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First Age 

Article: "Tar-Palantir" by Daeron-(V)
Article: "Tar-Palantir" by Varda-(Valar)


by Daeron-(V)
Sept. 15, 2002

    Tar-Palantir, son of Ar-Gimilzor, was the twenty-fourth King of Numenor.  He took his name in elvish for he was foresighted.  He was trained by his mother, Inzilbeth, who was secretly one of the Faithful.
    Palantir spent most of his time gazing into the west, hoping to see a ship sailing to Numenor, but because of his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, would never see one.
    He probably would have done much more, but the King's Men, who ironically were not being led by Palantir but by his younger brother, Gimilkhad, and his nephew, Pharazon.  The both of them were secretly opposed to the King and started a secret political "war" (it wasn't really a physical "war" but it was more of a civil disagreement that, had Palantir not died so early because of weariness and grief, could have grown into an actual war).
    He only had one child, a daughter named Miriel, who probably would have succeeded her father and followed his ways, but instead she was wedded against her will to Ar-Pharazon, who lusted for power and weath more than any king had ever in the lands of Numenor. (Which is told in the article(s) on Ar-Pharazon, 25th  and last king of Numenor.)

Reference: The Return of the King, Silmarillion


by Varda-(Valar)
August 21, 2006

    Tar-Palantir was the twenty-third King of Numenor. As his name was Inziladun, his father, Ar-Gimilzor, wanted him to be called Ar-Inziladun. Tar-Palantir tried to return to good relations with Valinor, including using the Elvish name, but was unsupported. He had only a daughter, Miriel, who was forced to marry Pharazon.

Reference: Return of the King