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Aerandir-(T), first Aerandir-(V 2004-2014): Art
Alasse Merenrel-(T) 
Poetry, Stories
Alatar-(Valar) Domain name; Server space for most of the text on and for the graphics after AuSteinM could no longer provide the graphics server; Ventrilo chat (dropped Ventrilo after a few years, picked up by Irmo-Valar)
Alatar-(T)  Articles
Amaranth-(V)  Articles
Anarion-(T) fka Anarion-(V)  Articles 
Ancalagon-(V)  Articles, Riddles, Stories, meeting transcripts for the News, Sil card game co-worker.
Ancalime-(T)  Languages: Common Speech
Arathorn-(T) fka Arathorn-(V) fka Arathorn-(Valar)  Art, Articles, Poetry 
Arien-(Valar)  Articles; Humor: "Belfalas" text under "Middle-earth Vacaton spots"; Poetry, Stories
Ar-Pharazon-(V) Stories. Meeting transcripts for the News
Arveleg-(T) fka Arveleg-(V 2007-2015)  Articles , website space and local webmaster for the Book List and Reviews section of the Tolkien Site.
  Server space for guild graphics for years on, no longer available due to increasing expense (most graphics space now provided by Alatar-(Valar).

Balin-(V 2001-2002)  Articles, Poetry, Stories 
Barahir-(V)  Articles, Poetry, Stories
Beren-(Valar)  Articles, Languages: Lore Book of the High Elven Tongue
Bohemian Weasel-(T) Art, Humor. aka Soni Alcorn-Hender, professional artist, gave special permission to link to her art page, usually not given. For Encyc use.
Borin-(V)  Articles
Branwyn-(T), now Mirabella-(V)
Bregalad-(T) , fka Bregald-(V) fka Quickbeam-(V). Articles 

Cassia-(T)  Art, Stories
Celebrian-(T)  Articles
Clarke, Jason  Articles 
CuChullaine O'Reilly FRGS  Articles

Daeron-(T) , fka Daeron-(V),  fka Cirdan-(V) see Articles , Stories
Dior-(V)  Articles
Draugluin-(T) fka Draugluin-(Valar)  Articles
Dreamlord-(T), fka first Irmo-(Valar)  Articles, Poetry, Stories
Durin-(V)-ex  Articles
Dwalin-(T)  Art 

Earendil-(V) Articles, Stories
Eiladwyn-(T)  Stories
Elatan-(T)  Art, Articles, Poetry, Annals of Arda Encyclopedia
Elendil-(V)-ex  Articles
Elrond-(V)-ex  Articles
Elrond-(V)-ex2  Articles, Poetry, Stories, Language (Sindarin)
Elros-(Valar)-ex  Articles
Elwing-(V)  Art, Articles, Poetry, Stories 
Emanuele "Theoden" Scalzo-(T) also listed as Theoden-(T)Articles (English, Italian, French)
Enerdhil-(T)  Stories
Eonwe-(Valar) [Vala Honor]  Articles, Article SearchPoetry, Stories, Forum admin, programming, Games Site, State of Valar Gaming annual reports, World of WarCraft's Lothar server branch leader.
Eonwe-(T) fka Eonwe-(Valar 1999-2000) [Maia Honor] fka Hurin-(V), aka Andrew T.  Articles 
Eowyn-(V)  Art (title graphics), programming advice
Eru-(Valar) Articles, Poetry, Stories 

Finduilas-(T) Articles
Fingolfin-(T)  Articles
Fingon-(V) Stories, Quenya Translations
Finrod-(V)-ex  Articles
Firiel-(T) Articles, Poetry, Stories, Quenya Translations
Fladrif-(V)  Art, Stories
Franco Manni-(T)  Articles

Gandalf-(T)   Articles 
Gazarok-(T)  Articles
Glorfindel-(V)  Music
Gwaihir-(Valar)  Articles 

Haldir-(V)-ex  Articles  (not changed to Aragorn, as that was the previous Haldir in 2001)
Haleth-(V) Articles, Poetry, Stories
Hansen, Nicki T. , aka GWiZ. Articles 
He That Walks Unseen-(T)  Poetry , Stories
Hoegard Harfoot  Poetry

