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    StarLight's first story for the Valar Guild, sent April 7, 2008, is one that she had previously entered in the Teitho contest: "Of Snowballs and Change". This is the one with which she also gained entrance into the Valar Guild. Along with the story she emailed a lovely comment to the Guild:
    "...your website is the first fanfiction site that I discovered, and it is probably the reason I started writing slightly more than a year ago..."
    Disclaimer by the author: None of the recognizable characters or places belong to me.
    As always, the editor will attempt to put the stories in the order in which they happened in Middle-earth.
    Starlight's work is also seen in, but she likes to improve them a bit before sending them to us.
    Homepage: Estel Angst. "it was made by another author, who made me a moderator because I was the most active and organized contests, etc, but then she left fandom and made me an administrator"


Stories by Starlight

Of Snowballs and Changes
Fourth Age. Post LotR.
    "Legolas feels that his mortal friends have changed too much, and he is the only one who had stayed the same. But there is something he fails to realize."
    Legolas pov; Aragorn, Eldarion, Gimli
    Posted April 7, 2008.