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Lived some time around First Age 466 and 472

Article: "Lalaith" by Varda-(Valar) from the Silmarillion
Article: "Urwen or Lalaith" by Arveleg-(V) from Children of Hurin


by Varda-(Valar)
Nov. 18, 2002

    Lalaith's name is Sindarin elvish for "laughter". 
    She was Turin's sister, daughter of Hurin and Morwen. She died of plague when only three years old, which blew in on an evil wind from Angband, fortress of Morgoth.
    Her name and fate is significant as it suggests Turin's laughter was killed young by Morgoth, a turn of phrase and events which Morgoth understood and almost certainly arranged.

Reference: Silmarillion: "Of Turin Turambar"

Urwen or Lalaith

by Arveleg-(V)
July 3, 2007

    Urwen or Lalaith, which means “laughter”, was a daughter of Húrin and Morwen. She was greatly loved by all in her family, especially Túrin. Lalaith was described by Morwen as being as fair as an elf child.

    “Her hair was like the yellow lilies in the grass as she ran in the fields, and her laughter was like the sound of the merry stream that came singing out of the hills past the walls of her father’s house. Nen Lalaith it was named, and after it all of the people of the household called the child Lalaith, and their hearts were glad while she was among them.”

- excerpt from “The Childhood of Túrin” from The Children of Húrin

    Lalaith died from “the Evil Breath,” a pestilent epidemic that spread throughout the northern land that bordered the Anfauglith. When she died she was three years old.

Reference: The Children of Hurin