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    Enerdhil joined the Valar Guild as a Tolkien member February 10, 2007 with his story: "Of Gorthaur and Gothmog".

Of Gorthaur and Gothmog
February 10, 2007
    "I always wondered what exactly were the relations between such powerful and power-hungry beings as those that made up Morgoth's cabinet. Primarily the only two who appeared to be equals, being Sauron and Gothmog."
Sauron (Gorthaur), Gothmog the Balrog, the other Gothmog.
Short story

The Fall of Thuringwethil
February 28, 2007
Draugluin, Gothmog, Sauron (pov), Thuringwethil
Short story

The Temptations of Eönwë
April 30, 2007, revised October 18, 2007
"Eönwë and Morgoth, and the futile bids for pardon I imagine Morgoth must have made before he was sentenced."
Eönwë, Morgoth, Manwë