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26th Anniversary of the Valar Guild

October 4, 2023 Wednesday

Image (maybe one from you!)

Theme: Magical object, person, place, or a combo.
Marathon Chat
Forum anniversary greetings
Gaming Screenshots of anniversary events:
    Diablo (all versions)
    EVE Online
    Lord of the Rings Online
    World of WarCraft
    World of WarCraft Classic
    and others
Themed images: Gaming Screenshots, real life, or other images:

Tolkien Site anniversary contributions:
Games Site Mass Update letter
State of Valar Gaming 2023

More entries will be taken for this page through October and November. Please email it to Varda (NOSPAMvarda.elentari (AT) gmail (dot) com)  including a note that it is for the anniversary, using your name in the guild (such as Anarion-V) for credit. Thanks!

Please note that all of these entries are presents from the Valar Guild folk for all folk to enjoy made especially for this wonderful time, but not intended to be taken without permission. Thank you to the contributors from all of us who are fortunate enough to receive them. Yay!



This year's theme is "magical object, person, place, or a combo".

These can be: screenshots from your favorite games, real life pictures, stories, poems, songs, and articles. Take your choice or try your hand at multiples!


Marathon Chat:

When: October 1st meeting through the Oct 8th meeting.
Where: The marathon chat is in the Valar Guild's Discord chat program in "meeting_place".
What: Free chat including fun chat and fun safe links. Also we enjoy Tolkien Moments and url's related to Tolkien and the anniversary.
Who: all the same folks that are welcome at meetings such as members, polite family and friends and fellow Tolkien fans.

Participants (when it happens!):



Forum thread. Feel free to post your comments/cheers about the anniversary on our forum thread!


Gaming Screenshots of Anniversary events:

    How do I take a screenshot?
        In LotRO, F12 removes quickslots etc from the display. N toggles names on and off. F11 makes a screenshot that goes into your computer's Documents folder under Lord of the Rings Online.
        In WoW, use your keyboard's version of PrintScreen (PrntScrn on the top row on mine) to make the screenshot. The image goes into the game's folder under Screenshots.
    If you can't join a group, feel free to take solo screenshots in your game of choice.
    To send the image for this page, do it by way of sending to Varda's email (and let her know your guild-name for credit!): NOSPAMvarda.elentari (AT) g mail (dot) com.

Diablo Anniversary screenshots:

EVE Online Anniversary screenshots:

Lord of the Rings Online Anniversary screenshots:

    Oct 4 at noon and at 5 P.M. Eastern time to give everyone a chance to come. If you still can't come at those times, come when you can, do the same thing, and take screenshots for this page, and maybe coordinate with friends in-game or in Discord.
    The plan:
        Ride into the four main towns and shoot fireworks, /shout Happy 26th Anniversary, Valar Guild!  We may also dance, hand out pipeweed, drinks, food. Take screenshots for you and for this page.


Minecraft Anniversary screenshots:

Starcraft Anniversary screenshots:

World of WarCraft Anniversary screenshots:

World of Warcraft Classic:

Your game of choice or real life!:


Theme screenshots, real life pictures, art:

Magical object, person, place, or a combo.


Tolkien Site Contributions for the 26th Anniversary!


"Image" by



    "Article" by



    "Poem" by



    "A Queen's Sacrifice" by Eonwë-(Valar). "Oh, the sacrifices a queen must make for her king and for her people!"


State of Valar Gaming 2023:

The State of Online Gaming 2023.  This is Eonwe-(Valar)'s annual report on current gaming by members, as sent in by members, for the Games Site Mass Update 2023 (GSMU 2023).

The Letter for updating the Games Site but also including the year's news by Eonwe-(Valar)

Feel free to update any time by emailing Eonwe (NOSPAMdeneltir@hotmail.com).