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The Complete Chronology of the First Age of Eä

Dates compiled and text written by Arveleg-(V) (AKA Andrew Guernsey)

For the 10th Anniversary of the Valar Guild
Oct. 3, 2007 through the "First Age of the Sun"

    V.Y. = Years of the Valar
    V.T. = Years of the Two Trees
    F.A. = First Age
    S.A. = Second Age
    T.A. = Third Age
    F.O. = Fourth Age

Table of Contents

   I. Introduction
  II. Events Outside of Time
 III. The Valian Years
 IV. The Years of the Lamps
  V. The Years of the Trees
        A. The First Age of the Children of Ilúvatar
 VI. The Years of the Sun
        A. The First Age of the Children of Ilúvatar and of the Sun
 To be expanded to cover:
        B. The Second Age of the Children of Ilúvatar and of the Sun
        C. The Third Age of the Children of Ilúvatar and of the Sun
             with The Great Years
        D. The Fourth Age of the Children of Ilúvatar and of the Sun
        E. Later Ages
 VII. The End of Arda
VIII. The New Arda
  IX. Commentary


All of the following dates are not rounded or assumptions, but are taken right out of Tolkien’s writings himself, making them very accurate. Many of these dates are not mentioned in The Silmarillion because Christopher Tolkien did not know of their existence when The Silmarillion was published in 1973.

A few of the following dates, though, are inconsistent with The Silmarillion because, as Christopher Tolkien admitted he knew not of their existence when The Silmarillion was published. I have decided, though, to change to The Silmarillion, as it is a canonical work of Tolkien.

All of the events in bullet-points are in chronological order throughout the entire chronology. Events without dates are important events to which dates cannot be applied with certainty. Their place in the chronology is placed by order of occurrence.

I hope you have as much fun critiquing my work until the End of Arda as I have researching this timeline.

This chronology is presently being expanded to cover The Second Age of the Children of Ilúvatar and of the Sun the Third Age, the Fourth Age, later ages, the End of Arda, and more.

Links are to articles in the Tolkien Encyclopedia, some written by Arveleg.

Events Outside of Time


Event 1

  • Eru Ilúvatar creates the Timeless Halls. Within these halls, he creates the Ainur, the offspring of his thought.

Event 2

  • The themes of Eru guide the Ainur in the shaping of the material world: Eä in the Ainulindalë, the Music of the Ainur.
  • Melkor attempts to bring discord to the Music with prideful themes to advance his own glory, contradicting Eru’s theme.

Event 3

  • In the fashioning of Eä, Eru places the Flame Imperishable, his creating spirit, at Eä’s center to hold it in existence.

The Valian Years


    Morgoth’s Ring expresses the relationship of Valian Years on pg. 60. The following conclusions can be drawn from it:

        12 hours of the Trees = one day
        1 year of the Trees = 84000 years of the sun
        1 year of the Trees = 9.582 years of the sun
        100 years of Trees = one Valian age (not age of the Children of Ilúvatar)

    For example, this would mean that the moon rose after 47900 Sun years or 5000 Years of the Trees

The Valian Years begin as the Valar and Maiar enter Arda.




  • The Valar and Maiar descend into the newly existent Arda after endless labors in the Halls of Eä.
  • The Valar begin to shape Arda.
  • Melkor mars their work and the First Battle is begun.

  • Melkor mars the symmetry of Arda.


  • Tulkas the Strong enters Arda and aids the Valar and drives out Melkor. Melkor flees to the utmost Halls of Eä.

  • The Valar refashion Arda by many labors.

The Years of the Lamps





  • Illuin and Ormal, The Two Lamps, are placed upon great pillars in the North and the South to be a light for Arda.

  • The Valar order Arda. The Valar raise the Isle of Almaren and establish their dwelling there.


  • The Valar celebrate The Feast of the Spring of Arda.
  • Tulkas weds Nessa at this feast.
  • Melkor secretly returns to Arda and begins to delve Utumno.
  • Melkor mars the Spring of Arda.


  • Melkor overthrows the Two Lamps.
  • The Shape and Symmetry of Arda is marred.
  • The Spring of Arda ends.
  • The Isle of Almaren is utterly destroyed.
  • The Valar flee across the Sea, unable to stop Melkor. They establish Valinor in Aman, and raise the Pelóri Mountains in defense.


  • Valimar is competed.
  • Yavanna and Niënna create the Two Trees, Telperion and Laurelin, as a light to the Blessed Realm.
  • The Count of Time begins again at year 1 of Years of the Trees.

The Years of the Trees





  • The Sleep of Yavanna begins.
  • Melkor creates the Balrogs from Maiar that he seduced to his service.

  • Aulë creates the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves. Eru, in mercy, hallows them and gives them reason. He destines them to awaken with the Elves.
  • Yavanna thinks into being the Ents, and Manwë the eagles.


  • The Valar hold a council discussing the impending awakening of the Elves and other concerns of Yavanna and Oromë.
  • Varda gathers light from Telperion and uses it to begin the brightening and creating of the Great Stars for the Elves.