Ilmare-(Valar)-ex  Articles
Indis-(T)  Poetry
Indis-(V)  Poetry , Stories
Ioreth-(V) Stories
Irmo-(Valar)  Articles, Poetry, Stories, Quenya Translations, Ventrilo server

Jason Clarke  Articles
Jay of Lasgalen  Stories 
Jeff Russell fka Manwe-(Valar)  Articles, Poetry


Lady Nan - Articles
Laurelin Caline-(T)
Articles, Humor, Poetry , Stories
Lenwe-(V)  Art, Articles
Liek  Stories
Lisa Smith  Articles
Little Jewel  Art, Stories
Lungorthin-(Valar)   Articles, Book Review page and server space for it 
Luthien-(T)  Art, Languages, Poetry

Maggot, Farmer-(V)
  Server space, programming
Maglor-(T)  Articles  
Maglor-(V)  Articles, Poetry, Stories. Does a Tolkien Trivia page (not guild-related)
Manik Raina-(T)  Poetry
Marigold-(V) Art, Articles, Poetry
Manwe-(Valar)-ex  Articles, Poetry
Menelvagor-(Valar), fka Turgon-(V). Articles, Poems, Stories, Humor webmaster plus some entries, Forum starter and admin
Menelvagor-(Valar)-ex  Art 
Merewen-(T) Poetry
Meriadoc-(V) Poetry
Mirabella-(V)  Poetry, Stories
Miriel-(V)  Art 

Nan see Lady Nan 
Naomi-(T)  Poetry
Nerdanel-(V)  Art
Norgen  Stories


Pallando-(Valar)  Articles, Stories; Eve Online branch master 
Pentangle  Stories
Pippin-(V)  Poetry

Quickbeam-(V)-ex  see Bregalad-(V)-ex

*Rico Abrahamsen - see Dreamlord-(T)  
Rombadillo  Art

Saruman-(Valar)-ex  Articles 
Siobhan-(T)  Art, Stories
Shadow  Stories
Soni Alcorn-Hender, see The Bohemian Weasel-(T)
StarLight-(T)  Stories

Theoden-(T) Also listed as Emanuele "Theoden" Scalzo-(T)Articles (in English, Italian, and French)
Thorondor-(Valar) Articles 
Tilion-(Valar)Articles , Quiz
TJ-(T)  Art map with map game
Tom Bombadil-(Valar)  Most of his articles were on his personal server that went down.
Tristin-(T)  Articles
Turgon-(V)  Art, Articles
Turin-(V)  Articles
Tuvo-(V)-ex  Art

Ulmo-(Valar)  Art, Articles 

Varda-(Valar) : Articles, Poetry, Stories, Humor: Vacations, Adusting; Languages: Dwarvish, Orcish. Tolkien Site editor and site maker, overall guild sites as webmaster, Anniversary reports, a Forum admin. LotRO's Landroval server branch founder/leader.
Vasiliki  Articles 



Yav  Articles


Name honor extensions:
    -(V) full member of the Valar Guild, includes ability for Tolkien, gaming, scouting, forum, AIM live meetings, and may include webwork.
    -(Valar) attained Tolkien honors as a full member of the Valar Guild and can do entry tests: Maia honor or Maia and Vala honor. Maia is a LotR expert who contributed to the overall guild. Vala is a Maia who added being a Silmarillion expert and did a great deal for the overall guild.
    -(T) Tolkien-only member of the Valar Guild, meaning the person added to the Tolkien Site but does not game with the group. Changed format from -(TV) in 2008, otherwise identical.
    -(TV) Old designation for a Tolkien-only member of the Valar Guild. These folk are in the guild because they added to the Tolkien Site. They are also welcome for scouting, meetings, and forum.
    -ex  Unable to contact, so the membership dropped as gaming members.  Full members usually need to re-test and may re-take their old name if no new person has picked it up yet. Maia and Vala members need to restart as Full Members.
    No name extension means a friend who contributed, but did not say they would like to be counted as a member. Any accepted contributor to the Tolkien Site is eligible for the -(T).

