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Games Site Mass Update 2023

Letter to all members
from Eonwe-(Valar)
Hail to all members of the Valar Guild!

It is I, Eonwë, and I hope this e-mail finds you well. It is that time once again to make sure your gaming information is up to date on the Games Site. Many of you know the drill already :}

Each year, the slate is wiped clean, and the Games Site is repopulated with the current gaming information of the membership.  Why? So hopefully you can find other members who play the same games you do :} It also lets us know that your e-mail is working and that you're still interested in being a member. Sometimes that's the only way we know.

What I'm looking for:
  1. What online games do you currently play that you'd like to be able to find other guild members playing?
  2. What name would you like to be found under there?
  3. If you play on a multi-game platform, i.e. Battlenet or Steam, You can let us know that as well (for Blizzard games at least, Battle.net is a given). If you'd like your name there listed on the Games Site, you can provide that.
In Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft, we have guild branches that members can bring their characters into. 

In LotRO, our main server is Landroval, but we also have a kin on Crickhollow and also on slower-going Treebeard server. The faster Shadowfax server was retired in May shortly after it caught up to the main servers. Treebeard server is still accessible and sits at the Riders of Rohan expansion. It's expected to move to the Helm's Deep expansion on December 6th. The most recent update added River Hobbits as a playable race. Get all the info on LotRO at https://www.lotro.com/. If you're interested in joining us in LotRO, contact Varda.

In WoW, our main server is Lothar. WoW's current expansion is Dragonflight. Content has been coming at a regular pace, and 10.2: Guardians of the Dream, is the next up on the schedule. Blizzard has been working to lift some of the grouping and guilding restrictions that have existed for most of WoW's lifetime, including cross-faction guilding and cross-realm grouping. Unfortunately, the cross-faction guild part requires being on the same realm as the guild. We have a Battlenet Group to be able to chat across Blizzard games, and a WoW community to be able to chat inside WoW across realms. If you're interested in any of that, I'm to guy to speak to.

Of course, you don't have to just wade into a game and hope you run into someone. You can e-mail us, or you can send us a message on the Forum (and also post, chat, etc. there with other members as well). Or, for a livelier, (relatively) real-time conversation you can join us on Discord. That's where you can find us sporadically (as our schedules allow) during the week, but the best chance to run into not just me or Varda, but many other members, is at the Sunday Meeting. Every week at 5pm US East Coast time, like it has been for the last couple of decades :} E-mail Varda if you need help getting into our Discord channels: varda.elentari@gmail.com.  Once you're in, you can see about joining us in LotRO if you haven't already, or WoW, or get some buddies for Diablo 2/3/4/Immortal, or Elder Scrolls Online, or Starcraft 2, or play some online chess, or see what's going on in Eve and decide if you want to give that a whirl :}

Our dear friend Alatar passed at the very end of 2022. Some of you who were around way back in 2001 may, like me, still have fond memories of playing the original Diablo 2 and it's ME mod (created by Varaya and Khan) with him or hearing his thoughts in the Tolkien section of our weekly meetings of the time. Some of you may remember him from Dark Age of Camelot. Some of you may have had a chance to enjoy WoW or City of Heroes with him. All of you will be familiar with our website: http://valarguild.org, the domain and the space for which was granted by Alatar when long ago our Founder Eru was no longer able to keep up the domain valar.org. We were able to unite different sections of the site spread over different servers onto one and under one domain. For the last twenty years, his generosity provided us not just web space, but an online home to share our triumphs and tragedies, to stretch our creative and investigative wings, to be The Valar Guild. Poetry, Stories, Art, Articles, Papers, Reviews, News and Meeting Minutes for those who can't make the meeting, and the Games Site that prompts this annual e-mail were all made possible by Alatar. Namarië Al. You will be missed, meldo.

But there were not one but two Blue Wizards, and as Bilbo Baggins once said: "A light from the shadows shall spring." In our time of need Pallando has taken up the mantle, and with the aid of Alatar's family we were able to secure the valarguild.org domain for our new space and new server graciously provided by Pallando. Thank you, meldo, for helping us to continue forward.

There were a few hiccups at the beginning, but the vast majority should be ironed out, and already some tweaks towards the future have been made. Still, if you see something that appears to be broken, let me and Varda know. 

The Guild's 26th Anniversary is October 4th. Time to put the new server through its paces, so don't be shy about getting some contributions in :} Tolkien-inspired Art, Poetry, Encyclopedia articles, it's all welcome, as long as it's made by you :} Check with Varda if you need ideas or details. Don't miss out on the annual chat marathon! Well, since the channel isn't going to disappear without us in there, it's not so much a marathon as it is coming in during the Anniversary week and saying hi and chatting with whoever might also be popping in, but it's still fun and you're still welcome to come on in :} This year it will run from end-of-meeting on Sunday, October 1st to start-of-meeting Sunday, October 8th. Hope to see you there :}

Please make sure you respond to the Games Site Mass-Update E-mail by September 30th. You can reply to this e-mail, or send me a message on the Forum, or respond through Discord.

Take care all!
May the stars shine upon your faces!


P.S. - All that is gold does not glitter.