  • Varda completes her work on the stars and sets the Valacirca, the Sickle of the Valar, in the North as a threat to Melkor.
  • At the hour of her completion, the Elves awake and the First Age of the Children of Ilúvatar begins.

The First Age of the Children of Ilúvatar





  • The Elves awaken at Cuiviénen at the hour of Varda’s completion of the Stars.
  • The First Age begins.
  • The Elves learn the art of speech and name things.
  • Melian leaves Valinor and departs for Middle-earth in her desire to see the Stars of Varda.


  • Melkor discovers the Elves and ensnares some of them. From them he begins to breed Orcs, in mockery of the Elves. In the same year, he begins to breed Trolls in imitation of the Ents of Yavanna.


  • Oromë discovers the Elves while hunting.


  • Oromë brings tidings of the Elves to Valinor. He then immediately returns to be with them.


  • For the sake of the Elves, the Valar march to war against Melkor.


  • The Valar drive back Melkor’s armies to Utumno.


  • The Valar begin the long siege of Utumno.


  • The Valar destroy Utumno. Tulkas binds Melkor with Angainor. On account of this siege, Belegaer, the Great Sea, deepens greatly and Middle-earth is sorely shaken.


  • Melkor is brought to trial in Valinor and sentenced to 3 ages of imprisonment in the Halls of Mandos.
  • The Noontide of Valinor begins.


  • The Valar hold a council to discuss what to do about the Elves.
  • They decide to summon the Elves to Valinor and guide those who are willing.
  • Oromë brings the message to them.


  • The Elves refuse to come.
  • Oromë returns to them and chooses ambassadors to visit Valinor and speak for their people.
  • Ingwë, Finwë, and Olwë depart with Oromë to Valinor, being the only willing chieftains.


  • Oromë brings back the chieftains.
  • The three elven chieftains advise their peoples to come to Valinor.


  • The First Sundering of the Elves occurs.
  • The kindreds of Ingwë, Finwë, and Olwë depart with Oromë in the Great March. The kindreds of Morwë and Nurwë comprise the Avari or the Unwilling who refuse to go.


  • The Elves of the Great March reach the River Anduin, as it is later called.
  • The Second Sundering of the Elves occurs.
  • The Vanyar and the Noldor cross the River Anduin, but the Teleri remain on its eastern shores.
  • Dân of Olwë’s people leads many elves away southward.


  • The Vanyar and the Noldor pass over the Ered Luin.
  • Some of these reach the shores of Beleriand, but then withdraw to the woods of Beleriand in fear of the sea.
  • Oromë returns to Valinor to ask the advice of Manwë.


  • The Teleri enter Beleriand by the efforts of Elwë.


  • Elwë becomes lost in the forest of Nan Elmoth, enchanted by his love for Melian the Maia, whom he meets therein.


  • Ulmo comes to the sea-frightened Elves, by the counsel of the Valar, and sets in their hearts a desire for the sea.
  • He brings to them the Isle of Eressëa to be used as a means of transportation for the Elves to Aman.
  • The Teleri remain in Middle-earth because many of their people still search for Elwë.
  • The Vanyar and the Noldor depart to Valinor.
  • Olwë, the brother of Elwë becomes king of the Teleri.
  • Ossë and Uinen befriend the Teleri.


  • The Vanyar and the Noldor reach Aman
  • The cleft of the Kalakiryan is delved into the Pelóri mountains.
  • The Elves claim Eldamar.
  • They begin the building of the green hill of Túna, upon which they raised the city of Tirion the Hallowed.


  • Tirion is completed.
  • Mindon Eldaliéva, the Tower of Ingwë is erected.
  • The silver lamp of Mindon Eldaliéva is kindled.
  • The Vanyar leave Tirion to dwell in Valinor. Very few Vanyar remain in Tirion with the Noldor.


  • Galathilion, the original White Tree of which the White Tree of Minas Tirith is a descendant, is given to the Noldor by Yavanna. It is planted beneath the Mindon Eldaliéva.


  • Ulmo, at the prayer of Finwë, comes to Middle-earth to bring the willing Teleri to Aman.


  • The people of Olwë depart with Ulmo to Aman.
  • The people of Elwë stay in Middle-earth and name themselves Eglath, the Forsaken People.
  • All other Teleri accept Cirdan the Shipwright as their lord. They establish havens at Brithombar and Eglarest.


  • Ulmo, at the bidding of the Teleri and Ossë, halts the voyage of the Teleri in the bay of Eldamar. Ossë anchors Tol Eressëa in the Bay of Eldamar.


  • Elwë Singollo awakens from his trance in Nan Elmoth.
  • He weds Melian the Maia and dwells with her in the Woods of Beleriand.


  • The Teleri desire to come to Aman, drawn by its light.
  • Ossë teaches them the craft of shipbuilding and sends swans to carry the Teleri’s ships across the windless water to Aman.


  • Olwë begins the building of Alqualondë on the coast of Eldamar with the help of Finwë and the Noldor.


