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Earendil's Name by Tilion-(Valar)
Earendil by Earendil-(Valar)
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Eärendil's Name

by Tilion-(Valar)
July 14, 2000 <>   
    Eä<>rendil in Quenya is Ardamire  "Jewel of the World", his mother name, prophetic in a sense. Eärendil was his Father/birth name.


by Earendil-(Valar)
Oct. 5, 2000. Updated Oct. 6, 2000

   Eärendil is the half-elven son of Tuor and Idril.  As a child he was rescued from the fall of Gondolin by his parents and brought to the Isle of Balar where the remnants of the Eldar had fled.  There with the help of Círdan the Shipwright he built the great ship Vingilot, fairest of all ships.  Here he grew to love the sea and became the greatest mariner of all time.  He sailed all of The Great Sea searching for his parents and Aman, but did not find either.
   Eärendil married Elwing, and they had two sons: Elrond and Elros.  When the sons of Fëanor attacked the havens, Elwing escaped. By the power of Ulmo, she flew out to Eärendil's ship.  With the power of Elwing's Silmaril, Eärendil passed the Enchanted Isles and Shadowy Seas and arrived safely in Aman.  There he pled for pardon and the mercy of the Valar, on behalf of the Children of Iluvatar, Elves and Men, whom both he represented.   His plea was answered and eventually led to the War of Wrath.
   In the War of Wrath Eärendil killed Ancalagon the Black, the greatest dragon of Morgoth.
    Eärendil was then sent from Aman with the Silmaril to sail across the heavens aboard Vingilot.  The appearance of Eärendil's Star (Venus) flying from Aman came as a sign of hope to the people of Middle-earth and they called it Gil-Estel.

Reference: Silmarillion 

Eärendil: Images

YouTube: "The Song of Eärendil" production by Luthien-(T).
Image : Eärendil. Artist Helio Figueiredo. Rolozo Tolkien site
Image : "Eärendil and Elwing". Meeting in the sky, bird and ship. Artist Roger Garland. Rolozo Tolkien site
Image: "Eärendil and Elwing". Meeting in the sky, humanoid forms. Artist: Olga Kukhtenkova. Rolozo Tolkien site