Narn I Auros

Apple A Day

Second Age 3142, Tuilë, Lindon

by Eonwë-(Valar)
June 11th, 2022

Auros walked under his favorite tree.

"Aiya, Auros!" Dinmir stood on a bough, straining to pluck an apple. She slipped. When Auros caught her, she beamed with relief. "I knew I could count on you Sir Knight!"

Auros scolded her as he set her on her feet.

She calmly produced a knife, halved the apple, and shoved half into Auros' mouth. "There's your reward."

Auros spewed a litany of angry sounds.

"You shouldn’t speak with your mouth full."

Still scowling, Auros pulled the apple from his mouth. "That depends on what you're saying." He took a bite and walked away.