  • The last of the Vanyar leave Tirion.


  • Fëanor is born to Finwë and Míriel.
  • The Noldor thrive in smithying.
  • Rúmil invents writing and letters.
  • He begins recording Elvish oral tradition, stories, history, and culture.


  • Míriel dies in Lórien of weariness from her childbirth.


  • Manwë determines the laws concerning the espousals of the Elves on account of the circumstance of Finwë.


  • Finwë marries Indis, the daughter of Ingwë.


  • Fingolfin is born to Finwë and Indis.
  • Lúthien is born to Thingol and Melian.


  • Finrod is born to Finwë and Indis.


  • Fëanor invents new lettering, improving upon Rúmil.
  • The Dwarves enter Beleriand.
  • The Dwarves of Belegost begin to delve Nargothrond for Thingol.


  • Finrod, son of Finwë, weds Eärwen, daughter of Olwë.


  • Daeron of Thingol’s realm invents runes.


  • Orcs first emerge in the land of Beleriand.


  • The Elves who were led away south from the Great March by Dân reach Beleriand led by Denethor, son of Dân. They settle is Ossiriand and are called the Green Elves.


  • Galadriel is born to Finrod and Earwen in Eldamar.
  • Isfin, the sister of Turgon, is born in Tirion.


  • Melkor is released and bound to stay in Aman, secluded.


  • Manwë allows Melkor to walk abroad in Valinor.
  • Melkor begins to spread lies among the Noldor.


  • Fëanor begins to fashion the Silmarils.


  • Fëanor completes the Silmarils. Varda hallows them.


  • Melkor spreads many cunning lies among the Noldor causing them to fashion weapons in defense.


  • Fëanor draws his sword against Fingolfin, thinking he will betray the Silmarils to the Valar’s keeping.
  • The Valar exile him as a punishment and lay bare all of Melkor’s lies.
  • Finwë and many other Noldor enter exile with Fëanor to Formenos.
  • Melkor flees Valinor and hides in Aman.


  • Melkor appears to Fëanor in Formenos and quarrels with him over the Silmarils.
  • Melkor flees from Oromë and Tulkas to Avathar.
  • There, Melkor finds Ungoliant and plots with her against the Valar.


  • Melkor and Ungoliant, having completed their plans, journey to Valinor.
  • At this time, Manwë was holding a Great Feast to unite all of the peoples of Aman and heal their feuds, especially Fëanor’s feud with Fingolfin.
  • Melkor and Ungoliant assail the Two Trees, destroying them. Ungoliant sucks dry the Wells of Varda.
  • In this destruction, the Noontide of Valinor ends and the Darkening of Valinor and the Long Night begin.
  • Feanor refuses Yavanna’s plea to give his Silmarils towards the restoration of the Two Trees.
  • Soon after, Melkor departs to Formenos, kills Finwë, and steals the Silmarils with many other precious jewels of the Noldor.
  • In his hatred, Fëanor names Melkor "Morgoth".
  • Ungoliant demands all of the jewels from Melkor. Melkor refuses her none but the Silmarils. Ungoliant begins to strangle Melkor, until he is rescued by his Balrogs.
  • Melkor returns to Angband and Ungoliant escapes to Nan Dungortheb.
  • Fëanor and his sons swear a terrible, binding oath by Ilúvatar and all of the Valar to regain the Silmarils.
  • Fëanor convinces many of the Noldor to leave Middle-earth. The peoples of Fingolfin, Finrod and Fëanor depart and kill many Teleri in the seizing of their ships during the First Kinslaying.


  • Mandos pronounces the Prophesy of the North or the Doom of the Noldor to the Noldor at Araman. All of the Noldor save Finrod ignore the Prophesy and decide to press onwards. Finrod, in disgust of the Kinslaying, returns to Valinor and is reconciled.


  • The First Battle of Beleriand is fought in the east by Thingol, the Sindar and the other regional elves. The elven armies rout the Orcs and the Dwarves of Ered Luin kill the orcs who flee north. In this battle, Denethor of the green-elves is slain.
  • The Girdle of Melian is raised as a defense against Morgoth.
  • The Noldor reach the Helkaraxë. Fëanor and his host steal the ships of the Teleri and abandon Fingolfin and the other Noldor in the Helkaraxë.
  • Once they land in the Firth of Drengist in Middle-earth, Fëanor and his sons burn the ships of the Teleri.
  • Fingolfin and the surviving Noldor press on their journey with many casualties.
  • Morgoth rebuilds Angband and gathers his old armies. Orcs are sent out in large quantities and they overrun all territory between the river Sirion and the river Narog. They besiege the Havens of Falas.
  • Fëanor and his host reach Mithrim and are attacked by an army of Orcs. This battle is called the Dagor-nuin-Giliath ("The Battle under the Stars"). Fëanor’s army easily destroys them.
  • Fëanor and his host move on to Angband. Fëanor is killed by Gothmog, the lord of the Balrogs.
  • Maedhros is ambushed and taken alive to Angband. He is chained to the cliffs of Thangorodrim.

