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Telperion (tree)
YouTube videos

Netherlands: Leiden Botanic Gardens
Netherlands: Sonsbeek Park
Netherlands: Schiermonnikoog


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Luthien recommends Blender for computer art, and uses Skitch for image sharing.

Update news:
April 20, 2013: new section for Nienna. Hi-resolution versions of "Sunrise at Mt. Taniquetil", "West of West", "Elbereth",  "Yavanna",
Pages made to collect the characters and places for Middle-earth, updating the navigation. The Menel Forodhren site no longer exists so pictures from that site are now broken across subjects of characters and places. April 16, 2013.
New paintings from 2012: "Alqualonde", "West of West", "Elbereth" final version, "Yavanna", "Luthien at Tol Galen" final version added April 2013..
Painting "Luthien in Tol Galen" illustrating her poem "Song of the Moon and Melian". Jan. 23, 2011.
Rearranged the growing cave into two main sections: art of Middle-earth, photos of places similar to Middle-earth. Aug. 27, 2010.
New page: Menel Forodhren, with subjects from Middle-earth. Not all the large pictures show yet. Aug. 26, 2010.
Page made to collect the YouTube links: April 30, 2009.
The Song of Earendil: YouTube link. Given during a meeting April 2009.
Beren and Luthien high definition video: YouTube link. Given during a meeting April 2009.
Valinor Blender renderings. Oct. 4, 2008.
Canada photos. Oct. 4, 2008.
Netherlands photos: Sonsbeek Park, Schiermonnikoog. Oct 4, 2008.
Beren and Luthien video: YouTube link. Emailed link Sept. 22, 2008.
Leiden Botanic Gardens in the Netherlands. July 15, 2008. Online here Oct. 4, 2008 for the 11th Anniversary of the Valar Guild. (above).

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