Poetry by Elatan-(TV)

Annals of Arda

    Elatan-(TV), fka Elatan-(Valar) fka Amillo-(Valar), fka Gwaihir-(Valar), fka Beorn-(V).
    Retired fromVala honor and a very long service on the Council for the Valar Guild.

Night Prayer for Elves, or Lullaby
© July 26, 2005

The Green Lady in the White Dress
Emailed to the Poetry page © Sept 7, 2004, originally posted same day in the Valar Guild's Forum under DAoC/ Epic Story/.
"I placed the full story of it on the board in the Epic-Story ( DaoC )
 but it has become just as much an Elvish tribute to Yavanna and the winter :)"

Lament for Gollum  

© Feb. 2002
Also posted in LotR Online
Song of Beleriand   

© Feb. 21, 2002
Song of the Eagle
© April 11, 1999.
Written while under the name Gwaihir-(Valar)
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