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Games Site Mass Update 2020

Letter to all members
from Eonwe-(Valar)
Hail and salutations to all members of the Valar Guild!

I hope this e-mail finds each of you well, healthy, and staying that way.

It is I, your humble Vala and Games Site webmaster Eonw�, and you seeing this e-mail in your inbox means that it's once again time for the Games Site Mass-Update! This is the time of year where I wipe the slate clean on the Games Site and ask that you each send in your most recent gaming info so that you the membership can hopefully find other members playing the same games you play.

So what gaming info am I looking for?

1.) What online games do you currently play that you'd like to find other members on? (If you do not play any games currently, it also helps to know that, and at least counts as contact so we know you're still interested in being a member.)

2.) Where (what realm/server) and under what name (account/character name) would you like to be found under in those games?

In other gaming news:

Because schedules don't always permit, there are plenty of other ways to participate in the Valar Guild besides gaming:

Finally, our 23rd Anniversary is this October 4th! Our theme this year is boats. If you'd like to contribute anything in celebration of our anniversary, contact Varda.

Please send in your responses by September 30th to be tallied for the State of Valar Gaming 2020.

Take care all!
May the stars shine upon your faces!