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Those of any race who held lordship over human-held lands.

Line of Kings tree, researched and drawn by Eru-(Valar). Caveat, some sources of this Line of Kings tree are not canon. Text below, however, is from original Tolkien sources although human error can creep in, so please feel free to email Varda-(Valar) and the article author with any correction and give the Tolkien book source of the conflicting information.

Timeline project begun by Arveleg-(V).


    Kings of Numenor  Island.
        Elros Tar-Minyatur 1st king. FA 532 born - SA 442 death.
        Vardamir  2nd king.
        Tar-Amandil  3rd king  
        Tar-Elendil  4th king. His daughter was Silmarien, who married Elatan (UT).
        Tar-Meneldur  5th king. 
        Tar-Aldarion / Anardil  6th king. 
        Tar-Ancalime  7th ruler, first ruling Queen.
        Tar-Anarion  8th king.
        Tar-Surion  9th king.   
        Tar-Telperien  10th ruler, 2nd ruling Queen.
        Tar-Minastir  11th king.
        Tar-Ciryatan  12th king.
        Tar-Atanamir  13th king.
        Tar-Ancalimon  14th king
        Tar-Telemmaite  15th king 
        Tar-Vanimelde  16th ruler, 3rd ruling Queen
        Tar-Alcarin  17th king
        Tar-Calmacil  18th king 
        Ar-Adunakhor  19th king
        Ar-Zimrathon  20th king 
        Ar-Sakalthor  21st king
        Ar-Gimilzor  22nd king
        Tar-Palantir  23rd king, Inziladun, Ar-Inziladun.
        Ar-Pharazon / Tar-Calion  24th king

        Lords of Andunie - descended from Tar-Elendil, 4th king of Numenor, by his daughter Silmarien. Highest nobles of Numenor.
            Valandil - son of Silmarien.
            Amandil - Last Lord of Andunie
            Elendil - Son of Amandil. Carried the line to Middle-earth after the drowning of Numenor. Became founder and King of Arnor; High-king of the north and south kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.

High Kings:

    High Kings Kings of both Arnor and Gondor in Middle-earth.
        Elendil - 1st king. Son of Amandil, who was of the line of Elros and the last Lord of Andunie in Numenor. Elendil's sons were Isildur and Anarion. Elendil founded the kingdom of Arnor in northern Middle-earth after leaving the drowned island of Numenor. Arnor was also called the North-kingdom.
        Isildur - 2nd king.
        Valandil - 3rd king. Fourth son of Isildur. His older brothers were slain in the Gladden Fields.
        Eldacar - 4th king
        Arantar - 5th king
        Tarcil - 6th king
        Tarondor - 7th king
        Valandur - 8th king
        Elendur - 9th king
        Earendur - 10th king. His three sons divided the kingdom into three parts: Arthedain, Rhudaur, and Cardolan. Only the bloodline from Arthedain survived, bringing the whole area of Arnor back under Arthedain.
        Kings of Arthedain ruled the north or parts of it and carried the bloodline.
        Chieftains ruled the D�nedain of the north and carried the bloodline.
        Aragorn II reunited the kingdoms, 1st king of the Reunited Kingdom .
        Eldarion  2nd king of the Reunited Kingdom. Son of Aragorn II.

North-kingdom / Arnor:

        High Kings (above). Elendil founded the kingdom of Arnor in northern Middle-earth after leaving the drowned island of Numenor. Arnor was also called the North-kingdom. The High Kings also ruled the south-kingdom of Gondor.

        Kings of Arthedain called Arnor for part of its history. The line came directly from Earendur, 10th High King.
        Amlaith of Fornost - eldest son of Earendur, King of Arnor
        Argeleb I - claim contested by Rhudaur, which had been taken over by Hillmen in league with the Witch-king.
        Arveleg I - son of Argeleb.
        Araphor - son of Arveleg.
        Argeleb II
        Arveleg II - 12th king
        Araval - 13th king
        Araphant - 14th king.
        Arvedui Last-king  15th king. Died TA 2933. End of the North Kingdom. Beginning of the Chieftains. Arveduil married Firiel, who brought the line of Anarion back to the line of Isildur.

        Kings/Princes of Cardolan The country and king's line was wiped out by a combination of Angmar and the Great Plague from Sauron.
            A son of Earendur 

        Kings of Rhudaur The country became controlled by the hill-men, line of kings died out, the country joined forces with Angmar. Destroyed along with Angmar.
            A son of Earendur.

        Chieftains of the Northern D�nedain, carrying the line of the High Kings from Arthedain after the destruction of Arthedain.
            Aragorn I
            Arahad I
            Arahad II
            Arathorn I
            Arathorn II
            Aragorn II - last Chieftain. Returned to the High Kingship of the Reunited Kingdom.

