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Article: "Eomer" by Eomer-(V)
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by Eomer-(V)
Feb. 5, 2000

    Éomer Éadig, 18th king of the Mark, first of the third line. Born by Théodwyn, - sister of the 17th king, Théoden;- who was married to the marshal, Éomund, in 2991.
    He became king during the War of the Ring, when Théoden was killed by his horse, Snowmane. Théoden named Eomer king before his death because his only son, Theodred, had recently been killed by Saruman's forces while defending the Fords of Isen.
    Éomer wedded Lothíriel, the daughter of Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth; and reigned for sixty-five years.
    The kingship was taken up by his son, Elfwine the Fair, at his death in F.A 63 (3084).

References: LotR, RotK Appendix


by Varda-(Valar)
Nov. 9, 1999

    Eomer Eadig, sister's son of Theoden whose son Theodred fell in battle before he could become king.
    While young, Eomer took care of what had been his father's responsibility in the east marches, as a marshal of the mark, serving valiantly and well. He recognized the worth of Aragorn and his companions. Eomer showed initiative in his independent action concerning Aragorn and his companions, later becoming King Elessar's close friend and companion in battles. Theoden, while dying on the Field of Pelennor, named Eomer his heir.
    Since Eomer started kingship young, he ruled for sixty-five years, longer than any previous of their kings since Aldor the Old. Under Eomer's reign, both people and horses multiplied. Aragorn renewed the Oath of Cirion to Eomer, and Eomer renewed the Oath of Eorl, so that Aragorn ruled Gondor and Arnor while Eomer ruled Rohan as allies. Together they fought the many leavings of Sauron, including battle beyond the Sea of Rhun and the far fields of the South.
    In the last year of the Third Age, Eomer wed Lothiriel, daughter of Eomer's friend, Prince Imrahil.
    Their son, Elfwine the Fair, ruled after Eomer.
    Eomer's sister was the reknowned Eowyn the Shieldmaiden who became Princess of Osgiliath upon marrying Faramir II.

Reference: Lord of the Rings , RotK Appendix A II "Kings of the Mark: Third Line".
Succeeded by Elfwine

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