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    Elros Tar-Minyatur 1st king of the Dunedain, son of Earendil, twin brother of Elrond, appointed by the Valar. Died S.A. 442.
    Vardamir  2nd king.
    Tar-Amandil  3rd king  
    Tar-Elendil  4th king. Daughter Silmarien born S.A. 548.
    Tar-Meneldur  5th king. 
    Tar-Aldarion / Anardil  6th king. 
    Tar-Ancalime  7th ruler, first ruling Queen. Became queen in 1075 S.A.
    Tar-Anarion  8th king.
    Tar-Surion  9th king.   
    Tar-Telperien  10th ruler, 2nd ruling Queen.
    Tar-Minastir  11th king.
    Tar-Ciryatan  12th king.
    Tar-Atanamir  13th king. Became king S.A. 2251
    Tar-Ancalimon  14th king
    Tar-Telemmaite  15th king 
    Tar-Vanimelde  16th ruler, 3rd ruling Queen
    Tar-Alcarin  17th king
    Tar-Calmacil  18th king     
    Ar-Adunakhor  19th king. Became king S.A. 2899
    Ar-Zimrathon  20th king 
    Ar-Sakalthor  21st king
    Ar-Gimilzor  22nd king
    Ar-Inziladun / Tar-Palantir  23rd king, Inziladun, Ar-Inziladun.
    Ar-Pharazon / Tar-Calion  24th king. Seized the scepter S.A.3255.  Married Miriel, daughter of Tar-Palantir (23rd king), usurping her rightful place as fourth ruling queen. Pharazon was the son of Gimilkhad, who was the younger son of Ar-Gimilzor (22nd king). No children. Attacked Valinor, drowning of Numenor, so he died S.A. 3319.
    Only the Faithful escaped, having heeded the warning. They were led by Elendil, Lord of Andunie with a direct line back to Elros (1st king), who became the first High King of Arnor and Gondor. Elendil stayed in Arnor and committed the rule of Gondor to his sons, Isildur (elder and heir to the High Kingship) and Anarion.

Lords of Andunie of the Kingdom of Numenor  
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Reference: Return of the King Appendix A