South-kingdom /Gondor:

    High Kings (above) of both Arnor and Gondor
        Kings of Gondor just Gondor, not High Kings
            1st Line:
                Isildur  1st king
                Anarion  2nd king
                Meneldil  3rd king
                Cemendur  4th king
                Earendil  5th king 
                Anardil  6th king 
                Ostoher  7th king
                Romendacil I   8th king
                Turambar  9th king
                Atanatar I  10th king
                Siriondil  11th king
                Falastur 12th king. 1st Ship-king. Brother was Tarciryan. First childless king, succeeded by nephew Earnil
            2nd Line:
                Earnil I  13th king.
                Ciryandil  14th king
                Hyarmendacil I  15th king.
                Atanatar II  16th king.
                Narmacil I  17th king.
                Calmacil  18th king.
                Romendacil II. 19th king.
                Valacar  20th king.
                Eldacar 21st king.
                (10 year interruption to Eldacar's reign) Castamir of Ships, also called Castamir the Usurper. He was a cruel king, so when Eldacar returned ten years later with an army of Northmen, Eldacar had the support of the people of Gondor.
                Aldamir 23rd king
                Hyarmendacil II  24th king. .
                Minardil 25th king.
                Telemnar  26th king.
                Tarondor  27th king.
                Telumehtar Umbardacil  28th king.
                Narmacil II   29th king.
                Calimehtar  30th king.
                Ondoher  31st king. His two sons, Artamir and Faramir, were slain in battle on the Dagorlad. The sons died childless.
                Arveduil  32nd king. Ondoher's daughter, Firiel, married Arvedui, the 15th and last king of Arthedain, directly descended from Isildur. Firiel was heiress to the crown of Gondor by the laws of Numenor, but Gondor had not ever taken a ruling queen before. Arvedui of Arthedain's claim to the vacant throne of Gondor was rejected. Arvedui sent his sons to Lindon, saving them from the Witch-king. Arvedui and Firiel's elder son, Aranarth, became first Chieftain of the Dunedain of the North, carrying the bloodline of the High Kings.
            3rd Line:
                Earnil II  32nd king. After a year of dissension after Ondoher's and his sons' deaths, the crown was given to Earnil II instead of Arvedui, due in large part to dissension from Pelendur, King Ondoher's Steward. He was of royal lineage from King Telumehtar Umbardacil's second son, Arciryas (whose brother was King Narmacil II from whom Firiel was descended). Arciryas's son was Calimmacil, whose son was Siriondil, whose son was Earnil II.
                Earnur  33rd king. Son of Earnil II. He never married and produced no heir. That line of Anarion ended with him, the one from Telumehtar's second son Arciryas.
                Since there was no witness to Earnur's death, Mardil the Good Steward ruled in Earnur's name for him. Few descendents of pure blood of the kings survived the Kin-strife, and those had their claims contested, and everyone feared another Kin-strife which would destroy Gondor, so the Steward remained in power. 
Stewards of Gondor.

            Stewards of Gondor House of Stewards, House of Hurin. Descendents of Hurin, the Steward of King Minardil. They ruled Gondor when a King was unavailable.
                Hurin of Emyn Arnen, Steward of King Minardil
                Mardil - considered first of the line of Ruling Stewards. Previously were appointed by the King from Hurin's line.
                Denethor I
                Boromir I 
                Hurin I   5th Ruling Steward
                Hurin II  14th Steward
                Beren  19th Steward
                Beregond  20th Steward
                Belecthor II  21st Steward
                Turin II
                Ecthelion II
                Denethor II  26th Steward
                Faramir II  27th Steward
                Elboron son of Faramir II
                Barahir grandson of Faramir II

                Lordships in Gondor:
                    Anfalas (Langstrand):
Lord Golasgil
                    Blackroot Vale, in the uplands of the River Morthond:
                        Lord Duinhir, with his sons Duilin and Derufin, came to the aid of Minas Tirith.
                    Dol Amroth :
                        1st Prince: Galador
                        21st Prince: Adrahil
                        22nd Prince: Imrahil who came to the aid of Minas Tirith
                    Ethir Vale:
                         fisher-folk of the Ethir, where Ethir Anduin (Mouths of the Anduin River) lies, came to the aid of Minas Tirith
                        Faramir II, Prince of all Ithilien, Steward of Gondor
                            Ithilien's forest, wood-elves:
                                1st lord: Prince Legolas
                        Lord Angbor the Fearless
                         Lord Forlong the Fat
                    Pinnath Gelin green ridges:
                         Lord Hirluin the Fair of the Green Hills
                    Ringl� Vale:
                         The son of the lord came to aid Minas Tirith, named Dervorin.


    Kings of Rohan
    1st Line :
        Brego  His elder son Baldor died, so rule went to the younger son, Aldor.
        Helm  (all sons died)
    2nd Line :
        Frealaf  (Helm's sister's son)
        Theoden  (only son died)
    3rd Line :
        Eomer  (Theoden's sister's son)

        Lordships in Rohan:
            Glittering Caves of Aglarond
                1st lord: Lord Gimli
                Chieftain Dunhere 
                Master of Westfold Erkenbrand


    Kings of Dale:
King Brand, who ruled during the War of the Rings