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23rd Anniversary of the Valar Guild

October 4, 2020 Sunday
Alcarondas, Castle of the Sea. Art by Ar-Pharazon-(V)
"Alcarondas, Castle of the Sea" by Ar-Pharazon-(V)

Marathon Chat
Forum anniversary greetings
Gaming Screenshots of anniversary events:
    EVE Online
    Lord of the Rings Online
    World of WarCraft
Theme of "boats and ships": Gaming Screenshots or other images:
    Black Desert Online
    Eve Online
    Lord of the Rings Online
    World of Warcraft
Tolkien Site anniversary contributions:
Games Site Mass Update letter
State of Valar Gaming 2020

More entries will be taken for this page through October. Please email it to Varda (NOSPAMvarda.elentari (AT) gmail (dot) com)  including a note that it is for the anniversary, using your name in the guild for credit. Thanks!

Please note that all of these entries are presents from the Valar Guild folk to everyone made especially for this wonderful time. Thank you from all of us who are fortunate enough to receive them. *rips open shiny packages. ooooh! ahhhh!*



This year's theme is "boats". Boats and ships come in many types in Tolkien's works and show up in our games. Which ones can you think of?


Marathon Chat:

When: Sept 27th meeting through the Oct 4th meeting.
Where: The marathon chat is in the Valar Guild's Discord chat program in "meeting_place".
What: Free chat including fun chat and fun safe links. Also we'd enjoy Tolkien Moments and safe url's related to Tolkien and the anniversary.
Who: all the same folks that are welcome at meetings such as members, polite family and friends and fellow Tolkien fans.

Participants (hopefully you!):
    Arien, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Fangorn, Ioreth, Irmo, Pallando, Sauron, Shelob, and Varda



Forum thread. Feel free to post your comments about the anniversary on our forum thread! Thank you to Irmo for starting it.


Gaming Screenshots of Anniversary events:

    How do I take a screenshot?
        In LotRO, F12 removes quickslots etc from the display. N toggles names on and off. F11 makes a screenshot that goes into your computer's Documents folder under Lord of the Rings Online.
        In WoW, use your keyboard's version of PrintScreen (PrntScrn on the top row on mine) to make the screenshot. The image goes into the game's folder under Screenshots.

EVE Online Anniversary screenshots:

Lord of the Rings Online Anniversary screenshots:

(Screenshots will be located on your computer under Documents > Lord of the Rings Online. Use F12 to remove the User Interface, F11 to take a screenshot.)
(Solo screenshots are welcome, besides the Ride.)

The Ride

October 4:

Riders of Noon:
noon /servertime in LotRO, which is noon EDT.
     Where: Landroval server. We went to the main cities that are easily reached by most of us, then added another place chosen at the time by those present.
We traveled to Bree, Celondim, Michel Delving, and Thorin's Hall. We added Rivendell.
Arien (wearing a hooded cloak and bow; hunter Arienreth), Fangorn (blond elf, in green sporting a red cloak and a bow; hunter Fangbark), Irmo (black hair, gray-blue outfit with black hauberk, carrying a giant flower; Irmohir), Lenwe (wearing a helmet, dark cloak with stars; Doctior), Miriel (white hair, in the dark outfit and glowing hands; minstrel Mahairiel), and Varda (elf in the white dress; hunter Fainan).
    Music: Irmo and Miriel played music for our group (including dancers, kite and bee-holders) in front of Rivendell's Last Homely House.  Pieces played by the duo were: Canon in D (by Elistrae of Elendilmir), Caribbean Blue, Moonlight Sonata (by Bloodthorne of Arkenstone; transcribed by Groo), Book of Days, Rolling Stones - Paint it Black.


Image: Riding into Bree, the front of the line. Screenie by Varda. 110941
Image: Fireworks in front of the Prancing Pony. Screenie by Fangorn.
Image: Pretty fireworks; shows our character names. Screenie by Varda. 111322
Image: We had to add Valar fire! Screenie by Varda. 111315

Image: Fireworks at the docks. Screenie by Fangorn.
Image: We made our own stars. Screenie by Varda. 112431
Image: A star is born, right ahead of a dragon incoming. Screenie by Varda. 112356
Image: Fire on the dock! Screenie by Varda. 112517

Michel Delving:
Image: Dragon firework that might eat us at the overlook by the Mathom House. Screenie by Fangorn.
Image: Valar fire! This is looking straight into the oncoming dragon firework. Screenie by Varda. 113402
Image: We can do pretty too, letting the dragon pass by. Screenie by Varda. 113404

Thorin's Hall:
Image: Stars for Aule. (Frerin's Court in front of Thorin's Hall.) Screenie by Varda. 114000
Image: Fire of the Forge! Screenie by Varda. 114003

Image: Riding over the bridge into Rivendell. Screenie by Varda. 114353
Image: Riding over the bridge into Rivendell, showing most of us. Screenie by Varda. 114356 (Can replace with better from kin.)
Image: Arien arrives with a cartload of fireworks. Screenie by Varda. 122904
Image: Fireworks in front of the Last Homely House. Screenie by Arien.
Image: Fireworks in front of the Last Homely House on the steps, including our pet pigs with carts that shoot fireworks. Screenie by Fangorn.
Image: Music done in front of the Last Homely House by Irmo and Miriel. Screenie by Arien.
Image: The music of Irmo and Miriel delights us. Screenie by Varda. 120127
Image: Afterwards, approaching the bridge exit with Arien and Varda. Screenie by Varda. 123029
Image: Bridge exiting Rivendell with farewell fireworks, Arien and Varda. Screenie by Arien.



