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    Breaks in the line of Anarion occured when Falastur died childless, with a nephew succeeding him, and the same for Narmacil I. Telemnar's sons died in the Great Plague, so he was succeeded by his nephew. Earnil II was chosen instead of the rightful Firiel and Arvedui.

1st Line:
    Isildur  joint king, king after Anarion's death grooming Meneldil to take over. Son of Elendil. Isildur was later king of Arnor and Gondor, leaving his younger brother, Anarion, to take care of Gondor.
    Anarion  joint king, could be considered sole king or High King for the time during Isildur's travel to Arnor for battle aid. Isildur's younger brother. 
    Meneldil nephew of Isildur, instructed by him so he could rule Gondor. Son of Anarion.
    Cemendur  4th king
    Earendil  5th king 
    Anardil  6th king 
    Ostoher  7th king
    Romendacil I   8th king
    Turambar  9th king
    Atanatar I  10th king
    Siriondil  11th king
    Falastur 12th king. 1st Ship-king. Birth name Tarannon, Falastur name to honor his victories. Brother was Tarciryan. First childless king, succeeded by nephew Earnil

2nd Line:
    Earnil I  13th king. 2nd Ship-king. Nephew of Tarannon Falastur who was 12th king. Son of Tarciryan.
    Ciryandil  14th king
    Hyarmendacil I  15th king. Birth name Ciryaher. Took the name Hyarmendacil "south-victor" for his victory over the Haradrim. Gondor was at its peak under his reign.
    Atanatar II  16th king. Also called Alcarin (meaning "the Glorious") and Atanatar Alcarin. His sons were Narmacil and Calmacil. 
    Narmacil I  17th king. Lazy and died childless. Minalcar, his nephew, governed for him, later becoming the 19th king.
    Calmacil  18th king. Younger brother of Narmacil I. Son was Minalcar (Romendacil II) who governed for him. Calimehtar was Calmacil's younger son and grandfather of Castamir the Usurper.
    Romendacil II. 19th king. Birth name Minalcar, Romendacil name taken to honor his victories. (-dacil means victor). Son of Calmacil and nephew of Narmacil I, both of whom used him as Regent for his vigor and talent. His son was Valacar.
    Valacar  20th king. He was sent to the Northmen by Romendacil II to improve relations, but overdid it when he married Vidumavi, daughter of Vidugavia, self-styled king of Rhovanion and most powerful Northern prince. So Valacar's son Eldacar was only half-Dunedan.
    Eldacar 21st king. Born in Rhovanion (North). Birth name northern: Vinitharya. Noble man, valiant soldier, handsome. He had the fearless spirit of the Nortmen. The Royal family rebelled against him, since he was only half Dunadan, in the five-year Kinstrife. He fled to Rhovanion after escaping the siege of Osgiliath.
    Castamir of Ships, also called Castamir the Usurper. He loved fleets, not the land, and planned to move the king's seat to Pelargir. He was a cruel king, so when Eldacar returned ten years later with an army of Northmen, Eldacar had the support of the people of Gondor. Castamir was the grandson of Calimehtar, younger brother of Romendacil II.
    Eldacar killed Castamir at the Battle of the Crossings of Erui and regained his throne. Eldacar was a good ruler and did not age more swiftly. His sons were Ornendil and Aldamir. Ornendil was captured and slain by Castamir's orders during the Kinstrife. Castamir's sons,  escaped to Umbar, which was never again fully controlled by Gondor until the days of High King Aragorn II.
    Aldamir 23rd king Younger son of Eldacar.
    Hyarmendacil II  24th king. Vinyarion was his birth name, taking the Hyarmendacil name for his victory over the Haradrim. Son of Aldamir.
    Minardil 25th king. Son of Eldacar. Sons Telemnar and Minastan. Minastan was father of King Tarondor, and probably died in the Great Plague.
    Telemnar  26th king. He and both sons died in the Great Plague. The White Tree died in the Great Plague. Osgiliath was wiped out and the survivors did not return. Most of the people in Cardolan died, including all the Dunedain. Harad and probably Rhun suffered. The plague caused the guard on Mordor to discontinue.  At this time the Shadow (Sauron rising) was growing deep in Mirkwood and many evil things appeared, and the plague opened Mordor as its borders were no longer watched and the forts at the passes were unmanned.
    Tarondor  27th king. King Telemnar's nephew and son of the 25th King Minardil. Longest reign of any King of Gondor. Occupied with recovering Gondor's strength after the Great Plague. Moved the King's residence from Osgiliath to Minas Arnor. Planted a sapling of the White Tree.
    Telumehtar Umbardacil  28th king. Stopped Umbar's raids by taking it, added Umbardacil to his title.
    Narmacil II   29th king. Slain fighting the Wainriders. Sons were Calimehtar and Arciryas.
    Calimehtar  30th king. Won a great victory over the Wainriders, who were weakened by a rebellion in Rhovanion.
    Ondoher  31st king. Wainriders and Haradrim united and attacked Gondor. Ondoher and two sons, Artamir and Faramir, were slain in battle on the Dagorlad. The sons died childless. Ondoher was survived by his daughter, Firiel,  who was married to Arvedui, the 15th and last king of Arthedain, directly descended from Isildur. Firiel was heiress to the crown of Gondor by the laws of Numenor, but Gondor had not ever taken a ruling queen before. Arvedui of Arthedain's claim to the throne of Gondor was rejected, but King Earnil promised him aid at need. Angmar and the Witch-king overran Arthedain before the Gondorian fleet could arrive. Arvedui sent his sons to Lindon, although he remained. Cirdan sent a ship to take Arvedui from the Lossoth with whom he stayed to avoid starvation, but the ship with Arvedui on it was caught in ice and Arvedui drowned. Arvedui and Firiel's elder son, Aranarth, became first Chieftain of the Dunedain of the North.