  • The Valar gather the last fruits of the Two Trees and from them begin to fashion the Moon, Isil, and the Sun, Anar. They assign Isil’s guardian to be Tirion and they assign Anar’s guardian to be Arien.
  • To prevent any return to Valinor, the Valar create the Enchanted Isles and raise the Pelóri Mountains.


  • The host of Fingolfin and the rest of the Noldor arrive in Middle-earth as the moon first rises.
  • Sleep of Yavanna ends.
  • The Second Spring of Arda begins.
  • The Moon crosses the sky seven times.

The Years of the Sun begin.

First Age

The count of time for the First Age begins at year one.




  • The Sun rises.
  • Morgoth sends his servants to assail Tilion on the Moon, but is stopped by the power of the rising Sun. Varda then causes it to change direction.
  • The Long Night ends
  • Fingolfin marches on and passes unchallenged over the land of Morgoth to the very gates of Angband.
  • Fingolfin is named High King of the Noldor.
  • Men, the Atani, awaken in Hildórien, in the midmost regions of the world.


  • Fingolfin brings his men back from the land of Morgoth to Mithrim, being wary of the cunning of Morgoth and after making his present challenge heard.
  • Feuds break out between the followers of Fëanor and the followers of Fingolfin.


  • Fingon, son of Fingolfin, rescues Maedros, son of Fëanor, his friend of old, by cutting off his hand which was chained to the cliff, with the help of Thorondor, the lord of the Eagles of Manwë. He did this to heal the bitter disputes between the two Noldorian clans in fear of the nearing attack of Morgoth.


  • The united Noldor set a watch upon the land of Morgoth, while holding their main force in the north of the land.


  • The Noldor hold a great council in Mithrim to discuss various matters, especially regarding friendship with the Sindar.
  • The sons of Fëanor move to Eastern regions of Beleriand.


  • The great feast of the Mereth Aderthad is held near the pools of Ivrin. Here all kindred of elves met. Thingol sent two emissaries bringing his greetings instead of actually being present.


  • Finrod and Turgon receive dreams from Ulmo depicting Morgoth bursting from Angband while resting near the Twilight Meres. They depart to search for their foreboded refuges. Turgon journeys to Nevrast.


  • Galadriel and Finrod, her brother, go to live in Menegroth with Thingol and Melian.
  • Finrod told Thingol of his dream. Thingol revealed the Caverns of Narog as the answer to his dream.
  • Finrod goes to the Caverns of Narog and begins to delve Nargothrond after the manner of Menegroth, earning himself the surname of Felagund.


  • Ulmo appears to Turgon at Nevrast and instructs him in the building of the secret city of Gondolin, built after the manner of Tirion upon Túna.


  • Morgoth learns of the awakening of Men and his servants find some.
  • The third battle of Beleriand, the Dagor Aglareb, is fought.
  • Many of the elves are taken prisoner.
  • The Siege of Angband begins and lasts from F.A. 60-445. During this period, Men first encounter the Dark-elves.


  • Turgon gathers one-third of the people of Fingolfin and begins the construction of Nargothrond


  • Brithombar and Eglarest, which are at the Northern and Southern Havens of the Falas, are expanded and fortified.
  • The Tower of Barad Nimras is set up on the cape near Eglarest as a post to watch the Sea for movements of Morgoth.


  • Galadriel reveals to Melian, who reveals to Thingol, all of the events which took place in the Exile from Valinor, including the Doom of the Noldor and the Oath of Fëanor.


  • Thingol becomes angry with the sons of Fëanor and so bans the speaking of Quenya within his realm under penalty of death.


  • Nargothrond is completed.
  • Fingon and his people move out of Hithlum.


  • Gondolin is completed.
  • Ulmo appears to Turgon and tells him to depart from Vinyamar to Gondolin with his people in secret, but to leave behind arms and a sword.


  • Caranthir becomes the first Noldorian elf to encounter the dwarves. He forges and alliance with them and profits much from it. Because of this, the Dwarves begin to trade in Beleriand again.


  • Morgoth attacks Fingolfin in the Firth of Drengist unexpectedly from Lammoth with an army of Orcs. His orcs are easily flanked by Maedhros.
  • Morgoth begins to breed dragons.


  • Glaurung, the first of the Urlóki, reveals himself in battle while still young and is humbled by the soldiers and archers of Fingon. He retreats back to Angband wounded.
  • The Long Peace begins.
  • c. 260. Telchar forges the Helm of Hador. (added from Children of Hurin).


  • Aredhel, the sister of Turgon leaves Gondolin against the wishes of her brother Turgon to see Fingon (she claimed). Her true intentions are to meet with Celegorm and the other sons of Fëanor, her friends of old. While journeying through Nan Dungortheb, she strays from her guide and comes to the woods of Nan Elmoth. There she falls under the enchantments of Ëol, the dark elf.
  • Ëol marries Aredhel in Nan Elmoth.


  • Maeglin is born to Aredhel and Ëol in Nan Elmoth.


