Lords of Andunie

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    The Lords of Andunie were descended from Tar-Elendil, fourth king of Numenor, by his daughter Silmarien, highest nobles of Numenor, carrying on the line of Elros Tar-Minyatur, first King of Numenor.
    The Lords of Andunie were renowned for their friendship with the Eldar. Many other Numenoreans came to envy the deathlessness of those same Elves, poisoning their own feelings and behavior.
See Kings of Numenor.
    Valandil - son of Silmarien.
    Amandil - Last lord of Andunie
    Elendil - carried the line to Middle-earth after the drowning of Numenor. Became founder and King of Arnor.

See High Kings

Reference: Return of the King Appendix A