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19th Anniversary of the Valar Guild

October 4, 2016 Tuesday

AIM Marathon Chat
Gaming Screenshots of Anniversary Events:
    Lord of the Rings Online anniversary screenshots
    World of WarCraft anniversary screenshots
Gaming Screenshots for the Theme:
       Lord of the Rings Online
       World of WarCraft
Gaming in Lotro: New kin house
Tolkien Site anniversary contributions:
State of Valar Gaming 2016


This year's theme is: What brings contentment or happiness to a character, member of any race, whether a book character or not?

AIM Marathon Chat:

Oct. 2-Oct. 9
Traditionally, we hold the AIM meeting room open from one meeting to the next during the week of the anniversary.

Known participants so far between meetings (thank you!): Arien, ArPharazon, Elladan, Eonwe, Gilraen, Lenwe, and Varda.


Feel free to post your comments about the anniversary on the forum.

Gaming Screenshots of Anniversary Events:

    How do I take a screenshot?
        In LotRO, F12 removes quickslots etc from the display. F11 makes a screenshot that goes into your computer's Documents folder under Lord of the Rings Online.
       In WoW, use your keyboard's version of PrintScreen (PrntScrn on the top row on mine) to make the screenshot be held temporarily, and put it on something such as NotePad, WordPad, or Word to to save it.

Lord of the Rings Online Anniversary screenshots:

    8pm /servertime (Eastern): Erkenbrand, Fangorn, Lenwe, Marigold, and Varda started at Bree West Gate with fireworks in our inventories. (Fireworks were available from the kin chest in the Miscellaneous tab.) We practiced how to ride our horses in a line at a walk and then rode to the well in front of the Prancing Pony. We shot fireworks and yelled Happy 19th Anniversary, Valar Guild! We added flips and dancing for the fun. Then we hunter ported to Michel Delving, horsing to the state in the memorial area, then went on to Thorin's.  We used the stable to Celondim docks for fireworks (and swimming).  Since we still felt like staying together, we went to Rivendell's bridge and the steps of the Last Homely House.
    Next we cleared the Grand Stair, finishing up at 10 p.m. /servertime.
    Nar dropped by, and Nerdanel, afterwards. Work finally let them go so they could reach Middle-earth. The more the better for Middle-earth!
    If a person is unable to join up with the main group. feel free to do the same thing solo or in smaller groups.
    Take screenies and send in your favorites to Varda to put on the Anniversary page. Many screenies were taken and will be coming in and uploading over time.

Rivendell bridge:

Rivendell bridge
Screenshot from Lenwe with Varda, Erkenbrand, Lenwe, Fangorn, and Marigold

Click to enlarge

Rivendell Last Homely House:

Rivendell Last Homely House
Screenshot from Lenwe with Fangorn's handstand on the ramp. In back are Varda, Marigold, Erkenbrand, and Lenwe.

Click to enlarge

Duillond festival area:

Screenshots from Arien at the Duillond's elven festival area. Fireworks shot by her character Gwaihad, soloing the celebration:

Arien starts up the fireworks in Duillond
Screenshot from Arien, starting up the fireworks in Duillond.

Click to enlarge

That looks good 
Screenshot from Arien, bringing out the rays in Duillond. That looks good.

Click to enlarge

Arien seeing stars
Screenshot from Arien, seeing stars over Duillond.

Click to enlarge

Grand Stair:
Grand Stair
Screenshot from Varda of the Grand Stair instance, which some of the group ran together after the fireworks, because we didn't want to break up yet..
The adventurers were Erkenbrand, Fangorn, Lenwe, Marigold, and Varda. Varda looks back down the stairs from where we killed Igash, the final boss.

Click to enlarge


World of WarCraft Anniversary screenshots:

    Fireworks and major cities. 8pm Eastern recommended, but whatever works for you. Stormwind is usually the first city. Eonwe will be stuck at work until the wee hours and unable to attend, so please go ahead without him in group and/or solos.

Fireworks at Darkmoon Faire on the pier:

Arien shoots fireworks at the Darkmoon Faire pier
Screenshot from Arien-(Valar) of her character Myrrlia on the Argent Dawn server (Europe), shooting fireworks off the pier at Darkmoon Faire.

Click to enlarge.


Theme screenshots:

    These are screenshots that fit the contentment or happiness theme of some creature in game that fits into Tolkien's world at least somewhat. May have to squint a bit.

Theme shots: Lord of the Rings Online:

Happiness of the Elves
Click the image for the full shot from this docked version.

"I've attached a screenshot of Erkenbrand (Gilramdir, left) and myself (Lenweigh) posing while questing in Forochel. I would have to say that working together to defeat the foes in Middle Earth is something that brings happiness to elves.

Theme shots: World of WarCraft
Eonwe at Light's Sanctum
Screenshot of Eonwe as his paladin at Light's Sanctum.
The guild tabard and banner symbol with the Flame Imperishable, the Secret Fire, is with him, as leader of the military forces of the Valar.

Click to enlarge.

"It's hard to take a screenshot *and* shoot off fireworks, but I have one here for the anniversary, no fireworks, taken from inside the Paladin class hall, Light's Sanctum, since that's the new thing with the expansion and I wanted to do something tied to it. I pose with our Guild Tabard in front of our Guild Banner. The statues are Turalyon on the left and Uther Lightbringer directly behind me, both significant figures in Paladin lore." -Eonwe-(Valar)


Gaming in Lord of the Rings Online: New Kin House

    We moved to a new, larger kin house in Lord of the Rings Online on October 18, 2016, the same day that Belfalas housing became available.
    The new kin house has its own island, Tol Lochu, in the Gaerwing neighborhood of the Belfalas homesteads. This gives us more of a Valar atmosphere, as if we owned the island of Aman.

Early screenshots:
Screenshot: from the top of the island looking down. Lenwe (Doctior), Dis, and Varda (Fainan). Pic by Varda


Tolkien Site Anniversary Contributions:

    Please email your Tolkien Site piece to Varda to be put online any time in October, and also receive a special acknowledgement on the piece that it is for this anniversary.
    Theme (not required): What brings contentment or happiness to a character, member of any race, whether a book character or not?



    "Farmer Maggot" by Lenwe-(V)






    "Fire from the Ashes" by Arien-(Valar)
    "Me First" by Varda-(Valar). Orcs.


State of Valar Gaming 2016:

The State of Online Gaming 2016.  This is Eonwe-(Valar)'s annual report on current gaming by members as sent in for the Games Site Mass Update. Feel free to update any time by emailing Eonwe..