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    Firiel is from New Jersey, USA.
    She joined as Firiel-(T) on May 12, 2011 as a Tolkien member with her poem "The Isle of Thû".
    "I write minature lays and speak Eldarin languages. Istanin Quenya ar Yára Quenya ar Telerin ar Danian ar Ossiriandeb ar  Doriathrin ar Beleriandic ar Exilic Noldorin (Sindarin) ar Kornoldorin (Old Noldorin; the language the Gnomes or Noldor spoke in Valinor) ar Lindarin ar Ilkorin. (I know Quenya and Primitive Quenya and Telerin and Danian...) I have translated poems, psalms, and Bible verses into Eldarin languages."
    "Author's note Sept. 9, 2011: do not expect my Quenya at this time to be more than fragments connected together by English word order. My Quenya in 'Interlude' and my Elvish version of the Dagor Bragollach is merely fragments in English word order. ...At the time I am studying Sindarin syntax, and Quenya shall have to wait."
    Firiel-(T) scouted her sister, Naomi-(T), who also writes poetry.
     "I don't study the Firiels because that is my name; that is my name because I study them."

The Songs of Heaven
    Amanoiyal (Eru) and Orgel (Morgoth)'s songs affect creation.
    June 3, 2011. Emailed June 6, 2011.

The Stars of Ilmen
    Creation of the stars by Varda.
    Author's Note: Tûn is another name for Túna.
    June 4, 2011.

As For Me!
    "Eönwë repeals the Ban against the Noldorin Exiles, but some Elves will not return."
    June 10, 2011

An Eye Unseen (formerly "Beren Watches Lúthien Dancing")
    Beren, Lúthien
    April 4, 2011, emailed May 22, 2011.

The Winning of Lúthien
    Beren's chase of Lúthien.
    Beren, Luthien
    Written April 30, 2011, emailed May 16, 2011.

The Isle of Thû
    "Beren and Lúthien's conflict with Thû (Sauron) at Tol-in-Gaurhoth."
    Beren, Huan, Luthien, Sauron
    The poem took from May 7 to May 12, 2011 to write.

F.A. 466
    Author's Note: Tindómerel is the Quenya equivalent of Tinúviel (Tindúmhiell, Tinnúviel).

Cûm-nan-Arasaith: The Mound of Avarice
    This poem tells of "the burying-place of the slain dwarves who fell at Sarn Athrad after Beren's vengeance."
    "Note: dwarrow is a plural of dwarf. It appears in Tolkien’s works in the Dwarrowdelf."
    Written May 30, 2011. Emailed June 6, 2011.

    This poem is about another Fíriel, not Fíriel of Númenor. Lúthien bore the name Fíriel ‘mortal maid’ after she went to Mandos to bring Beren back.
    Written and emailed May 16, 2011.

The Death of Turamarth
F.A. 501
    The death of Turin Turambar, whose name in Sindarin is Turamarth.
    Brandir, Mablung, Turin
    This is the author's first attempt at recognized, constant alliteration.
    Written May 30-31, 2011 and emailed June 6, 2011.

At Twilight's Fall
    A sighting of Húrin and Morwen after their death.
    Author's reference: The Shaping of Middle-earth, II The Earliest Silmarillion (Sketch of the Mythology), section 14: ‘Húrin wanders away and seeks Morwen, and many for ages after related that they met them together in the woods lamenting their children.’

F.A. 510 Fall of Gondolin

Maeglin's Cry
    Maeglin's reaction after death to being called a traitor.
    Author's Note: Bauglir was a name for Morgoth, meaning the tyrant, the oppressor, ‘the Constrainer’.
    May 26, 2011

S.A. 3319 Fall of Númenor

Fíriel's Tombstone Inscription
    Author's Note:
        "Background: Firiel’s father was Orontor of Númenor, and he had sailed off into the West during the takeover of his land by Sauron out of the East; some ‘said that he had fled the displeasure of the king’(i.e. the displeasure of  Ar-Pharazon), to quote the Lost Road. This may echo the voyagers to a closed West during the threat of Morgoth, Sauron’s master. Firiel is in this poem calling the Eldar of Valinor to remember the suffering of her ancestors,and at the same time to realize how little a part they played. It is as much a call to mourn as a reproach."
    The poem took from May 14 to May 15, 2011 to write. Emailed May 16, 2011.

Diacritical check for uniformity by Varda-(Valar):
    Lost Road p. 426 Firiel (no diacritical marks) = 'mortal maid' , later name of Lúthien. Note under PHIR-
    Lost Road index p. 477 Fíriel. (with diacritical). Daughter of Orontor of Numenor. pp. 69 (text, di used), 79-80 (notes diacritical used), and see 426 (above).
    Peoples of Middle-earth index as daughter of King Ondohir > Ondonir, wife of King Arvedui. (d). p 195 (d), 201-2 (d. Daughter and 3rd child born 1896. Ondohir's two sons Faramir and Artamir. Arvedui heir of Araphant, so direct descendent of Elendil plus married to Fíriel.) 215-216, 232. Good book to work more on the Kings project.
    Morgoth's Ring Index (d) Fíriel is a later name of the elf Míriel (d on first i also). p. 250, 253 (both have di.). Good source of afterlife of Men and Elves article.