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First Age

Article - by Anarion-(T)
Article - by Daeron-(V)


by Anarion-(T)
March 19, 2000

    The father of Ar-Gimilzôr, Sakalthôr reigned for 226 years from SA 2876 to SA 3102.
    Already the third King of Númenor to take a name in Adûnaic as opposed to Quenya, the relations with the Eldali were to get even worse in the following rule of his son.

Reference - Silmarillion


by Daeron-(V)
Sept. 15, 2002

    Ar-Sakalthor was the twenty-third King of Numenor, and the grandson of Ar-Adunakhor, the first Numenorian King to use Aduniac in his royal name.
    Ar-Sakalthor was succeeded by his son, Ar-Gimilzor.

Reference: The Return of the King