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"The Transformation of Elwing" by

"The Transformation of Elwing"
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Article: Elwing
"Elladan and Elrohir" by Elwing-(V)

"Elf Twins"
Elladan and Elrohir
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Article: Elrohir
"Halbarad" by Elwing-(V)

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Article: Halbarad


"Gift of the Evenstar" by

"Gift of the Evenstar"
Arwen and Celebrian
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"Elleth Muse: by

"Elleth Muse"
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"Braiding Session" by Elwing

"Braiding Session"
Elladan, Elrohir, Aragorn
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Story: "Midnight Musings"


13th Anniversary of the Valar
          Guild, by Elwing-(V)

"13th Anniversary of the Valar Guild"
Placed on the 13th Anniversary Page and News 2010

Wizard - Saruman with craban and palantir

Saruman with craban spy and palantir

Model assembled and painted by Elwing-(V).
Photo by Fangorn-(Valar)'s phone July 23, 2016

    Figure is a resin (was originally light gray) except for the "crystal" ball, and I got the wood base separately and stained dark. Painted with enamels (taking after Randy). For figures I like those well enough, tho they can dry out pretty fast if I have to mix colors outside the bottles. I also think it's a bit harder to really clean brushes of enamel, compared to oils and (of course) acrylics.
    The "glow" effect is mostly dependent on the light hitting it so probably won't come across in most pics; it is also partly from behind/under the ball - in the "pocket" it sets in, I painted like flames (yellows, oranges and a bit of red). For now am keeping the ball unglued in place so it can be peeked at - just have to remember it's "loose" if I move it around.
    I like the "Wiz" size - more than just a bit larger would be difficult to manage holding/getting at angles I'd want, and more than a bit smaller (I'm finding with my gnomes) is rather straining to see details even with the "super-peeper" glasses.

Facing forward,  photo by DeepGroover-(T)
Aug. 21, 2016

To the side, photo by DeepGroover-(T)
Aug. 21, 2016


Gnome Family
"Gnome Family"

August 21, 2016
Models assembled, modified, and painted by Elwing-(V)
Photo by DeepGroover-(T)

More resin figures (white to start) and painted with enamels.
Wagon and turtle were ready-done tiny-scenery-set accessories (Speedy got some shell enhancement).
Added "gravel" and "grass" instead of trying to paint those.

Dragon and Hoard -click for the whole image
"Dragon and Hoard"

July 9, 2017
Click the above image for the whole picture, not just enlargement.
Model assembled, painted, and hoard added by Elwing-(V)
Full photo by DeepGroover-(T) using a phone camera.

Comment by DeepGroover-(T):
"Quite a while ago my older sister bought this dragon model at a model contest she attended with me.
"Last weekend she surprised me by showing me the finished piece.
"She made the scenic base from tiny assorted items from the craft store,
and painted the dragon with enamels.
"This is her third figure."
Addition and correction by Elwing-(V):
Of the momentous amount of 3 things I've painted so far, dragon was a plastic piece. Wings (a stiffer type) were done with enamels; however, remaining parts (a slightly softer plastic) didn't take that well - never seemed to completely dry. Luckily, I only did a small area to start, so was easy to remove that and the dragon body then done with acrylics. My "Steampunk Smaug", a cyborg of sorts, has among the usual treasure (gold, silver, gems) a few shiny gears and a fancy clock; also a remnant of an unsuccessful burgler in the pile (I think the skull shows in the pic).


"Bizarro Arda" by Elwing-(V)
"Bizarro Arda"

Click the image to enlarge.
Drawn for the 22nd Anniversary of the Valar Guild, theme "Scary".
October 2019

              Anniversary Party Prep

"Valar Anniversary Party Prep"
Fireworks collected ahead of the in-game rides.

Line drawing for the 26th Anniversary of the Valar Guild
(Note the signature of L with a wing for Elwing's logo)
October 10, 2023


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Also by Elwing-(V) for the Valar Guild Tolkien Encyclopedia:

Art used by permission only.

Oct. 10, 2023 "Valar Aniv Party Prep". Original line drawing. Scan by Varda-(Valar). Fireworks collected ahead of the rides for the 26th Anniversary of the Valar Guild.

Oct. 2019 "Bizarro Arda". Scan by Fangorn-(Valar). Drawn for the 22nd Anniversary of the Valar Guild, using the theme "scary",  as the web page's title art.

July 9, 2017 "Dragon and Hoard". Photo by DeepGroover-(T)

Aug. 21, 2016 "Gnome Family". Photo by DeepGroover-(T)

Aug. 21, 2016  same Wizard below, photographed by DeepGroover-(T):  Wizard 1, Wizard 2
July 24, 2016 "Wizard" Painted the Wizard model as Saruman with a craban and palantir. Photo by Fangorn-(Valar)

October 3, 2010: "13th Anniversary of the Valar Guild".

Feb. 15, 2008: "Gift of the Evenstar". Young Arwen with Celebrian. .jpg 89k, thumb 7k

March 29, 2007: "Braiding Session".  .jpg 40k, thumb 6k.
    Illustration made for Elwing's story, "Midnight Musings". "The Twins get carried away braiding Estel's hair."
    "...tonight I got my sketchpad, pencil and eraser (hardly had to use the last!) and got the whole thing done at one swell foop! So with wide grin I send..."

May 23, 2006: "Halbarad" . .jpg 56k, thumb 5k.

May 5, 2006: "Elleth Muse" .jpg 12k, thumb 4k.

August 23, 2005: "Elf Twins". .bmp 1.3 MB, htm 1k, thumb 9k.

August 5, 2005: "The Transformation of Elwing". .bmp 1.4 MB, .jpg 67k, .htm 1k, thumb 7k.