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Games Site Mass Update 2015

Letter to all members
from Eonwe-(Valar)

Hail to all members of the Valar Guild!
It is I, Eonw, and it is time once again for the Games Site Mass-Update! This is the time of year where I wipe the gaming information off the Games Site and ask you to send in your newest gaming information. Why? So that you, the members of the Valar Guild, have the latest information on finding other members who like playing the games you play!
So, what kind of information am I looking for? Simply the following:
1.) What games do you play online that you'd like to be able to find other Valar Guild members in? Lord of the Rings Online? World of Warcraft? StarCraft 2? Diablo 3? Star Wars: The Old Republic? Destiny?
2.) What server and what name can you be found on by members looking to game with you?
3.) Responses to be made by September 30th, 2015. Even if you don't have time for gaming right now, it helps to respond and let us know that, so that we know you're still interested in membership in the Valar Guild.
Some games we do have official Guild Branches in, so if you're looking to get with members on the following games, here is where you can find us, who is managing our branch, and a little bit about what's going on in the game right now:
Lord of the Rings Online
Server: Landroval
Kin Name: Valar Guild
Kin Leader: Varda
Our current busiest game for the last couple of years. Some servers are being shut down, others upgraded. Landroval is not one of the servers getting shut down, so this is a good time for scouting and recruiting. Curious how to do that? Go over our Recruiting Handbook at: http://valarguild.org/varda/guild/recruit.html  and contact Varda (general contact for all things guild-related) for details.
World of Warcraft
Primary Server: Lothar (US, Alliance)
Guild Name: Valar Guild
Guildmaster: Eonw
Secondary Server: Uldaman (US, Horde)
Guild Name: Valar Guild
Guildmaster: Eonw
Most members are on Lothar. Uldaman is there for those who also want to enjoy the Horde experience. The current expansion is winding down. A new expansion is coming: Legion.
StarCraft 2
Clan Name: Valar
Group Name: Valar Guild
Server: Americas
Leader: Eonw
Blizzard has set up Groups as the social organization, allowing players to be members of multiple Groups, and Clans as the competitive organization, allowing players to be members of only one. All members are encouraged to at least be a member of the Group so you can find others who play StarCraft 2 and maybe cross paths and get a few games in, and if you also want to climb the ladders with the Guild tag on your name, you can join the Clan.
The StarCraft 2 Expansion, Legacy of the Void, is coming.
Diablo 3
Group Name: The Valar Guild
Server: Americas
Leader: Varda
Season 4 is going right now.
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Server: The Ebon Hawk
Guildmaster: Sauron
A new expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, is coming October 27th.

So, let's say you've sent in your gaming information. How can you see who else is playing the same games as you? Simple! Just go to www.valarguild.org/eonwe and you'll arrive at the Valar Guild Games Site. There you can see the latest gaming news that I can get my hands on for the games we play. If you'd like to help me keep up on information in the games you play and think other members would be interested in, feel free to e-mail that information to me (and a link to that game's website to be added to the list of gaming links).
By clicking on "Member Games" you'll see a list of what games we're currently playing (updated as the Games Site information is updated), or by clicking on the "Member Games Listing" in the submenu, you can see a list of members by Honor, so you can see who is playing what and who can test new members if you're scouting. You can go here to make sure your gaming information is correct and up-to-date.
You can also see other things on the Games Site, including game reviews by members, information on games we play and have played , and information on guild branches. Member contributions to the Games Site in the form of your reviews on games you've played, information and tips for games, etc. are always welcome :}
How can you get together with members who play the games you play? Well, aside from being a member in our guild branches where they exist :} you can use our Valar Guild Forum (located at: http://valarguild.proboards.com/) to get with members. Remember to use your Guild Name as your display name if you're not already doing so.
You can also come to the weekly meetings, held on AIM every Sunday at 5:00pm US Eastern Time (official Valar time zone), channel Valar Guild Meetingplace. Again, please use your Guild Name as your display name if possible so we can recognize you. If you don't know how to get in on your own, you can request an invite from Varda at VardaValar1. AIM can also be used to get together in real time outside of meetings. (it also wouldn't hurt to e-mail Varda your AIM name for the Membership listing).
Can't come to meetings? You can still keep up on Valar Guild News by visiting the News Page at: http://valarguild.org/varda/guild/news.html.

Now, gaming is fun of course, but it's not all we do!
That forum I was mentioning earlier is also quite useful for discussing the other thing we all have in common: Tolkien! Funny how that works out, eh? :}
But that's not all! Do you enjoy art? Poetry, writing, or research?  Our Tolkien Site (found at: http://valarguild.org/varda/Tolkien/encyc/frames/Tsitefrms.htm) is where you'll find contributions by members in the form of articles and papers for our Tolkien Encyclopedia, as well sections for poetry, stories, art, and more! Contact Varda at varda.elentari@gmail.com for more information.
Please send in your updated gaming info by September 30th, and don't forget to check out all the fun stuff at the guild website; www.valarguild.org gets you to the front door!
Take care all, and may the stars shine upon your faces!