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    Eonwe-(Valar), fka Valacirca-(Valar). Council member and co-chair of the overall Valar Guild. Games page. World of WarCraft branch leader. Webmaster for the Valar Guild Games Site.

All Stories:

Aule makes the dwarves.
108 words

2 kb. June 12, 2000

The Unknown Noldo
A Noldor elf follows his princes into exile from Valinor.
One chapter
5 kb. June 18, 2000.  Character death. 

Finarfin's Lament
Finarfin, in Aman, thinks of his brothers who went into exile and how his and their actions changed Middle-earth.
One chapter
 6 kb. Oct. 8, 2000

Feanor reconsiders his Oath, while in the Halls of Mandos.
One chapter
4 kb. Oct. 8, 2000

Unrest: What Evil Fears
What does Morgoth fear?
One chapter.
Jan. 16, 2006 (Written during the previous semester, now typed and sent in.)   

Parting Ways
Elrond and Elros make the Choice of the Half-Elven
One chapter.
596 words. May 3, 2004 published. Written earlier.

The Rings:

    The Nine
    Sauron gifts rings to nine human kings.
     4 kb. June 23, 2000

    The Seven
    Sauron, as Annatar, offers a Ring to a dwarf king.
     3 kb. June 23, 2000

    The Three
    Celebrimbor, betrayed.
     2 kb. June 23, 2000

A dwarf comes home.
    "This takes place during the War of the Dwarves and Orcs, after Thror's head has been cut off and his servant returned with it to their home.  This was during one of the many "battles fought in the deep places of the earth" described in Appendix A of LotR."
One chapter
March 24, 2006 

Beyond Regrets
The Witch-King goes to make an unpleasant report to Sauron concerning Frodo, and encounters the Mouth of Sauron.
One chapter.
787 words. May 3, 2004

Revelation: What Evil Fears by Eonwe-(Valar).
Sauron sees his fear.
Written for the Tenth Anniversary of the Valar Guild.
Oct. 1, 2007

Keeping Faith
Arwen's death, and beyond.
For Valentine's Day.
One chapter.
8 kb. Feb 13, 2003

Eonwe's Christmas
Eonwe misses human children and finds a way to handle the problem.
One chapter.
17 kb. Dec 18, 2002

What Evil Fears

Unrest: What Evil Fears (also above)
What does Morgoth fear?
Jan. 16, 2006   

Revelation: What Evil Fears (also above)
Sauron sees his fear.
Written for the Tenth Anniversary of the Valar Guild.
Oct. 1, 2007