by Elendil-(V)
May 12, 2000
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Died 3441 Second Age.

Image: "Elendil" in battle. Artist Ivan Cavini. Rolozo Tolkien site

    Names:  The name Elendil may be interpreted either as "Elf-friend" or as "Star-lover"

    Titles:  The last lord of And�ni� in N�menor, founder of the realms of Arnor and Gondor. Called The Tall, and The Fair

    Lineage: Descended from E�rendil and Elwing, and of the Line of Elros Tar-Minyatur, though not of the ruling house. His father was Amandil, and his sons were Isildur and Anarion.

    Biography: Amandil and his son, Elendil, were the last leaders of the loyal party in Numenor (also called the Faithful), when it fell under the domination of Sauron. For it came to pass in those days, that the last king of N�menor, corrupted by the lies of Sauron, broke the Ban of the Valar going up with war to wrest everlasting life from the Lords of the West. But when Ar-Pharazon set foot upon the shores of Aman the Blessed, the Valar laid down their Guardianship and called upon the One, and the world was changed. N�menor was thrown down and swallowed in the Sea.
    Yet by the grace of the Valar Elendil and his sons and their people were spared from the ruin of that day, and when the devouring wave rolled over the land and N�menor toppled to its fall, they escaped from the Downfall with nine ships, bearing a seedling of Nimloth, the White Tree of N�menor, and the palant�ri, the Seven Seeing-stones (which were made by F�anor, the mightiest of the Eldar in skill of hand when the world was young),  

...and the great wind took them, wilder than any wind that Men had known,
roaring from the West and it swept his ships far away, and they fled before
the black gale out of the twilight of doom into the darkness of the world.
And the deeps rose beneath them in towering anger, and waves like unto
mountains moving with great caps of writhen snow bore them up amid the
wreckage of the clouds, and after many days cast them away upon the shores
of Middle-earth.
    There they established in the North-west the N�menorean realms in exile, Arnor and Gondor. Elendil was the High-King and dwelt in the North at Ann�minas, and the rule in South was committed to his sons, Isildur and Anarion. And thus were founded the fair cities of Minas Anor, Minas Ithil and Osgiliath the Citadel of Stars.

    For this good at least they believed had come out of the ruin, that Sauron also had perished. But it was not so. Sauron was indeed caught in the wreck of N�menor, so that the bodily form in which he long had walked perished; but he fled back to Middle-earth, a spirit of hatred borne upon a dark wind. Sauron was unable ever again to assume a form that seemed fair to men, but became black and hideous and his power thereafter was through terror alone. He re-entered Mordor and hid there for a time in silence. But his anger was great when he learned that Elendil, whom he most hated, had escaped from him and was now ordering a realm upon his borders. Therefore, after a time he made war upon the Exiles, before they should take root.
    But Sauron struck too soon, before his own power was rebuilt, and the Last Alliance led by Elendil for Mankind and Gil-Galad for the Elves had the victory.  They passed into Mordor and laid siege to Barad-Dur for seven years, but suffered grievous loss before Sauron was overthrown for, at the final battle on the slopes of Mount Doom, Gil-Galad was slain, as well as Elendil and his son Anarion. But Sauron also was thrown down and, with the hilt-shard of Narsil, Isildur cut the Ruling Ring from the hand of Sauron and took it for his own. So ended the Second Age.
    Here ends the story of Elendil, but still his deeds live in tales and songs.

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