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24th Anniversary of the Valar Guild

October 4, 2021 Monday

Numenorean Boat
Numenorean Boat Jousting
by Ar-Pharazon-(V)
October 2021

Theme: Food Wars, jousts, and other Hastiludes
Marathon Chat
Forum anniversary greetings
Gaming Screenshots of anniversary events:
    Lord of the Rings Online
Tolkien Site anniversary contributions:
State of Valar Gaming 2021

More entries will be taken for this page through October. Please email it to Varda (NOSPAMvarda.elentari (AT) gmail (dot) com)  including a note that it is for the anniversary, using your name in the guild for credit. Thanks!

Please note that all of these entries are presents from the Valar Guild folk for all folk to enjoy made especially for this wonderful time, but not intended to be taken without permission. Thank you to the contributors from all of us who are fortunate enough to receive them. Yay!



    This year's theme is "Hastilude". This refers to medieval-style training for tournaments and even tournaments themselves, as seen in Tolkien. For this year, it also includes FOOD WARS!
    This can refer to strange ingredients to add to the dish from neekerbreekers to dragon parts. Or to a place to hunt, farm, or cook. It can refer to actual dishes or even Pie Runs. These can be screenshots from your favorite games, real life pictures, stories, poems, songs, and articles. Name your poison! Er, spice!


Marathon Chat:

When: October 3rd meeting through the Oct 10th meeting.
Where: The marathon chat is in the Valar Guild's Discord chat program in "meeting_place".
What: Free chat including fun chat and fun safe links. Also we'd enjoy Tolkien Moments and url's related to Tolkien and the anniversary.
Who: all the same folks that are welcome at meetings such as members, polite family and friends and fellow Tolkien fans.

    Arien, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Falco, Fangorn, Gimli, Varda



Forum thread. Feel free to post your comments about the anniversary on our forum thread!


Gaming Screenshots of Anniversary events:

    How do I take a screenshot?
        In LotRO, F12 removes quickslots etc from the display. N toggles names on and off. F11 makes a screenshot that goes into your computer's Documents folder under Lord of the Rings Online.
        In WoW, use your keyboard's version of PrintScreen (PrntScrn on the top row on mine) to make the screenshot. The image goes into the game's folder under Screenshots.
    If you can't join a group, feel free to take solo screenshots in your game of choice to send here.

Lord of the Rings Online Anniversary screenshots:

(Screenshots will be located on your computer under Documents > Lord of the Rings Online. Use F12 to remove the User Interface, F11 to take a screenshot.)
(Solo screenshots are welcome, besides the Ride.)
We had a group ride into main towns to a location for fireworks. This was done twice during October 4 to handle our multiple timezones and crazy schedules.

Image: Our Shadowfax server kin branch gained a new kin house for the Anniversary:
Bree-land Homesteads, Ramsward neighborhood, at 9 Chestnut Street. Happy Anniversary!

Image: Our Treebeard server kin branch gained a new kin house a bit later (Oct 24) but still during the anniversary month:
Shire Homesteads, Thatchacre, 8 Harrow Street.


Tolkien Site Contributions for the 24th Anniversary!


Numenorean Boat Jousting by Ar-Pharazon. Used at the top of the Anniversary page.



Narn I Auros: Rillin by Eonwe-(Valar).


State of Valar Gaming 2021:

The State of Online Gaming 2021.  This is Eonwe-(Valar)'s annual report on current gaming by members, as sent in by members, for the Games Site Mass Update 2021 (GSMU 2021).
Feel free to update any time by emailing Eonwe (NOSPAMdeneltir@hotmail.com).