small between months, long between years. I'm not sure if it's helpful or distracting.

July 14, 2006
    New article: Denethor's Depression by Varda-(Valar). Second article under the Denethor II Index.
    A-Z menus are updating as the page of Man is separated. I like the addition of the author list on the bottom of the main subjects at least while separating. It's also interesting to me at least to see which authors seem to prefer which subjects.
    Horizontal line dividers are now being used on this page: small between months, long between years. I'm not sure if it's helpful or distracting.

July 3-4, 2006
(midnight and wee hour oil burning)
    Updated A-Z menus quite a bit and did repairs to bad previous links, plus spot tweaks to some articles as they came up during the update.

July 1, 2006
    Updated "Oathbreakers" article.
    Work has been ongoing on the Mankind page, the most complicated one yet due to them many lines of rulers. Most has not been uploaded yet.

May 3, 2006
    Boromir and Eomer articles were separated out today. New Author page for Eomer-(V). New pictures in numerous articles added thanks to Bohemian Weasel.
    Numerous king indices have been created and related articles separated out since the last mentioned articles update.

April 11, 2006
    The last subject section, Mankind, is now having its articles separated. Today, it was the index for Aragorn II, and for the Kings of the Mark with related articles.

April 9, 2006
section now organized into separate articles.
    Note to writers: we seem to be avoiding the evil places in our writing.

April 4, 2006
    New article: World of Tolkien
by Menelvagor-(Valar)

March 24, 2006
    New article: Gimli
by Gazarok-(TV)
    New article: Mumakil by Gazarok-(TV)

Feb. 22, 2006
    New paper! The Complexity of Tolkien's Attitude Towards the Second World War by Franco Manni-(TV) and Simone Bonechi. Much food for thought.
    New section just for Tolkien.

Feb. ?, 2006
(before Feb. 19, 2006)
    Work started on separating the articles on the pages of Mankind into smaller indices for each. This will make the last Subject page to be broken up. Then the A-Z listing of indices will be updatable and much more useful. The A-Z will not show the actual number of articles, but of indices of articles. Right now it appears to be far more useful in finding articles relating to a particular person, even if they are not mentioned in an article.

Feb. 8, 2006
    Finrod index of articles now with picture and quote, as well as index. Set up section on Finrod's names. Later, the picture was found to cause confusion, as readers thought they had hit an article, so the picture and quote were moved to the meatiest actual article (Irmo's).

Feb. 7, 2006
    Objects section completely separated.
        Added new part for Sculpture.
    Looking at Joomla as a potential Contents Management System. Current experiment by Farmer Maggot-(V) on his server.

Jan. 4, 2006
    Objects page: article separation beginning.
    Update to the Mithril Shirt description article by Varda.


Dec. 19, 2005
    Non-Humanoid Intelligences page split into individual articles (actually indices). Appropriate Author links.
    Animals page under Wolves now has a link to Werewolves from the Non-Humanoid page.

Dec. 6, 2005
    Separated Hobbit articles, with appropriate Author links and some new Author pages.
    Added links to the Fellowship page, causing a need for separated Hobbit articles.
    Changing Link colors on the worked-on pages and on a number of other sections (Animals, Ents, Plants, Stars and all their sub-categories, What's New, some regular guild page) to something more pleasant to the eye, at least to mine, hoping to make them the same on the whole site. I've been told CSS could make the whole site set-up change with one line of code, so I'm looking into it.
    I must remember to use this page as well as the main News page.  :)

Nov. 13, 2005
    New section under Languages on Orcish. It has new Orcish/English and English/Orcish dictionaries.

Oct. 20, 2005
    Added new frames connecting the main Encyc better into Poetry, Art, Stories, Papers, Humor.
    "Places" section: more article separation.

Oct. 19, 2005
    Powers section: rearranged for clarity, dropped a twice-listed entry.
    Places section: linked authors to their pages: Anarion-(TV)-ex, Varda-(Valar), Beleg-(V) updated to Draugluin-(Valar) and made author page, Eonwe-(Valar)-ex, Tilion-(Valar), Elatan-(Valar). Separating articles. Added a quick description of Beorn's Hall, as it is not fun to put up a reference with nothing but a picture, plus I put a request on the Articles page for more. Added more requests. Not going to finish tonight, so I'm not putting up the main Places section with the new links; too many don't point anywhere yet and I have more to separate. Did about half. The articles are reachable by not using the frames, but use the URL just back to the articles and pick the letter.
    Papers section: slight updates to navigation.

    I've been listening to comments on the navigation (which, have mercy, is under revamp), and trying to work on some of the suggestions.
    Experimented with links inside articles that go to Varda, plus link fix for Author's page. (Messing with my own role-playing name prevents potentially upsetting someone else.) Proper linking simply cannot be completed until all articles are separated. The links have a distracting look for me when reading, but are supposed to be helpful when studying; perhaps use Elatan's system of underline but don't change color? Gave that a try, but it looks the same as the underlines for book names, a bit confusing; went back to the brown link scheme. "Places" looks like the most important next page to separate, linked everywhere.
    The second frame on the right for all entries under a group of letters will not be feasible, due to the huge number of articles making an insanely long scroll. This might have to be cut into multiple sections or changed to a page, with the A-Z list on the left frame and no right frame like Mark Fisher's Encyclopedia of Arda.
    The only other way to make the right frame work is to use it only under subject headings. This was Elatan's solution in Annals of Arda, where he put the subject on the left and A-Z on the top.
    So a combination of the approaches might be good, if I can stand the work. Have a page for each alphabet for links. Have a right frame for alphabetical lists of the subjects. However, I might keep it as it is now evolving: subject pages with lists for both general topics and alphabetical lists for individuals; plus the pages for each letter with no right frame, but probably a table for big pages.

Oct. 16, 2005
    The Orc page has been separated out, Author's pages linked, and Orc articles (actually indices) added to the A-Z.

Oct. 10, 2005

    The Tolkien Encyclopedia reached its seventh year anniversary in September. Congratulations to the Valar Guild for keeping it going so long!
    The new A-Z navigation rolled out this month, although incomplete. The subject index will continue as always (and has always been kept complete), with this additional help added.
    We already have a What's New for the Stories and Poetry sections, so it's about time to start a What's New in the Articles Section.

Earlier articles were not listed here at the time, but on the general News only. They go back as far as October 1997 or in 1998 when we started publishing online.