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Article: "Fengel" by Anarion-(TV)
Article: "Fengel"  by Gandalf-(TV)


by Anarion-TV)
Nov. 9, 1999

    Fengel, the third son of Folcwine, was born in TA 2870. Fengel was not a popular king and even his son disliked him. Fengel was greedy and maltreated his citizens.

References: Unfinished Tales, Lord of the Rings, Tolkien Quiz Book

    Fengel, Folcwine's son, was succeeded by his son, Thengel.


by Gandalf-(TV)
Oct. 8, 2003

    Fengel, the fifteenth King of Rohan, father of Thengel, and grandfather of Théoden.
    Born in the year 2870 of the Third Age, Fengel grew up in Edoras within the Golden Hall. His father was King Folcwine, and he had two older brothers, Fastred and Folcred, and one sister.
    In this time Rohan had a period of relative peace, as Fengel's grandfather, Folca, had done well in driving foul Orcs from Rohan's borders. This happy time was broken when the Steward of Gondor, Túrin II, called for the aid of the Rohirrim in fending off the invading men of Harad. Folcwine wished to lead his men in battle, but his twin sons, Fastred and Folcred, persuaded him to stay and went in his stead. They died during battle in Ithilien in the year 2885. For their sacrifice, Turin II sent Folcwine hoards of gold.
    The death of his older brothers left Fengel as the rightful heir to the throne of Rohan. When Folcwine died in 2903, he was made King. Soon after his coronation , he began to have troubles with his marshals. They argued often and people began to use Fengel's name without praise, to say the least. They said that he loved too much the gold given to his father, now his, and had a greed for food of all types. We know nothing of his wife, but together they had three children, of whom the only son, the third, was Thengel.
    Thengel left Rohan for Gondor when he reached manhood because he could no longer tolerate the strife he had with his father's lifestyle.
    Fengel lived for many more years, comfortable in his house, and enjoying his things until he passed at 83 years old in the year 2953 of the Third Age.
    Upon Fengel's death, his son, Thengel, was recalled to Rohan and became the new king.

Reference: Lord of the Rings