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aka Carlos Vinicius G. de Andrade
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"Fingolfin vs Morgoth"

"Fingolfin vs Morgoth"

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    Dwalin-(T), professionally called Vinicius Andrade, lives in Brasil, South America, and does art professionally.
    If you would like to commission him for artwork, please email him, rather than this site.
    He joined the Valar Guild as a Tolkien-only member on July 18, 2005.
    He studied Graphic Design at the Federal University of Pernambuco.
    He worked on cover art in Brasil for "Holy Avengers" and for "Dragao Brasil".
    In the USA, he worked as colorist on "The Shield", "Lazarus Graphic Novel", "Magician Apprentice", and "Red Sonja".
    He has worked with Impacto Quadrinhos (Impact Comics, Impacto Studios) in Brasil, where he had a gallery.  (down). The studio appears to have closed.
    One of his portfolios was on Glass House Graphics. Link not working Jan. 2011, during web site redesign. He has worked for Glass House Graphics.
    Listed on ComicVine and credited in 211 issues, including Red Sonja, The Twilight Zone, The Spider, and Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt.
    Marvel Wikia Database shows that he is credited on Invaders comics.
    ZoomInfo shows 21 references to his coloring.
    Mike's Amazing World shows more references to his work with Marvel on Invaders, Magician Apprentice.
    Dynamite also shows that he was a colorist for Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt.
    Dynamic Forces shows his credits as colorist for The Black Terror.

Editor: Other emails:
Artwork: cvinicius01(AT)yahoo.com.br
Home: cvinicius01(AT)oi.com.br
Work at Alcoa: Carlos.Andrade(AT)alcoa.com.br