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Nerdanel sculpting
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"Nerdanel the Wise was arguably the greatest sculptor in the history of Tolkein's Middle-earth. Her father was Mahtan who learned the working of stone and metal from Aulë, the God of Crafting, himself. Her husband was Fëanor, the maker of the Silmarils."

This painting was provided for the Valar Guild's 14th Anniversary on October 4, 2011 and also illustrates the article "Nerdanel" in the Valar Guild Tolkien Encyclopedia.

Contact Nerdanel-(V)

    Nerdanel-(V) is from California. She joined the Valar Guild on August 7, 2011 with Full Member Honor and games with us in Lord of the Rings Online.
    Her bio from Deviant Art:

I am a professional digital artist with degrees in Game Art and Computer Science. I love Science and Numbers and Words and Games of all sorts (video, board, tabletop and puzzle). I read quite a lot, write some of the time, and draw not nearly enough.

    Her work above may also be found on Deviant Art.  Here's her starting page there, including her ongoing Tarot Deck using My Little Pony subjects.


Nerdanel Oct. 4, 2011