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    The Stewards of Gondor were the House of Stewards, House of Hurin. They were descendents of Hurin, the Steward of King Minardil. They ruled Gondor when a King was unavailable, and the line of Ruling Stewards ruled longer than many kingly lines.

    Hurin of Emyn Arnen, Steward of King Minardil
    Pelendur  T.A.1998
    Vorondil the Hunter  2029
    Mardil Voronwe "The Steadfast"  2080. Considered first of the line of Ruling Stewards. Previously were appointed by the King from Hurin's line. Successors ceased using High-Elven names.
    Eradan  2116
    Herion  2148
    Belegorn  2204
    Hurin I   2244  5th Ruling Steward
    Turin I  2278
    Hador  2395
    Barahir  2412
    Dior 2435
    Denethor I  2477. End of the Watchful Peace when uruks attacked.
    Boromir I  2489. Namesake of Boromir of the Nine Walkers. Defeated Uruks. Died of wounds received then, 12 years after his father's death.
    Cirion  2567. Long rule. Harried by Corsairs, attacked by Balchoth of Dol Guldur. The Rohirrim came to Calenardhon. Swore the Oath of Eorl
    Hallas 2605
    Hurin II  2628. 14th Steward
    Beren  2763. 19th Steward
    Beregond  2811. 20th Steward
    Belecthor II  2872. 21st Steward
    Turin II  2914
    Turgon  2953
    Ecthelion II  2984
    Denethor II  26th Steward
    Faramir II  27th Steward. Lord of Emyn Arnen. Prince of Ithilien. Steward to King Elessar F.A. 82
    Elboron son of Faramir II
    Barahir, grandson of Faramir II may have been a steward.

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