  • Bëor the Elf-Friend is born east of the Ered Luin.


  • Haleth is born to Haldad in Eriador, east of the Ered Lindon.


  • Hador the Golden-haired is born in Eriador, east of the Ered Lindon.


  • Finrod discovers Bëor and his men while hunting in Ossiriand.
  • Bëor becomes his vassal and returns to west-country with Finrod.
  • Bregolas is born to Bregor in eastern Beleriand.
  • Aredhel and her son Maeglin escape from Nan Elmoth to Gondolin. They are followed by Ëol in close chase. Ëol is accepted into Gondolin, but prevented from returning. In his wrath, Ëol cast a poisoned dagger at Maeglin. Aredhel deflected the dagger and becomes deathly ill.
  • Aredhel dies of the poisoned dagger wound.
  • Ëol is executed by being cast off the Caragdûr. He prophesies/curses his son, Maeglin, to suffer his same fate.


  • Orcs try to break the pass of Aglon. They are fended off by Maedhros, Maglor, the sons of Finrod, and Bëor.
  • Barahir is born to Bregor.


  • Galdon the Tall is born to Hador the Golden-haired on the east side of the Ered Lindon in Eriador.


  • Gundor is born to Hador the Golden-haired near, if not on or in, the Ered Lindon.


  • Hador the Golden-haired and a great multitude of his people begin to migrate to Dor-Lómin, becoming the vassal of Fingolfin.
  • Haldad leads the Haladin to Beleriand to Thargelion.
  • Sometime between F.A. 420 and F.A. 422, the Haladin are defeated by an Orc-raid.
  • Their leader Haldad and his son Haldar die.


  • Thingol permits the Haladin to dwell in Brethil at the prayer of Finrod. The Haladin and the elves of Doriath become great allies.
  • Haleth leads the surviving Haladin to Brethil, by many perils. They defend this pass well for a long time.
  • The men of the 3 Houses multiply and thrive.


  • Hador the Golden-haired and his people enter Dor-Lómin.


  • Baragund is born to Bregolas and Emeldir the Manhearted, the son of Beor in the land of Dorthonion.


  • Belegund is born to Bregolas, the son of Beor in the land of Dorthonion.


  • Beren (later surnamed Erchamion and Camlost) is born to Bregolas, son of Beor and Emeldir the Manhearted, the daughter of Beren in the land of Dorthonion.


  • Haldir, the son of Halmir, marries Glóredhel, who is the daughter of Hador the Golden-haired


  • Húrin the Steadfast is born to Galion, the son of Hador the Golden-haired in the land of Hithlum.
  • Handir is born to Haldir.


  • Morwen Eledwen, the fairest woman of the First Age, is born to Baragund.


  • Huor, the brother of Húrin, is born to Hareth and Galdor.


  • Rían is born to Bregolas. She would become the mother of Tuor the Blessed.
  • Bëor dies of old age.
  • Bregolas rules the people of Bëor, of the first house of the Edain.


The Fell Year

  • Winter:
  • The Dagor Brollach, the War of Sudden Flame, the fourth battle of Beleriand is fought. The plains of Ard-Galen are burned and renamed Anfauglith. The Free Peoples are forced to retreat and are beaten back with heavy slaughter, losing much territory. In this battle Glaurung emerges in his full might.
  • Angrod and Egnor (sons of Finrod), Hador, Gundor, and Bregolas are slain in The Dagor Brollach.
  • Galdor the Tall succeeds Hador as lord of the House of Hador.
  • Fingolfin in wrath of the loss rides alone to the gates of Angband.
  • Turgon begins shipbuilding on the Isle of Balar and sends many messengers westward to try to beg the forgiveness of the Valar.
  • Morgoth, learning of his many victories, sends Sauron to capture Finrod’s fortress of Minas Tirith upon Tol Siron. Orodreth, the brother of Finrod is nearly killed in the battle, but is miraculously rescued by Celegorm and Curufin, sons of Fëanor.


  • Fingolfin reaches the gates of Angband and challenges Morgoth to single combat. Morgoth accepts his challenge and he slays Fingolfin. He in turn receives 7 wounds.
  • Fingon takes lordship over the Noldor.
  • Gil-galad is sent to the Havens by Fingon.
  • Barahir’s people are driven out of Dorthonion by the servants of Morgoth led by Sauron.
  • Morgoth puts a dark enchantment on the land of Dorthonion, making it named Taur-nu-Fuin, the Forest under Nightshade.
  • Barahir forms a small band of outlaws against Morgoth.
  • Emeldir the Man-hearted brings the majority of her people, especially the old, the women, and the children, and led them to Brethil while some went to Dor-Lómin.


  • The elves of Doriath and the men of Halmir fight back the Orcs that invade down the Sirion River.
  • Húrin and Huor become lost from their comrade and are brought by the Eagles to Gondolin. Turgon welcomes them and then allows them to leave under oath of not to reveal the location.


