Kings of the Mark of Rohan

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    The First Line (in order of rule):
        2485-2545  Eorl 
        2512-2570  Brego  His elder son Baldor died, so rule went to the younger son, Aldor.
        2544-2645  Aldor
        2570-2659  Frëa
        2594-2680  Frëawine
        2619-2699  Goldwine
        2644-2718  Deor
        2668-2741  Gram
        2691-2759  Helm  (all sons died)
    The Second Line (in order of rule):
        2726-2798  Frëalaf  (Helm's sister's son)
        2752-2842  Brytta
        2780-2851  Walda
        2804-2864  Folca
        2830-2903  Folcwine
        2870-2953  Fengel
        2905-2980  Thengel
        2948-3019  Theoden  (His only son, Theodred, died.)
    The Third Line (in order of rule):
        2991-F.A.63 (3084)  Eomer  (Theoden's sister's son)

(Gondorian dates for birth and death.)

Reference: Return of the King: Appendix A II: "Kings of the Mark"
April 2006