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    "Alasse Merenrel" joined the Valar Guild Tolkien-only Valar on November 4, 2005 with her first two short stories: "The Choice of Luthien" and "Namarie, Arwen"..
    "Disclaimer: Tolkien lit the flame for thousands of fanfic writers’ torches. This is mine".
    She also posts on where she writes as SimplyChristine.

    Latest story:
       Jan. 4, 2008 "First-born". Companion piece to "Second-born".
       Jan. 3, 2008 "Another Day"

The Choice of Arwen

The Choice of Luthien
Luthien has a vision of Aragorn and Arwen.
Her first fan fiction.
Sil, LotR
Aragorn, Arwen, Luthien
One chapter.
Posted here Nov. 4, 2005. Previously posted on    

Namárië, Arwen
Arwen departs the circles of this world
Her second fan fiction.
Arwen, Elrond, Galadriel
One chapter.
Posted her Nov. 4, 2005. Previously posted on

Ilúvatar’s Gift
While in Valinor, Elrond must come to terms with separation from loved ones who took the mortal's path.
One chapter.
Posted here Jan. 30, 2006. Previously posted on 


Second-born of Denethor's sons, Faramir contemplates what sets the First-born Elves and Second-born Men apart.
Companion piece to "First-born".
Faramir (pov), Mithrandir (Gandalf), mentions of Boromir and Denethor.
Short story
Posted here March 4, 2007

First-born of Denethor's sons, Boromir writes in his log about his impressions of the First-born called the Elves.
Companion piece to "Second-born".
LotR in Rivendell
Boromir's PoV
Short story
Posted here Jan.
4, 2008.  

Another Day
The blasting orc's point of view at Helm's Deep, movie-verse.
"Yes, another morbid tale. Exploring the shadows in Tolkien’s world is easier than going about in its daylight. Hmm, that sounds sinister...all the same even the shadows are Tolkien’s, not mine. I just lurk in them from time to time."
"While writing the nice, happier story centered in the Shire, my thoughts deviated to the darker Helm's Deep. Thus this piece came out. I hope you enjoy it, dark though it is..."
Written for the 10th Anniversary of the Valar Guild
Blasting Orc, Sauron, Legolas.
Short story
Posted here Jan. 3, 2008