  • The outlaws of Barahir make their lair at the hallowed lake of Tarn-aeluin in the forest of Dorthonion, and Morgoth could not discover it.
  • Sauron tricks Gorlim into revealing the secret lair by the phantom of his beloved wife Eilinel.
  • All of the outlaws are slain save Beren who was on an errand.
  • Beren pursues the Orcs and regains the Ring of Barahir.


  • Morgoth attacks Hithlum, but is defeated by Húrin and his men with King Fingon of the Noldor.
  • Húrin rules the House of Hador from this day forth.


  • The Swarthy Men emerge from Eriador and dwell in Lothlann and north of the March of Maedhros. Maedhros allies with these men.


  • Spring:
  • Húrin Thalion of the House of Hador marries Morwen Elfsheen of the House of Bëor.
  • Mid-Summer:
  • Beren meets Lúthien in the Forest of Neldoreth after having overcome the Girldle of Melian by fate. Beren is put under a spell by Lúthien’s great beauty. On account of it he wanders long in the woods of Doriath.
  • Winter:
  • Túrin is born to Húrin and Morwen with omens of sorrow.


  • Beren is released from his spell, falls in love with Lúthien, calling her Tinúviel, and is commissioned on the quest to retrieve a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth by Thingol in return for the hand of his daughter, Lúthien, in marriage.
  • Beren goes to Finrod for aid.
  • Beren and Finrod depart with 10 companions and are captured by Morgoth and imprisoned in Tol-in-Gaurhoth (formerly Minas Tirith).
  • Finrod is slain in defending Beren from the wolves.
  • Lúthien made her way, through many trials: from her captivity by her father and then by Celegorm and Curufin in Nargothrond, and finally, with the help of Huan, the hound of Valinor, overthrew the were-wolves, and then Sauron himself, to rescue Beren.


  • Lúthien heals Beren of his mortal wounds. Under disguise the three reach Angband. Lúthien puts a slumber upon the whole fortress including Carcharoth, the gate warden, and Morgoth, the greatest of the Ainur. Beren cut one Silmaril from the Crown of Morgoth. They escaped from his chambers only to confront Carcharoth, who bites off Beren’s hand which held the Silmaril.
  • Thorondor rescues them with the help of Lhandroval and Gwaihir, his strongest vassals.
  • Lúthien heals Beren from his mortal wounds again.
  • Beren presents himself to King Thingol. Beren betroths Lúthien before Thingol. The Hunting of the Wolf begins as Carcharoth enters Doriath by the power of the Silmaril.
  • Beren is killed by Carcharoth and dies his fist death.
  • Huan kills Carcharoth, but Carcharoth takes his life in the process.
  • Beren, before he died, handed the Silmaril to Thingol, fulfilling the Quest of the Silmaril.


  • Spring:
  • Lúthien Tinúviel dies her first death and her spirit departs to the Halls of Mandos.
  • Thingol becomes very weak and old, as a mortal man, from the death of her daughter, as if in "winter."
  • Hunthor is born to Meleth.


  • Maedhros begin the counsels which form the Union of Maedhros. This Union composed of the Dwarves of Belegost, the Swarthy Men, all of the Noldor (including the elves of Gondolin), the Haladin (led by Halmir, then Haldir), and those of the House of Hador.
  • Halmir dies of old age before the war begins.
  • The Haladin are led by Haldir, the son of Halmir.


  • Beren and Lúthien return to Middle-Earth from the dead, now both as mortal men, for Lúthien chose mortality in order to be reunited to Beren after moving Mandos’s heart to pity. They live in Ossiriand.
  • Lúthien heals Thingol of his "winter."
  • Manthor is born to Meleth.


  • Dior Aranel is born to Beren and Lúthien.
  • Hardang is born to Hundad.


The Year of Lamentation

  • Spring:
  • Huor marries Rían, the daughter of Belegund.
  • Mid-summer:
  • The Nírnaeth Arnoediad, the Battle of Unnumbered Tears is fought. Maehdros assaults Angband from the East and the West. The Union of Maedhros is utterly defeated because of treachery, impatience, and foul play.
  • Gelmir, Haldir, Fingon, Azaghâl, Uldor, Ulfas, Ulwarth, and Tuor are slain during The Nírnaeth Arnoediad.
  • Húrin and Gwindor are taken captive. Húrin and his kin are cursed by Morgoth.
  • Turgon retreats to Gondolin.
  • Tuor is born to Rían. He is fostered by the Sindar of Mithrim.
  • Glóredhel dies of grief.
  • Winter:
  • Túrin, at 7 years old, is sent to Doriath to beg for his forstering.


  • Niënor, which is "Mourning," is born to Morwen Elfsheen.
  • Túrin reaches Doriath and is fostered by Thingol.
  • Cirdian’s Havens are attacked and utterly destroyed. The only survivors were those who escaped by ship.
  • Cirdian escapes to the Isle of Balar. He sends out seven ships to Valinor at the bidding of Turgon. None of them make it. The Captain of one of the ships is Voronwë.


  • Túrin, who is 16 years old, battles on the Marches of Doriath and befriends Beleg Cúthalion on the Marches.
  • Túrin receives and wears the Dragon-helm of Galdor.


