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Games Site Mass Update 2013

by Eonwe-(Valar)
deneltir (AT) hotmail.com
September 11, 2013

Hail to all members of the Valar Guild!
It is I, Eonw, so this e-mail can only mean one thing: the Games Site Mass-Update has begun!
For those who may not know, this is the time of year where I wipe all members' old gaming info from the Games Site [www.valarguild.org/eonwe], then ask for you all to send in your new gaming info. Why? So that all members can have a resource for finding other courteous and friendly people in the games we play :} Some games like LotRO, WoW, and StarCraft 2 allow us to create a group (be it called Guild, Clan, or Kinship) so that we may gather under one banner and join together for questing, group content, or just chatting, but not all games make it so easy. If we at least know what online games we play, we know who we can get in contact with (either through AIM, e-mail, our Forum [http://valarguild.proboards.com/], or even in the game itself) to have a friendly face join in our adventures.
So what am I looking for? Simple. I'm asking you to let me know what online games you currently play and would like to be able to find other people to game with. If you have a particular name(s) you would like members to find you under, please include that name(s). Please send this information to me by September 30th to be included on the Games Site.
On the gaming front, there's been plenty of things going on.
In WoW, patch 5.4 has just launched, supposed to be the last major patch of the expansion and giving the raid containing the expansion's Big Bad. There's also the Timeless Isle, having some interesting quests and a means to catch up mains or alts who haven't been kept up to speed with the patches. As always, our Guild Branch is on Lothar (Alliance, US servers) for members wishing to join us there. Interested parties can contact me.
LotRO has a new expansion coming up: Helm's Deep. To keep us busy in the meantime, there's the Bounder's Bounty event. Each server is tasked with collecting enough Bounders Tokens (gathered from creatures out in the field during the normal course of gaming, or from festival quests during the currently running Farmer's Faire) to unlock a vendor that will allow players to purchase some useful and unique items (including a mount). The Bounder's Bounty goes away when Helm's Deep launches. Our Guild Branch is on Landroval if you wish to join the fun in LotRO. Contact Varda for more info.
StarCraft 2's expansion, Heart of the Swarm, launched earlier this year, and let us for the first time on the new Battle.net organize as groups. It introduced two separate kinds of organizations: Clans (limited size, for those who are more competitive minded, as they're slated to have ladders and such for them eventually) and Groups (for a focus more on the social aspect, with a larger size limit). We have one of each on the Americas region. All members are welcome to join our Group, aptly named "Valar Guild" so they can keep in touch with other members. For those interested in also bearing our banner honorably and courteously in the more competitive realm (remember our Rules and Code of Conduct? [http://valarguild.org/varda/guild/RulesCoC.htm] :}), our Clan is Valar, with Valar as our tag. Members interested in joining the Group, or both the Group and the Clan can contact me. Since players can join multiple groups, but only one clan, members playing StarCraft 2 are encouraged to at least join the Group :}
Diablo 3's expansion was just announced recently: Reaper of Souls. The expansion will introduce a new act, a new class (the Crusader), and plenty of changes.
Of course, gaming isn't the only thing open to Valar Guild members :}
For those who like to research, or are interested in a particular subject, Varda maintains the Valar Guild Tolkien Encyclopedia. Contributions from members are always welcome, and there's always plenty to contribute. Just make sure to cite your sources in your articles and papers before sending them to Varda. :}  For our creative types, we also accept members' original Tolkien-inspired artwork, stories, and poetry to be posted to our Tolkien Site. E-mail Varda for more information on what our Tolkien Site has available and is looking for.
We continue to have our weekly meeting in AIM every Sunday at 5pm US East Coast Time. All members are welcome to join us. We have a business section first, sharing info on what's going on in the Guild, then move into Tolkien chat/trivia/word games. Our meeting channel is "Valar Guild Meetingplace". If you need an invitation, you can send Varda a message on AIM at VardaValar1.
Our forum is also available for members. Making sure you've set up an account on our Forum would be a good idea. Don't forget to set your display name as your Guild Name so we all know who you are :} Feel free to discuss the games we play (boards exist for most of the ones we know of that we play :}), discuss Tolkien, or say hi in the Greetings subboard of the Community board and let us know you're there :}
Varda is our general contact for everything concerning the Valar Guild, so if you have something and aren't sure who to contact, she's your Vali :}
varda.elentari (AT) gmail.com
Let us not forget that the Valar Guild's 16th Anniversary is just around the corner on October 4th! To celebrate, we will be holding our annual chat marathon in the meeting channel from the Sunday before to the Sunday after the anniversary. All members are welcome to come in, help us keep the channel open, reminisce about joining and the fun you've had, chat with other members you may not get a chance to meet in-game, etc. :} Members are also welcome to send in contributions to the website to help celebrate :} Articles, stories, art, poetry, game reviews are all welcome :} Keep an eye on the News and the Forum for celebration plans for our guild branches, and feel free to contact Varda if you would like to make celebration suggestions!
Before we close, here are a few useful links for you all :}
Our main link: http://valarguild.org
Our Guild News Page: http://valarguild.org/varda/guild/news.html
Our Games Site: www.valarguild.org/eonwe
Our Tolkien Site: http://valarguild.org/varda/Tolkien/encyc/frames/Tsitefrms.htm
Our Forum: http://valarguild.proboards.com/
So don't forget:
1.) Get your gaming info in by September 30th!
2.) Group up! Have fun! Get together with other members in games you enjoy!
3.) Visit the News Page! Visit the Forum! Stay involved!
4.) Read more Tolkien! Or at least read! :}
Take care all and Happy 16th Anniversary!