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22nd Anniversary of the Valar Guild

October 4, 2019 Friday


"Bizarro Arda" by Elwing-(V)

"Bizarro Arda"

Art and words by Elwing-(V)
theme: scary

Marathon Chat
Forum anniversary greetings
Gaming Screenshots or other images for Anniversary Events:
    EVE Online.
    Lord of the Rings Online: new kinhouse
    Lord of the Rings Online: Oct 4 firework rides:
        Noon Landroval server
        7 pm Landroval server
        Afterwards: Ithil server
    World of WarCraft.
    Your game of choice or even real life!
Theme Gaming Screenshots or other images:
    Lord of the Rings Online
    Your game or real life.
Tolkien Site anniversary contributions:
State of Valar Gaming 2019

More entries will be taken for this page through October. Please email it to Varda (NOSPAMvarda.elentari (AT) gmail (dot) com)  including a note that it is for the anniversary, using your name in the guild for credit. Thanks!


This year's theme is "Scary". Yes, that can also include the hobbit town of Scary.


Marathon Chat:

When: Sept 29th meeting through the Oct 6th meeting.
Where: This year's marathon chat is in the Valar Guild's Discord chat program in "meeting_place".
What: Free chat including fun chat and fun safe links. Also we'd enjoy Tolkien Moments and safe url's related to Tolkien and the anniversary.
Who: all the same folks that are welcome at meetings such as members, polite family and friends and fellow Tolkien fans.

Participants (hopefully you!):
    Arien, Ar-Pharazon, Elrond, Eonwe, Fangorn, Pallando, Varda



Feel free to post your comments about the anniversary on our forum thread!


Gaming Screenshots of Anniversary Events:

    How do I take a screenshot?
        In LotRO, F12 removes quickslots etc from the display. N toggles names on and off. F11 makes a screenshot that goes into your computer's Documents folder under Lord of the Rings Online.
        In WoW, use your keyboard's version of PrintScreen (PrntScrn on the top row on mine) to make the screenshot. The image goes into the game's folder under Screenshots.

EVE Online Anniversary screenshots:

Lord of the Rings Online Anniversary screenshots:

The House
Sept. 30, 2019 in the wee hours of the morning:
    For the Anniversary, the kin branch in the Ithil legendary server used 894 mithril coins (100 LotRO points apiece, so 89,400 LotRO points) to buy a new kinhouse on the island of Tol Lochui in the Orndal neighborhood of the Belfalas homesteads:
Below are Screenshots of the front of the house by Varda, right after buying and before we decorated:

The Rides

October 4:
noon Eastern Standard time on the Landroval server:

Riders of Noon aka The Four Hunters: Arien (Arienreth), Fangorn (Fangbark), Thranduil (Darakin), and Varda (Fainan).

    We met up outside the West Gate.

    We practiced riding horses together and getting in some kind of order for our ride through the towns, then went! During the various town travels, we could see that the Conga line is still the most efficient, although we tried diamond and two-by-two (one following one of the leads ahead). Wing formation for three is tricky but cool. Those others would benefit from more practice between events, as we found ways to do them better and better.

    Image by Varda: Three-man wing formation at Bree, before Arien caught up. The diamond is similar with one at the back behind the two on the side, not easy.
    Image by Varda: Four-man across. Several of these show up in the images, but they didn't have the addition of Nob.
    Image by Fangorn: Four-man in line on /follow. Noon Rivendell line.
    Image by Varda: Two-by-two (image by Varda did not come out, perhaps fortunately.)
    Image by Varda: Two side by side (see below for the evening Ride at Bree)

    Image by Arien: Arien joined the others at the fountain in front of the Prancing Pony; this is part of our work at riding all four side by side.
    Image by Arien: fireworks cover the sky, done by a water source for town safety to prevent Bree guardsmen from becoming wroth if they ever noticed.
    Image by Arien: dragon firework (also seen below). Perhaps the fireworks attracted this dragon? This works with our theme of "scary"!


Michel Delving:
    With four hunters, we found travel very easy. We then rode up to the statue in the memorial garden.
    Image by Arien:  Here we are in front of the statue. It is claimed that we blasted fireworks and danced in this place of peace.
    Image by Fangorn: How about green? Surely they'll like that one. Is this...evidence?
    Image by Varda: What, dance? Us?

Thorin's Hall:
    Keeping ahead of the Michel Delving bounders, we moved on to dwarf country. They didn't seem to mind warm fire in their snow country.
    Image by Fangorn: The Four Horsemen pose with the guards at Thorin's.
    Image by Varda: The Four Horsemen with the guards.
    Image by Arien: Four of us side by side at the top of the long steps between the guards; no we were not under arrest. They may have wanted some firecracker strings, however.
    Image by Arien: We tried shooting fireworks at the top of the steps to please the guards. It may have looked great from below, but we couldn't see it as well as we liked.
    Image by Fangorn: Shooting fireworks for the guards who seemed to be ok with it.
    Image by Fangorn: The fireworks look good from behind with all that sky. This would be the view for those coming out of the great door at Thorin's Hall.
    Image by Varda: It snowed at Frerin's Court, adding to the fireworks.


    We shot fireworks at the docks where the water should make it safe and maybe reflect, but our disturbing the peace meant we were asked to leave. Elves seeking Valinor must be looking for quiet?
    Image by Fangorn: But it's a great reflecting pool!