  • Saeros jumps off a cliff in fear of Túrin and dies.
  • Túrin becomes an outlaw in fear of the judgement of Thingol.
  • Thingol seeks out to pardon Túrin after hearing the testimony of Nellas.


  • Túrin learns of Thingol’s pardon from Beleg, but refuses to return of Menegroth.


  • Tuor, son of Huor, who is 16 years old, is enslaved by Lorgan, the chief of the Easterlings. He remains his thrall for 3 years.
  • Haldir, the son of Orodreth is ensnared and hung upon a tree by Orcs who were pillaging in the land of the elves of Nargothrond. Thereafter, the elves of Nargothrond allowed no one without permission on their land.


  • Gwindor escapes from Angband where he had been a thrall.
  • Túrin and the Gaurwaith find Mîm and two other Petty dwarves. Mîm offers for ransom his house upon Amon Rûdh.
  • Khîm, the son of Mîm dies by the arrow of Andróg.
  • Mid-Winter
  • : Beleg comes to Amon Rûdh to dwell with Túrin and his outlaws in order to convince Túrin to return to Menegroth.


  • Winter:
  • Mîm betrays Túrin and his outlaws to Orcs. All are killed except Túrin and Beleg. Túrin is captured.
  • Andróg, Ulrad, Ibun, and Algund die in the conflict with the Orcs.
  • Beleg begins to track the Orcs to rescue Túrin. On the way, he meets Gwindor. They proceed on together and rescue Túrin.
  • Túrin is accidentally pricked in the foot with Beleg’s sword. He then wakes up and slays Beleg, believing him to be a foe. Túrin becomes beset with madness in grief and shock.


  • Through many dangers, Gwindor guides Túrin towards the fortress of Nargothrond.
  • Túrin’s madness is healed at the pools of Ivrin.
  • Gwindor and Túrin reach Nargothrond and are accepted in. Túrin does not reveal his true name to any in Nargothrond.
  • Tuor escapes from his slavery and becomes an outlaw in Mithrim.


  • Túrin becomes a great leader of Narothrond.
  • Gwindor reveals Túrin’s true identity to Finduilas.
  • Because of the pride of Túrin, Nargothrond builds a bridge, forsakes its secrecy, and allies with the Haladin.


  • Morwen and Nienor flee Dor-Lómin to Doriath and are accepted in by Thingol.


Year of the Fell Winter

  • Spring:
  • Handir of Brethil is killed by Orcs.
  • Orcs gather in the passes of Sirion.
  • Nargothrond is sacked by Glaurung and his Orcs in the Battle of Tumhalad.
  • Gwindor, Finduilas, and Orodreth are slain because of this battle.
  • Fall:
  • Tuor is led by Ulmo to the Mouths of Sirion. Here, Ulmo appears to Tuor and tells him to go to Gondolin and deliver a message to Turgon. Ulmo sends Voronwë to be his guide to Gondolin.
  • Winter:
  • Túrin comes to Dor-Lómin searching for Morwen and Niënor.
  • Tuor and Voronwë reach Gondolin and are accepted in.


  • Sador and Brodda are slain in a small rebellion started by Túrin in Dor-Lómin.
  • Túrin encounters the people of Brethil, and lives with them, while searching for Finduilas.
  • Morwen and Niënor leave Doriath and come to Nargothrond searching for Túrin.
  • Niënor loses her memory because of Glaurung and runs away.
  • Túrin find Niënor and knows not of her identity. He gives her the name Níniel.
  • Níniel falls ill.
  • Fall:
  • Níniel recovers from her illness.


  • Túrin asks Níniel’s hand in marriage. Níniel declines for the moment.
  • Brandir reveals to Níniel Túrin’s true identity.
  • Dior marries Nimloth.


  • Mid-summer:
  • Túrin Turambar weds his sister Niënor Níniel without knowing her true identity.


  • Spring:
  • Níniel conceives.
  • Túrin attacks Brethil.
  • Túrin slays Glaurung at Cabed-en-Aras. Hunthor, his companion dies.
  • Nienor pursues Túrin and her memory is restored as Glaurung dies. She commits suicide in despair.
  • Brandir reveals all that happened to the men of Brethil.
  • Túrin slays Brandir for this.
  • Túrin commits suicide when the truth is revealed to him of his wife/sister by Mablung.
  • Mîm takes possession of all of the treasures of Nargothrond and dwells there alone.


  • Eluréd and Elurín are born to Dior and Nimloth
  • Morgoth releases Húrin from captivity.
  • Húrin comes to Dor-Lomin.


  • Húrin leaves Dor-Lomin with Asgon and six companions.
  • Húrin abandons his companions and seeks to find Gondolin, but he fails. This reveals to Morgoth the area in which Gondolin resides.
  • Húrin comes to the grave of Túrin and meets the dying Morwen.
  • Morwen Elfsheen dies.
  • Húrin finds Asgon and his companions. They make way to Nargothrond.
  • The Silmaril is attached to the Nauglamír by the Dwarves.


