Tolkien Quiz by Race

by Elros-(V)
Valar Guild

How-to: Answer the questions and send them to Elros-(V). Each week will cover a different race. You may use any books you deem necessary. Don’t ask other members for help. Bonus points may be rewarded for extra information. At the end of five weeks the scores will be tallied and the Winner will be honoured.

Week One: Hobbits
Week Two: Dwarves
Week Three: Men
Week Four:
Week Five:

    22 Anarion/James O' Connell
    21 Aule
    21 Tuvo
    18 Tuvo
    21 Anarion
    19 Tuvo
Current Totals:
    58 Tuvo
    43 Anarion
    21 Aule

Updated Oct.13, 1999
Quiz by Elros; page maintained by Varda