Rivendell: (we added one for fun)
    Since we needed an elf area, we became even more of a nuisance on the stairs at the Last Homely House in Rivendell, but no one complained (out loud). Some jumped over us, which was nifty.
    Image by Varda: Rivendell, just because it's a beautiful place. We are just coming off a main bridge entering.
    Image by Fangorn: The Conga line formation wins for the slim trail and bridges at Rivendell.
    Image by Fangorn: Do you suppose these stairs are actually a good place? Left to right: Arien, Fangorn, Varda, and Thranduil.
    Image by Arien:  Fireworks on the stairs, apparently lighting the lamp above. We cleaned up after ourselves, though, since we didn't want to irritate Elrond.
    Image by Fangorn: Is that all fireworks or is that a shiny lollypop? (pinwheel firework)
    Image by Fangorn: Here there be dragons.

Gaming afterwards:
    Storm of Methedras skirmish: Arien, Fangorn, Varda
    Ford of Bruinen skirmish: Arien, Varda
    Helm's Dike epic battle: Arien, Varda

(please feel free to mention non-Varda games too! Just let me know to have it posted.)



7pm Eastern Standard time on the Landroval server
    Plan: Anywhere one of us hunters felt like porting, preferably with suggestions from the passengers first!
    Fangorn and Varda met at the West Gate of Bree, both hunters taking turns at Guiding us to a destination.

    Image by Varda: Riding side by side in Bree. Tricky to keep even but doable with concentration.
    Image by Fangorn: We chose matching outfits, more or less, for our presentation at the fountain in front of the Prancing Pony.

Thorin's Hall:
    Image by Varda: The Two Hunters a-horse, considering a not-already fried location.
    Image by Fangorn: A shot to show Frerin's Court. See the statues both below in the court and carved into the distant hill behind.

Hrimbarg in the Misty Mountains:
    Image by Varda: That's a lot of fireworks to pick through.
    Image by Fangorn: The dragon of Hrimbarg.
    Image by Fangorn: Fireworks in the snow outside Hrimbarg.

    Image by Varda: This looks like a good spot, even has bare dirt.
    Image by Fangorn: Fireworks in Esteldin.

Ost Guruth:
    Image by Varda: The place needed enlivening, so we obliged.
    Image by Fangorn: Fireworks in Ost Guruth.
    Image by Fangorn: Sunset in the clouds. (Also seen below.)

Sunset in the clouds of Ost Guruth

Dol Amroth:
    Image by Varda: Swans, fireworks, campfire, and dancing. What more could two Valarites want?
    Image by Fangorn: Dancing at Dol Amroth with a good kick.
    Image by Fangorn: Fireworks against the darkening sky.

Gaming afterwards:
    Ford of Bruinen skirmish. We needed to run it since Fangorn had missed out earlier.
        Image by Varda: The wild sons of Elrond needed some overwatch by the Valar.



Ithil server (after completing the 7 pm Landroval server run):
    Fangorn and Varda. Just missed seeing Dis.

21st Hall:
    Image by Varda: The deprived dwarves needed a star underground.

Gaming afterwards:
We did skirmishes collecting barter medallions, working towards the level 65 First Age symbol. Or the next symbol depending on how fast we level:
    Storm on Methedras skirmish
    Defence of the Prancing Pony skirmish



World of WarCraft Anniversary screenshots:

Your game of choice or real life!:


Theme screenshots: Scary

Lord of the Rings Online:
    Image: screenshot. Arien's: "Dragon of Bree". Thumbnail below may be clicked to enlarge.

Dragon of Bree, by

World of WarCraft:

    Image: click the word Image for a full-sized screenshot (.png). That's a cut-out below.
Ar-Pharazon's Wicker Dog: "Pumpkin-headed me with my wicker puppy in the scary zone of Drustvar, with another wicker dog in the background".

    Elwing's: happy anniversary: HAPPY ANIVERSARY, VALAR GUILD !

Your game of choice, or even real life!:


Tolkien Site Anniversary Contributions:

    Please email your Tolkien Site piece to Varda to be put online any time in October, and also receive a special acknowledgement on the piece that it is for this anniversary.
    Theme (not required):


    "Bizarro Arda" by Elwing-(V) with Varda "Dark Star" and one of Manwe's "Great Wyverns". Used as the title artwork along with her writing.



    "Scary" by Varda-(Valar)





    "Just a Dare" by Arien-(Valar). Merry and Pippin take a dare to enter a very scary place. Pre-LotR.


State of Valar Gaming 2019:

The State of Online Gaming 2019.  This is Eonwe-(Valar)'s annual report on current gaming by members, as sent in by members, for the Games Site Mass Update 2019 (GSMU 2019).
Feel free to update any time by emailing Eonwe (NOSPAMdeneltir@hotmail.com).

Verified as active in the last 90 days:

Responded to the Games Site Mass Update 2019
and therefore considered active full members for 2020, with a credit for helping the GSMU on the Membership page:
    Arien, Ar-Pharazon, Bofur, Celebrian, Dis (late), Elrond, Eru, Gimli, Ioreth, Lenwe (late), Melkor, Mirabella, Nerdanel, Orome, Pallando, Sauron, Tulkas, Ugluk, Varda

Verifiable gaming activity even without responding in a timely manner to the GSMU, and therefore considered active full members for 2020:
    Beleg, Bregalad, Dis, Elwing, Falco, Fangorn, Gil-galad, Gorlim, Lenwe, Meriadoc, Morwe, Nar, Nimrodel, Thranduil


Spoke during Discord meetings since July, so good for 2020:
    Anarion, Arien, Ar-Pharazon, Arwen, Celebrian, Elladan, Elrond, Eonwe, Fangorn, Gorlim, Gwaihir, Irmo, Lenwe, Miriel, Pallando, Varda
Meetings in 2019 before the GSMU, additional, so good for 2019:
    June : Falco, Marigold
    April: Menelvagor