3rd Line:
    Earnil II  32nd king. After a year of dissension after Ondoher's and his sons' deaths, the crown was given to Earnil II instead of Arvedui, due in large part to dissension from Pelendur, King Ondoher's Steward. Earnil II was Captain of the Southern Army defeating the Wainriders in two decisive battles, preventing Gondor from being overrun. He was of royal lineage from King Telumehtar Umbardacil's second son, Arciryas (whose brother was King Narmacil II from whom Firiel was descended). Arciryas's son was Calimmacil, whose son was Siriondil, whose son was Earnil II. As king, Earnil II strengthened Gondor. He sent his son, Earnur, with a fleet to the aid of Arthedain.
    Earnur  33rd king. As Captain of Gondor, he was sent by his father, King Earnil II, to the aid of Arthedain. His army was the largest part of the Host of the West defeating Angmar in the Battle of Fornost in 1975. He felt shamed when his horse bolted from the Witch-king, Lord of the Nazgul, but was restrained by Glorfindel who said not by the hand of man would the Witch-king fall. After this in 2043, Earnur became King of Gondor. In 2043, the Witch-king was Lord of Minas Morgul (once Minas Ithil) and challenged Earnur to personal combat, taunting that Earnur had fled in 1975. Earnur was restrained from going by Mardil the Steward. In 2050, the Witch-king issued the challenge again and Earnur went to Minas Morgul and was never again seen. Earnur was a great warrior and captain, but over-proud. He never married and produced no heir. That line of Anarion ended with him, the one from Telumehtar's second son Arciryas.
    Since there was no witness to Earnur's death, Mardil the Good Steward ruled in Earnur's name for him. Few descendents of pure blood of the kings survived the Kin-strife, and those had their claims contested, and everyone feared another Kin-strife which would destroy Gondor, so the Steward remained in power. 
Stewards of Gondor.

    Firiel continued the line of Anarion from Telumehtar's first son Narmacil and joined it to the line of Isildur when she married King Arvedui. Her older son, Aranarth, became first Chieftain of the Northern Dunedain, carrying on the line of High Kings unbroken.

Reference: RotK Appendix A (iv) "Gondor and the Heirs of Anarion"