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Tolkien Quizzes

    The Tolkien Quizzes are written by members of the Valar Guild using different themes. Some are in progress and some are completed. Please email answers to the authors of the quizzes. These are for fun and sometimes prizes for fellow gamers, not as Entry or Honors testing.
    If you are a member with a quiz, please email Varda the link or send the questions to have pages made for it. People will try your quiz even if they don't send in answers for competition. If they do email answers, please let them know which questions were incorrect and what the right answer was. Also, post the scores or send them to Varda.

    Note: The spelling as "quize" and "quizes" is an old style, found in old works, education, southern USA, and a number of online question games. The spelling as "quiz" and "quizzes" is considered the modern and most acceptable spelling.

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Riddles: Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, by Ancalagon-(V).
Lord of the Rings Quiz 1, by Eonwe-(Valar). 20 questions with the answers on the following post on the Valar Guild Forum. Started May 31, 2006. Ended June 4, 2006. Moved.
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Quiz , by Glorfindel-(V) became Gwaihir-(Valar)
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Quiz , by Glorfindel-(V) became Gwaihir-(Valar)
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Quiz , by Glorfindel-(V) became Gwaihir-(Valar)
Silmarillion Trivia Quiz, by Salmar-(Valar) became Irmo-(Valar)
Fourth Anniversary Quiz over Lord of the Rings, by Irmo-(Valar) who became Dreamlord-(T). Answers .  (No current email available.)

Lord of the Rings, under Quiz, by Aule-(Valar) on his own site. (down)
Self-scoring Tolkien quiz, by Frodo-(V)-ex (gone)


The Riddle Game, by as many Valar Guild members as enjoy contributing. Continuously in progress, but with individual riddles completed. Many are presented on the Forum, and the answer may not be posted here until the riddle is answered there.
The Races of Tolkien, by Elros-(Valar)
Silmarillion Quiz by Tilion-(Valar) on his own site.

Difficulty-rated 20 quizzes, by Anarion-(T)/James O' Connell (gone)