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    Minnesota, USA. CST   
    He joined as Full Member Orodreth-(V) on June 1, 2003, then gained his promotion to Maia Pallando-(Valar) March 11, 2007.
    AIM: Pallando Valar, OrodrethV, Oessala

Ondollo, An Elf of Valinor first posting here was: May 16, 2004
       Ondollo - After the Watchful Peace
       March 13, 2005
       The end of the Watchful Peace from the view of Noldor living in Rivendell.
       Arwen, Glorfindel, Ondollo (pov) invented character.
        "I do not own any characters besides Ondollo and Poicehtela. All else
is either owned by Tolkien enterprises or not worthy of my copyright."
        First as a chapter originally Posted directly to . Problems with site. Sent to us.
           Ch. 1: first posting here on May 16, 2004
           As a complete story without chapters, sent to us March 13, 2005. Published March 17, 2005.