Rotating images for the index page:

Rotating art is found under Tolkien in our art section: the Glittering Caves.
Artists showcased this way are:
    Bohemian Weasel-T
    Elatan-(T), previously Amillo-(Valar)


    Individual members, see above, or see The Glittering Caves of Aglarond 
    Bohemian Weasel - professional artist, including Tolkien subjects, by Soni Alcorn-Hender. Take a look at her art, but it is copyrighted and she does not normally allow direct links.
    The Dark Side of Tolkien - (Down). About the evil in Tolkien stories that had to be fought. Images, articles, links. By Jason Volonakis
    Glittering Caves of Aglarond - Valar Guild collection of original Tolkien-inspired art.
    Hildebrandt, Greg and Tim - see below for copyright and web site.
    Howe, John - see below for copyright and web site.
    A Journey to Middle-earth - personal page of the artist, Alexandra Helena Koskoinen. Permission is needed to use the images (for which we thank her kindness!) (Note: 9/29/2005 permission was given for the old site. Ask if linking allowed to new). Due to the bandwidth problem, going through Rolozo's page for individual pictures may be better. A Journey to Middle-earth (site closed). Her new gallery art site is in English with all her pictures, and in Finnish, but no longer has a separate Tolkien section.
    The Monastery of Ages - multi-user role playing. Includes a section of artwork including Tolkien art
    ROLOZO Tolkien page - our major contributor of images with his magnificent, huge image collection and kindly emails. By Ryan Lovett
    Tuvo-(V) - original art: painting of The Black Gates of Morannon; original sculpture of Frodo. His work is collected in the Glittering Caves of Aglarond.

Legal Copyright Notices et aliud

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    This site and site operators make no money (we lose money) from our hobby of running a Tolkien fan and gamers' site.
    All work on this site is the property of its author, used with permission on the Valar Guild's site. 
    The Tolkien Estate owns the ultimate rights to all things related to JRRT and Christopher Tolkien. We thank them for allowing fans to show their appreciation with our site and activities. The Tolkien Estate is the original source of licenses for paid endeavors.
    Tolkien Enterprises, a division of the Saul Zaentz company, handles licensing related to H and LotR. Note the URL is Tolkien-Ent  :)
    New Line Enterprises (made the live LotR movies!) has the licensing for merchandise and services related to those movies and their artwork.
    Harper Collins Publishing has licensing rights to the printed works of JRRT and Christopher Tolkien.

Links only:
    Bohemian Weasel - professional art, including Tolkien subjects, by Soni Alcorn-Hender. Take a look at her art, but it is copyrighted and she does not normally allow direct links.
    Hildebrandt Artwork : "All Hildebrandt Tolkien art copyrighted Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, All rights Reserved." They have a section on the site called the Spiderwebart Gallery . Any use of their art requires a copyright notice on your site and a link to their site as well, both of which we are delighted to provide! Their art is linked to and enjoyed by the Valar Guild website including our Tolkien Encyclopedia. This gallery includes other artists as well. The "About the Gallery" section includes a photo of Greg Hildebrandt! Tim Hildebrandt is now deceased, but his work lives forever.
    John Howe's page - He opens his page with a letter to us fans. Hit "Enter" at the top to ooh and ahh over his art, read more info, see photos including him, or jump into the forum.
    John Howe's comments (from his FAQ) on web sites using his images:
To put it in a nutshell, there are four conditions for use of any of my imagery on a web site (not including of course photos by other persons; in that case their permission must be requested).
1. That the use be strictly non-commercial.
2. That the work be properly credited.
3. That a clear link to be provided.
4. Last but not least, that the use of the image be in accordance with the image itself. This is perhaps hard to make clear, but I would refuse, for example, use of one of my pictures to promote ideas, concepts or undertakings with which I disagree, or for which the image's prime purpose is only to attract attention to something entirely different.
    Ted Nasmith's sole UK dealer: ADC Books
    The One, host of ROLOZO Tolkien's collection of art and other art used here.