Cassia-(T)'s Cave


Illustrations for the Mellon Chronicles Story Series, written by Cassia-(T) and Siohban-(T)

"Tears Like Rain" by Cassia
"Tears Like Rain"
"Captive of Darkness" by Cassia
"Captive of Darkness"
"Hope" art by Cassia, story by Siobhan

"Father's Love". Artist: Cassia
"Father's Love"
"Never Alone". Artist: Cassia
"Never Alone"
"First Meetings" art by Cassia
"First Meetings"
Change of Mind, Change of Heart
"Change of Heart,
Change of Mind

"Exile". Artist: Cassia
"Return". Artist: Cassia
"You Make Me Home", artist Cassia
"You Make Me Home"

Mistaken Identity
"Mistaken Identity"

No art.

"Family Trouble"
"Black Breath" art by Cassia
"Black Breath"
"Sickness" by Cassia

"Seventh Stone" art by Cassia
"Seventh Stone"

"Betrayal" art by Cassia

Illustrated by Siobhan, written by Siobhan for Cassia.

"Legolas' No Good, Rotten Day"

"The Stars of Harad" art by Cassia
"The Stars of Harad"

No art.

"Mind's Eye"
"Dark Visions" art by Cassia
"Dark Visions"

"Traitor" art by Cassia
"Escape from Mordor" art by Cassia
"Escape from Mordor"

"Curse of Angmar" art by Cassia
"Curse of Angmar"

"Siege of Dread" by Cassia
"Siege of Dread"
"Between Darkness and Dawn" art by Cassia
"Between Darkness & Dawn"

"Never Cold in Your Shadow" art by Cassia
"Never Cold in Your Shadow"

"Trouble Follows" art by Cassia
"Trouble Follows"

"It Had to Be Caves" art by Cassia
"Cave Story 1: It Had to Be Caves"

"It Had to Be Stairs" art by Cassia
"Cave Story 2" It Had to Be Stairs"

"Down and Up" art by Cassia
"Cave Story 3:
Down and Up Again
by Katie.
Permit by Cassia & Siobhan

No art.

"Coronation Jitters"

No art.

"Only the Beginning"
"Cell Number Eight" art by Cassia
"Cell Number Eight"
"Remember How to Smile" art by Cassia
"Remember How to Smile"


"And So the End" art by Cassia
"And So the End"

Cassia's Illustrations for other writers' stories:

Art by Cassia. Story by Jay of Lasgalen.
"To the Ends of Middle-earth"
by Jay of Lasgalen

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    Cassia-(T) is from the United States.
    She joined the Valar Guild as a Tolkien-only member Feb. 3, 2006. All of her art is copyrighted by Cassia and used here with her permission.
    The links go to the stories for which the illustrations are made, and are the same name as the artwork.

    Most of the Thumbnails through "Vilya" were created by Arwen-(V), a few by Varda-(Valar). Constrained images are made with apologies by Varda-(Valar).
    Aug. 6, 2009 thumbnails by Varda made for: And So the End, Betrayal, Between Darkness and Dawn, Black Breath, Cell Number Eight, Curse of Angmar;
Dark Visions, Down and Up Holiday, To the Ends of Middle-earth, Escape from Mordor, It Had to be Caves, It Had to be Stairs;
Never Cold, Trouble Follows, Priceless Treasure, Seventh Stone, Sickness, Siege of Dread, Stars of Harad, Traitor.