  • Tuor, son of Huor marries Idril, the daughter of Turgon.
  • Húrin reaches Nargothrond and kills Mîm. Húrin takes from him the Nauglamír.
  • Húrin journeys to Doriath, is accepted in out of pity, and gives Thingol the Nauglamír as a "payment" for the fostering of his family during his captivity.
  • Húrin brings about the kin-strife in Brethil.
  • The Dwarves slay Thingol and depart with the Nauglamír. The Dwarven smiths are all slain except for two.
  • Melian departs from Middle-earth in grief.


  • Spring:
  • Eärendil Half-elven is born to Tuor and Idril. Elwing is born to Dior and Nimloth in Ossiriand.
  • Húrin Thalion dies.
  • The Dwarves of Nogrod sack Menegroth.
  • Mablung of the Heavy Hand is slain.
  • Beren, Laegrim, and the Ents destroy the Dwarf host at Rathlóriel.
  • Beren brings the Nauglamír to Lúthien. Lúthien wears it.
  • Dior returns to Menegroth as Thingol’s heir and attempts to reestablish the kingdom of Doriath.
  • Beren and Lúthien die their second and final death.
  • Fall:
  • Dior receives the Nauglamír.


  • Dior restores Doriath by the power of the Silmaril, which he now publicly wears.


  • The sons of Fëanor hold a council and send a message to Dior demanding the Silmaril.
  • Dior does not respond.


  • Celegorm inspires his brethren to recover the Silmaril.
  • Winter:
  • The sons of Fëanor attack and destroy Doriath at unawares in the Second Kinslaying.
  • Dior, Nimloth, Celegorm, Curufin, and Crathnir are killed in this battle.
  • Eluréd and Elurín are left to starve in the woods.
  • Maedhros repents and desperately searches for the sons of Dior.
  • Elwing escapes to Ossiriand with the Nauglamír.


  • Elwing flees to the Mouths of Sirion with the Nauglamír.
  • Maedhros continues his unceasing search for the sons of Dior.


  • Ulmo gives Turgon his last warning. Turgon does not respond to it.
  • Maeglin is captured by Morgoth’s spies while mining.
  • He betrays to Morgoth the location and weaknesses of Gondolin.


  • Mid-summer:
  • Gondolin falls.
  • Turgon dies. Gothmog is slain by Ecthelion, who dies in the process. Maeglin is cast off the city walls by Tuor and dies.
  • Tuor, Idril, Eärendil, and others escape from the battle by a secret passageway. They are defended by Glorfindel and Thorondor, who slays a Balrog and dies.


  • Tuor, Idril, and Eärendil reach the Mouths of Sirion.


  • Tuor builds a ship, Ëarámë, and sail into the West with Idril and possibly Voronwë.
  • Eärendil weds Elwing and becomes lord of the Havens of Sirion.


  • Maedhros, Maglor, Damrod, and Diriel, the remaining sons of Fëanor, are tormented by the unfulfilment of their oath.


  • The twins Elrond and Elros are born to Eärendil and Elwing.


  • Eärendil begins to sail his Great Voyages.


  • The sons of Fëanor, driven by their oath, destroy the Havens of Sirion in the Third and Final Kinslaying.
  • Elrond and Elros are taken captive and then fostered by Maglor with care.
  • Elwing throws herself into the Sea with the Nauglamír. She is saved and transformed into a bird by Ulmo. She then flies to Eärendil.
  • By the power of the Silmaril, they begin to sail to Valinor in desperation.


  • The last inhabitants of Beleriand take refuge in the Isle of Balar.
  • Morgoth’s victory is nearly complete.


  • By the power of the Silmaril, Eärendil and Elwing reach Valinor.
  • Eärendil delivers the errand of the Two Kindreds, near being destroyed by Morgoth.
  • The choice of the Half-elven is instituted.
  • Eärendil chooses the kindred of the Elves like his wife.


  • The War of Wrath is fought by the armies of Valinor, led by Eonwë, and Beleriand. In this war, Angband is destroyed, along with almost all of the Balrogs, Ancalagon the Black, and the entire host of Morgoth. Sauron captured but escapes. Eonwë takes the Silmarils from the Crown of Morgoth and beats the crown into a collar for his neck as Morgoth is bound.
  • Beleriand is destroyed and sinks beneath the waves.
  • Maedhos and Maglor, the last surviving sons of Fëanor, steal the Silmarils from Eonwë.
  • The Silmarils torment them unbearably.
  • Maedhros throws himself and his Silmaril into a chasm of fire into the Earth and dies.
  • Maglor throws his Silmaril into the Sea.


  • Morgoth is cast in the Void by the Valar.
  • Many Elves and the Fathers of Men sail over the sea.

"The First Age ended with the Great Battle, in which the Host of Valinor broke Thangorodrim and overthrew Morgoth. Then most of the Noldor returned into the Far West and dwelt in Eressea within sight of Valinor; and many of the Sindar went over Sea also."
-Return of the King, Appendix B, intro

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