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Born 2905 T.A., died 2980. Reign began 2953.

Article: "Thengel"  by Gandalf-(TV)
Article: "Thengel"  by Anarion-(TV)


by Gandalf-(TV)
Oct. 2003

    Thengel was the sixteenth King of Rohan, son of Fengel and father of Théoden.
    Born in the year 2905 of the Third Age, he lived in Edoras for all his childhood. Upon reaching manhood, he went to live in Gondor, in part because of his father's lifestyle, his greed for gold and for food. It is likely he went to Gondor before the year 2925 of the Third Age. Once there, he earned great honor in the service of the steward, Turgon.
    In the year 2943 Thengel wedded Morwen of Lossarnach, younger than he by seventeen years. In Gondor, Morwen bore Thengel three children, of whom the only son, the second child, was Theoden.
    When Fengel died, as all men do, Thengel was recalled to Rohan where he became King. And even though he returned unwillingly, he became a good and wise leader. After his return, his respect for Gondor was made apparent as he used their speech in his house. With this some men did not agree.
    Once back, Saruman the wizard declared himself the Lord of Isengard and began to trouble the Rohirrim by infringing on Rohan's borders and by supporting her enemies.
    Morwen bore Thengel two more daughters of whom the last, Théodwyn, was born in 2963. She was the fairest, though a product of his old age.
    For seventeen years more, Thengel lived in the Golden Hall in Edoras until he died at age seventy-five in the year 2980 of the Third Age. His cause of death is more than likely old age, but some type of sickness cannot be ruled out. His successor was Theoden, the last of the Second Line of the Kings of Rohan.

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by Anarion-(TV)
Nov. 9, 1999

    As soon as Thengel reached manhood, he removed to Gondor to fight for the Steward Turin II.  Marrying Morwen of Lossernach late on in life, he had only one son, Théoden, although he had five children altogether. When Thengel ascended to the throne, he was unwilling to return to Rohan, but giving in he made a good king and was popular.
    However, the shadow began to return at this point and Saruman declared himself Lord of Isengard.

References: Unfinished Tales, Lord of the Rings, Tolkien Quiz Book
    Succeeded by Theoden 

    (Editor's note: Turgon was the first Steward for whom Thengel fought; Turin II became Steward 2852 and Thengel served him also. Ecthelion became Steward the same year that Fengel died in 2953, so Thengel either did not serve him or did so for only a short time.)
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