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    Texas, USA. CST
    Varda-(Valar) is a Valar Honor member, co-chair of the overall Valar Guild, overall webmaster, Tolkien Site webmaster and editor, contact person, LotRO branch founder and leader.
    BS: major in Biology, minor Chemistry. Updated with courses in computer hardware and software. Became an editor and writer. Go figure.


Egg Hunt
    Written for the Valar Guild for Easter 2010 and presented as an egg on the News page under the Happy Easter announcement.
    Aulė, Yavanna, Radagast.
    April 4, 2010. Complete.

Staying Sharp
    Who does Elrond lean on for support when everyone depends on him?
    200 words (double drabble)
    June 9, 2000.  Complete.

Legolas Reborn
    What happened to Legolas of Gondolin?
    Caution: character death.
      Feb. 16, 2004.  Complete.

Me First
    When an orc wants the lead...
    Written for the 19th Anniversary of the Valar Guild. Prompt: What brings contentment or happiness to a character, member of any race, whether a book character or not?
    Short story.
    Oct. 3, 2016. Complete

Honor is Life
    Beregond's choice.
    100 words for the Valar drabble challenge: A heroic act.
    March 8, 2009. Complete.

We Won!
    An orc farmer handles the news of a win by Sauron's side. Written for the 25th Anniversary of the Valar Guild: October 4, 2022.
    Short story.
    Orcs and wargs.
    September 20, 2022. Complete.