Cormamarth, Cormamaranwe

by Eonwë-(Valar)
October 1st, 2022

Berion spun Alagosell as they danced barefoot together in the gardens of Ost-in-Edhil. A ring of crumbled stones was all that separated the overflowing flowerbed surrounding them from the pathway it sought to encroach upon.

Alagosell pulled herself close to Berion, the soft grass slipping between her toes as Berion slid a flower into her hair. "They are beautiful now that they are regrowing, are they not?"

Berion brushed his hand against her cheek. "They are, though they are only a shadow of what they once were. And yet, even at their height, their beauty pales in comparison."

Alagosell leaned back from Berion and gave him a quizzical look. "In comparison to what?" Berion's grin made the answer clear. She leaned against his chest. "I would be satisfied with a small garden in a small corner of a small plot, if it meant we could be together." Her lips upturned into a smile. "So long as it's big enough for us to dance in, at least."

Berion held her close as he looked around. "It may be many years before we can make a home here. Even after Sauron was driven out of Eriador, there are still dangers in Eregion that must be dealt with."

"I am willing to wait, as long as it takes."

"I am not."

Alagosell pulled away. "What do you mean?" She noticed he was looking behind them and an uneasy grin formed. "You're not afraid the others have caught up already and caught us dancing, are you?"

Berion grinned. "They have caught up. They're keeping their distance because I asked them to."


Berion took her hand. He had the look of a man who had spent a great deal of time rehearsing what he was about to say. "Vanimelda, I could spend a thousand years trying to make Eregion safe once again for us to live. Now that it comes to it, I cannot ask you to wait that long. Even if I did, what if no one else wished to return? I could not expect you to live here in the wild under the stars, far from any stronghold of our people, far from any aid."

A look of dismay overtook Alagosell. "You forget there are many Eldar who roam Eriador and do that very thing. What are you saying?"

Berion put his other hand on hers. "I am saying, to be with you, I would give up this dream of mine, that even some small part of Eregion should be reclaimed and made a habitation for our people, the hope of which looks far off, too far off for either of us to put our other hopes and dreams on hold for." Berion looked concerned he was about to lose something more precious to him than his dream. "We can live in Lindon, or Imladris, and I will be content so long as we are together."

Alagosell scowled. "I have asked for no such thing. I have not asked that you relinquish this dream, the passion for which drew me to you in the first place. I would not have you look on me in the years to come, embittered that you gave it up for me. I have hoped rather you would make me part of that dream, that we may seek it together."

A grin spread across Berion's face, sourced in relief and in hope. He took a small box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a silver ring. "Then I ask you to join me in that dream, as we endeavor to fulfill it and all others."

Alagosell threw her arms around Berion. "Of course!" The sound of cheers came from a crowd still trying to make themselves invisible.

As they left the ring of crumbled stones hand-in-hand, Berion turned to Alagosell. "Shall we go see where your garden will be?"

Alagosell squeezed his hand. "Let's!"