by Eonwë-(Valar)
October 31st, 2021

The time for rest had come, and the Quendi gathered in their camps. What once was simply for community was now for protection, or so the elders said. Some Quendi spoke of dark shapes on their edges of their sight that roamed the forests around them, but none had ever confirmed what they saw. Still the elders urged caution, but a few of the younger Elves would have none of it. The Quendi had searched for a long time and had found no creatures as they were, nor had they anything to fear from the beasts they met.

As the Quendi lay down to rest, a young couple, undaunted by the admonitions of the elders, decided to sneak down to the shores of Cuivienen. They each took their leave discreetly, quietly, separately, careful not to disturb anyone nearby as they rose. First her, then after a few minutes, him.

She waited in the woods not far from the camp, quietly, eagerly, but as time drew on the eagerness became anxiety. A dark fog rolled in from the north.

He found himself deep in a sudden fog. He thought he knew the way. He was sure he was where they agreed to meet, but she was not there. Anticipation gave way to concern.

She had waited long enough. If he wasn't coming, she might as well return to camp.

Aha! He thought to himself. She must've gone on to the shores without him. The fog will be clearer beyond the trees. He knew where the shore was, even in this fog.

They both walked for a long time,... for too long a time.

He should've reached the shoreline.

She should've arrived back at the camp.

They tried to turn around, to retrace their steps and figure out where they went wrong, but the path behind them had changed. The trees weren't the way they were before. Something was wrong. Anxiety and concern gave way to panic.

Where was he?

Where was she?

Were they both lost in this fog?

He called her name, but the sound did not carry further than his outstretched arm.

She called for him, but the sound of her voice died ere it issued from her lips.

Franticly now they ran through the forest, calling eachother's names, knowing not where they were going or if they would find the other. As their voices waned, they came to a clearing. At the other side stood a figure, and for a moment they were both relieved.

She saw him.

He saw her.

He called her name and took her hand.

She smiled and embraced him.

Her hand was cold, bereft of the warmth of life.

He did not return her embrace.

He looked into her eyes. However the form appeared, it was not her.

She looked into his eyes. Whatever this was in her arms, it was not him.

The cold malice they saw in those pale orbs froze them. They could not run, they could not call out, they could not...


As the other elves realized the couple was missing, a loud thunderous neigh echoed throughout the encampments of the Quendi. Those on watch saw, deep in the forest, the shape of a dark horse with eyes burning as red coals. A dark figure sat upon it, his eyes kindled with a dark flame. The laughter that came forth from the rider froze the blood of all who heard it, and every elf felt pangs of fear.