Arveleg I

by Daeron-(V)-ex
September 15, 2002

Arveleg was the eighth King of Arthedain, and a dunadan. When he was born, Arthedain and and newly allied Angmar and Rhudaur were at war. His father, Argeleb I, was slain soon and Arveleg stepped up as King of Arthedain.

Arveleg was the diplomat behind the alliance of Arthedain, Carlodan, and Lindon. This alliance proved to be one of the best moves Arthedain made while against Angmar, for when Arveleg built a great line of defense on the Weather Hills, Angmar didn't penetrate it for fifty years.

At last the balance broke and Angmar gathered its forces and breached the frontier. Crossing the River Hoarwell, its armies marched westward and surrounded Weathertop, destroying its Tower and sending the troops of Arthedain in retreat back to Fornost. Arveleg died in that assault, and his young son Araphor came to the throne.

Arveleg was a great king, but unfortunately, his efforts didn't save Arthedain in the end.