World of WarCraft Anniversary screenshots:

World of Warcraft Classic:

Your game of choice or real life!:


Theme screenshots: Boats, ships

Black Desert Online:

Irmo's carrack. "There is my carrack, the best ship there is in Black Desert Online; it takes like 4 months to get all the materials to craft it. And then another 4 months to craft the best gear for it and upgrade all that. But the result is the fastest ship there is." - Irmo
Click the image below to see the full picture.

          carrack, Black Desert Online

Eve Online:

Lord of the Rings Online:
    Image. "I'm having an adventure" Screenshot of npc hobbits by Varda. Click image for full picture. (Screenshot_2020-08-30_123527_0.jpg, addingHobbitAdventure_V)
Hobbit Adventure


World of WarCraft:

World of Warcraft Classic:

Image: "Setting Sail". "This is a screenshot I took on classic earlier on. Fionnar, my holy Paladin, leaving Theramore. I called it "Setting Sail" - Arien." Screenie by Arien. Click the image below to enlarge.
"Setting Sail"

Image: "Auros posed on the airship underneath the emblem of Lordaeron." For this and the following screenshot,  "both of these are with the axe Shadowmourne, which the Guild now has credit for, completing our collection of Legendary items. Auros bears the guild tabard and wears the Blue Lightbringer armor (technical name the Cruel Gladiator's Scaled Armor, but it's Blue Lightbringer for anyone who played during Burning Crusade)." Screenie by Eonwe. Click the image to enlarge.
        Auros below the emblem of Lordaeron

Image: "Auros posed on the edge of the deck of the airship, with a lifeboat in the background. A boat on a boat for double boatiness." Screenie by Eonwe. Click the image to enlarge.
Paladin Auros on deck


Your game of choice, or even real life!:


Tolkien Site Anniversary Contributions:

    Please email your Tolkien Site piece to Varda to be put online any time in October, and also receive a special acknowledgement on the piece that it is for this anniversary.
    Theme (not required, but boats, ships makes a good prompt):


"Alcarondas, Castle of the Sea" by Ar-Pharazon-(V):
Alcarondas, Castle of the Sea. Art by Ar-Pharazon-(V)
        Art done in Paint 3D. Received here with signature Oct. 3, 2020.
        Image on Imgur as jpg
        Image on Imjur as png





"Ships that Sail" by Varda-(Valar)



"Black Sails" by Eonwe-(Valar). Short story.

"Losgar" by Eonwe-(Valar). Short story.

"Turning Tides" by Arien-(Valar). Short story.

"A Vignette on the Vingilot" by Elwing-(V). Short story.


State of Valar Gaming 2020:

The State of Online Gaming 2020.  This is Eonwe-(Valar)'s annual report on current gaming by members, as sent in by members, for the Games Site Mass Update 2020 (GSMU 2020).
Feel free to update any time by emailing Eonwe (NOSPAMdeneltir@hotmail.com).


Membership (credits for 2020; setting up 2021 Membership page). Page handled by Varda.
Verified as active in the last 90 days (starting in July):

Responded to the Games Site Mass Update 2020
and therefore considered active Full Members for 2021, with a credit for helping the GSMU on the Membership page:
    Arien, Ar-Pharazon, Bofur, Celebrian, Elrond, Eonwe, Eowyn, Fangorn, Gimli, Irmo, Melkor,  Mirabella, Miriel, OromŽ, Sauron, Shelob, Tulkas, Ugluk, Varda

Verifiable gaming activity whether or not responding in a timely manner to the GSMU, (many do, however), and therefore considered active full members for 2021:

    Eve: Pallando, Sauron, Shelob
    LotRO (three branches):  Ancalagon, Arien, Bregalad, Celebrian, Dis (ill, so aided by Walda), Elwing, Eonwe, Erkenbrand, Falco, Fangorn, Hurin, Irmo, Lenwe, Meriadoc, Miriel, Morwe, Nar, Nimrodel, Varda, Walda (for bringing in Dis' characters while she is ill).
(Discord meeting weekly list: July 5, 12,19, 26. Aug 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. Sept 6)
    SC2: Eowyn, Fangorn, Faramir
Spoke during Discord meetings (at least a hello, including Before or After sections due to time zones and scheduling problems) since July, so good for 2021:
    Anarion, Arien, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Eowyn, Falco, Ioreth, Irmo, Pallando, Shelob, Varda
    (Lenwe sent a hello from LotRO to the meeting Sept 6)
(Discord meetings so far: July 5, 12, 19, 26. Aug 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. Sept 6.)

Tolkien Site contributions by Full Members from July on: 1
(This is for figuring activity, so we're not listing our busy Tolkien-onlies whose active membership is irrelevant in this count. Doing these contributions adds to credit towards aiding the guild as a whole for Full Members, which is not time-dependent.)
    Art: Ar-Pharazon "Alcarandos, Castle of the Sea", Irmo "carrack"
    Articles: (outside time but for the year: April Irmo's "Gundabad")
    Poetry: Varda "Ships that Sail"
    Stories: Eonwe "Black Sails", "Losgar", (outside time but for the year: June Arien's "Just a Dare"; May Eonwe's "Narn I Auros")