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12th Anniversary of the Valar Guild

October 4, 2009


Chat room
Tolkien Site

Valar Guild Meetingplace:

The traditional chat room marathon this year ran from the Sunday meeting before the Anniversary through the Sunday meeting on the October 4th Anniversary day. October 4 at the meeting we talked of old times, dreams for the future, and held a trivia game.
Meeting Transcript.

Some of the group find the chat room convenient the same as when we used to all be on games connected by so that we can switch games to play with each other or chat across games about other things. All those who wish to continue keeping the chat room open during non-anniversary times please feel free to do this.

AIM is the Instant Messenger (IM) that we've been using free from, but we've discovered that Pidgin works with it and other IM's nicely. It could be our next chat system, operating as if it were in AIM. The free download is at

Here is a partial list of those stalwarts who contributed to keeping up the anniversary week chatroom marathon:
eiladwyn (problems with AIM, but Eiladwyn-T tried! Thanks)
Eonwe Valar
Menelvagor Valar


Tolkien Site:

Original Middle-earth stories, poetry, humor, articles, languages, art, music, YouTubes and whatever else people think up are being put on the Tolkien Site in honor of this special occasion. We take any length short or long, thanks to donated web space from Valar Guild members.

Email it or the URL to varda.elentari (AT) gmail (DOT) com . Please let me (Varda, your humble web-person) know if this is intended as an honor to the anniversary so it can be marked that way on the Tolkien Site and linked to this Anniversary page.

    "It’s my party and I’ll disappear if I want to!" by Ar-Pharazon-(V)
    "Even Now" by Eiladwyn-(T)
    "My Son" by Eiladwyn-(T)



Lord of the Rings Online: Landroval server

Mathom passing: send to each other or to the kin chest. Gilmacariel is the bank overload character, but have mercy.

Trivia over The Lord of the Rings books. Feel free to hang onto resources of various types to give out as a prize for answering a question that you ask! If you have nothing, someone else may be able to donate a prize in your stead.

Morning: the Melkorrim did an alt group run for in the level 30's, others were welcome to join in with characters of similar level, of which we have many. Indis took advantage of their generous offer.
Sent and swapped mathoms by LotROmail over a few days.
Before the Sunday meeting: Trivia in kin talk with prizes sent by LotROmail.
During the day: possible music and short stories or poetry about Middle-earth (we really need to practice!). This could be held at or near Michel Delving, as it is easy for any level character to reach and has convenient crafting, vault, auction house, and mailboxes. We may instead incorporate it into regular grouping.
What actually happened on the music and story attempt: Varda put a character at the West Gate of Bree just outside, played music and told short stories and a poem. Favorites for listeners were a story "Staying Sharp" by Varda (while a person who had been listening to Varda's first music played "Into the West') and "The Muster of Rohan" a poem by Meriadoc-(V) for which Varda played background music "And I Love Her". [Less liked was the rather crushed short drabble by Varda "Honor is Life".] Astaldovalar aka Tulkas-(Valar) dropped by for part of one story. One of the pieces played between the story musics by Varda was "Greensleeves". Listeners were mostly short-term passer-bys; one long-term was waiting on a raid group and this helped her pass the time. Indis offered to help if we did it at Michel Delving, but we needed one or two others to be able to play the three and four part songs. Varda learned to copy-paste about one sentence at a time on stories, one line at a time on poetry, and that we can run appropriate music at the same time, and that fireworks have a very long cool-down. We could practice doing such things during the year so we can make a good showing for special occassions.

World of WarCraft:

    Lothar server and Uldaman server did their planned shout-outs of "Happy 12th Anniversary to the Valar Guild" from major cities (and a few favorite spots), then shooting fireworks. This was started about 8 pm on Lothar server to let Eonwe and Sauron be present.
    Some fireworks were bought from the vendors in Booty Bay and elsewhere, some were made by Sauronv. All made and bought were stored in the guild bank on days previous, then picked up by members as we gathered at a bank prior and during the shout-out. Along with fireworks, we used lots of spell special-effects, and padded our numbers with pets. We also tried out the amazing number of mounts both ground and flying that we had between us, including a three-man carry (two of us as passengers) on Auros' ellek.
    Lothar gamers who went on the run were from level 71 through some 80's. Thank you to Bilbo's mage for ports!
    The Lothar gamers who came on the run were Bilbo, Elwing, Eonwe, Eowyn, Sauron, and Varda. The Lothar run took too long (work and school for several in the morning) so we did not do a shout-out for Uldaman.
    Thank you to Fangorn-(Valar), who could not be home for the event, for putting fireworks in the bank and mailing lots of materials to Sauronv.
    Materials list used to send to goblin engineer Sauronv to help make fireworks.
    Pictures taken by Eonwe-(Valar) may be reached like this: Games Page > Guild Branches > Lothar (WoW) > Events.

EVE Online:
    Letter from Pallando Valar:
Somewhat new Eve trailer:
Alliance Tournament 7 finals:
If anyone is interested, as usual contact me somehow. I haven't much
time to be ingame recently, but I have plenty of isk(money) and
experience to share.