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    Texas, USA. CST
    Varda-(Valar) is a Valar Honor member, co-chair of the overall Valar Guild, overall webmaster, Tolkien Site webmaster and editor, contact person, LotRO branch founder and leader.
    BS: major in Biology, minor Chemistry. Updated with courses in computer hardware and software. Became an editor and writer. Go figure.


Sept. 29-30, 2017
Eowyn and Merry defeat the Witch-king.

Written for the 20th Anniversary of the Valar Guild with its theme: victory over adversity.
The poetic form is called a "Landay", written in couplets of nine and thirteen syllables. It may have originated with nomadic caravans in South Asia circa 1700 B.C. It is currently used in Pashto, a language of Afghanistan and Pakistan, normally sung, and usually made by women. In English, it's usually unrhymed, but I found I didn't like it unrhymed and changed it the next day to rhyme.
Thus Eowyn is the point of view for the once-nomadic Rohirrim.

Light and Dark
Oct. 6, 2013
Melkor reaches for the light, grasps only the dark.
Written for the 16th anniversary of the Valar Guild.

Ships that Sail
Oct. 4, 2020
Ships of the sky.
Written for the 23rd Anniversary of the Valar Guild with the theme of ships.

The Time of Legolas
July 26, 2005

Role of Varda, her viewpoint.


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